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As for dextrose?“If you have a great metabolism, no insulin resistance, andyour carbohydrate metabolism is okay, sugar after a workout is fine,” heexplains.
A University of San Francisco study published in 2011 found that rats placed inhigh-stress situations were likely to use fatty and sugary foods toself-medicate; the comfort food had a calming effect on the rats’ brains thatrestricted the release of stress-related hormones. Bowden, known as “The Rogue Nutritionist,” holds a master’s degree inpsychology and has written nine books on health, healing, food, and longevity,including two bestsellers – The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth and LivingLow Carb. For those people, eating sugar afterwards is a bad thing todo.”It sounds counterintuitive, but you need fats—both saturatedand unsaturated—to stay healthy and lean. He doesn’t pull punches when it comes to raging against themachine of conventional wisdom in the health and nutrition field.

If your goal ofsculpting six-pack abs is taking longer than you anticipated, don’t allow thatperceived failure to derail your diet or serve as an excuse to usher inadditional cheat meals. Bowden’s stance against this istwo-fold: user error enables us to eat too much, and glycogen storage doesn’tget as depleted as you think. Hedoesn’t categorize the “good” and “bad” varieties as saturated or unsaturated,but rather as “damaged” and “undamaged.”“Go to basically any restaurant in America and they’ll beusing that crappy omega-6 vegetable oil, like corn oil or soybean oil, thatdamages easily,” he adds. They fry it, cool it,refry it, cool it … and that creates carcinogenic compounds and trans fat.It’s damaged, and eating tons of vegetable oil and eliminatingother [types of oil] creates inflammation in the body, which is part ofdiabetes, obesity, cancer, and Alzheimer’s. It’s not that you should never eatomega-6s—they’re essential—but we’re consuming 16 times more omega-6s thanomega-3s.

Eat lots of carbs!’ arewrong … and they’re literally instructing you to turn on an insulinfountain,” Bowden warns.
So we’ve come up withdietary recommendations that make 65 percent of our diet the things that raisethe fat storage hormone!

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