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The Law of Attraction with Ron WaterfieldAvailable as a workshop, seminar, or keynote speech. When bad things keep happening over and over it is because you are sending negative vibrations. I would tell others that the presentation was very entertaining and helpful to reduce negativity in one’s life. Personal Coaching Sessions: Law of Attraction Have you ever met someone who always seems to have exactly what they want from life? Our personal coaching sessions that focus on The Law of Attraction will teach you and show you how to use the power of positive thoughts or vibrations to draw the things you want from your life towards you.
Business Coaching Sessions: Law of Attraction Our business coaching on The Law of attraction will help you learn how to use the Power of Attraction to run, manage and grow your business. Start moving to wards the business of your dreams with Law of Attraction training with Ron Waterfield. Ron WaterfieldProfessional keynote speaker, motivational speaker, business conference speaker, a veteran of thousands of successful shows, an author of “ The Next Level”, “Creating the Extraordinary You”, a peak performance coach and seminar leader.
Our training programs include training handbooks for participants, training certificates and free follow-up consultations. Experience our Team Building Workshops with our Game Show Mania, we can create great team building exercises which your staff will be talking about long after the seminar is over.
Teaching the art, business and science of  humor, stand up comedy, acting and success.
I'm setting up more one-on-one business of comedy seminars and workshops dealing with bookings, marketing and the business side of comedy as well as writing, performing and tuning up your overall brand.
Barnhart is just finishing up his new book, Comedy 101 - The Art, Science and Business of Stand Up Comedy and stars in documentary, Finding The Funny where the explore the world of teaching comedy with interview by Brad Garrett, Louie Anderson and many more. What sets Don apart from any other instructors is that Don is one of the top headline comedians working today. Don can help jump-start your comedy career helping you find and develop your comedy character – the part of you that is uniquely funny.

If you're already performing comedy, Don's experience will help you to fine tune your act and get you to the next level.
In addition to following the comedy class, the film features interviews with Brad Garrett, Louie Anderson, Marty Allen, Wendy Leibman, Andy Kindler and many other comedians both famous and not so famous who share their thoughts on the arduous task of becoming a stand-up. Whether you are already a working comedian or looking to make it your profession or simply need help with that next presentation or just want to come and have fun, Don can help you find the funny. Learn the art of improv in this practical workshop by Second City Conservatory Graduate and Award Winning Comedian Don Barnhart.
Check out the new documentary about Don Barnhart's Comedy Classes directed by John Bizarre. Do you feel that you’ve banging your head against the door and are still getting nowhere?
Barnhart is a speaker, teacher, minsiter and coach and wants to empower you to achieve your goals. In other words, if you are experiencing negative thoughts and feelings you are sending a negative vibration and the Law of Attraction matches that by giving you more negative experiences and results.
However, when good things keep happening over and over that is because you are sending positive vibrations.
It is through Ron’s teaching I have been able to successfully use the principles of Law of Attraction for my life and business. They have a career they love, the things they want and a great personal relationship that always runs smoothly.
Whether they know it or not, The Law of Attraction is the force behind them always getting what they want.
Whether you are a group of 10 or a gathering of 1000’s, we have presented for groups across Canada on the Law of Attraction and its ability to help people reach a more positive attitude where their vibrations and thoughts bring them the type of delicious life they desire.
While it presents as an advanced topic for adults, we have careful extracted the key points and methods that are simple enough for children and teens to understand and put into practice. Our highly interactive seminars will engage you and your group and leave you better than you came.

This informative seminar will teach you various ways to enjoy life with little or no stress.
By applying the time management tips and skills in this seminar, you can optimize your effort to ensure you concentrate as much of your time and energy as possible on your school work as well as your personal time.
We will help you and your team to avoid mistakes, minimize wasted time and repair strained relationships.
This interactive game gets everyone involved in our Team Building workshop, which we have been offering since 1986.
However, if you are experiencing positive thoughts and feelings you are sending a positive vibration and the Law of Attraction matches that by giving you more positive experiences and results.
In particular, in my new business I was able to create exactly what I desired by attracting all that I needed – talented people, great minds, awesome suppliers and a team of colleagues. Help students reduce bullying, get better grades and have better relationships with friends and family through the techniques we will teach. Our instructors will teach you and your students 10 easy steps to developing a positive winning attitude. Over the last 25 years, Barnhart has consulted on the opening, operations and marketing of numerous comedy clubs, cruise ships, concerts and comedy shows for the military.
It has been fun being able to teach Law of Attraction to some of my key players in my company, so now we are all on the same creation page. If you are always fighting with your spouse, always complaining about your job, you are going upstream with the paddles and life is hard for you. Too many people focus on making it work rather than having a delicious life by both visualizing and knowing that things are working for you.
An example: you are always getting along with your partner, the job that you desired is always there.

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