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Michelle Reinhardt is a Certified Life and Money Coach (aka Mind Manager, Life Stylist, Inspiration Instigator, Confidence Catalyst).
Recently I was talking with a friend from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and Ira Woodward and his vintage bus conversion came up. As we continued watching and chewing our chicken sandwiches, Ira carefully checked something under his bus and then began moseying over our way.
When Ira took ownership, the inside of the bus was completely gutted, except for the driver’s seat. Ira has lived full-time in his classic coach and frequently spends winters in the southwest, traveling the more than 3,000-mile journey, averaging 4-6 mpg.
If you have a friend that looks like Ira … then you are lucky enough to have a ‘character’ for a friend.

For a moment there your post got my mind wandering to where I was a passenger in the ’54 Crown with Ira cruising along on his southwest trip listening to Neil Young and the Allman Brothers. As I watch the Olympics, it is my favorite to watch the gold medalists cross the finish line.
What I have realized, is that like all of the other things in our lives, winning is what we make it mean.
I think a gold medal winner in the Olympics makes it mean they are the best in the world at what they do.
Tualatin High School Girls’ Basketball Coach Casey Bunn is an amazing asset for our girls because she has had such a vast array of experiences that have contributed to the professional she has become. Her mission is to help women know their value, rock their body and own their glow so that they love their days, laugh a lot and have the time and energy to create a life they LOVE.

She helps her clients to understand that happiness is an inside job, and also teaches them that ease, flow and FUN are a surefire path to get what you want.
When you fall in love with you… your light shines and you share yourself with the world, without even knowing it.

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life coach school nyc open

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