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I came across a coach’s bio the other day and as amazing as her accomplishments were, she came across as arrogant and over-confident. So how do you demonstrate your track record of success to potential clients without coming across as my grandpa would say, “holier than thou”? Maria clearly has an immense amount of internal drive and determination despite the obstacles that life throws at her. As I’ve discussed above, when you share your story, emphasize what you’ve learned along your life’s journey and how you’ve created a system that can be replicated by others.
The views and opinions expressed in guest posts featured on this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the International Coach Federation (ICF).
Did you realize that the person who you Marie was mentioned later on in your article with her real name.
I never used a real name and the story was exaggerated from the beginning, even before we edited it. ICF is the largest worldwide resource for professional coaches, and the source for those who are seeking a coach. Life coach and personal coaching services - Monk and Associates Sydney - Do you need help and support to make big changes in your life? Whilst working as a corporate, executive and career coach and as a counsellor for 16 years, I have been skeptical of life coaching.
So I began researching it and I experienced life coaching for myself and enrolled in a coaching course and became an accredited coach. I will say, though, that I do not think that life coaching is suitable for all people, all of the time.
I now believe in life coaching strongly enough to offer it as a service to those who are ready for it!
If you have ever wanted to achieve more in your life than you thought possible, in just about any area you can think of, then life coaching could be for you. We start with an obligation free introductory 1-½ hour coaching session for you to find out more about coaching and what it could do for you and to experience it in action.
If you do decide to go ahead, the introductory session is counted as the first of 12 sessions that we will have together to ensure you achieve your goals. Further coaching sessions are of an hour's duration and are a mix of planning, setting actions, reporting back on these and having insights to allow you to make sustainable behavioural changes. Coaching sessions can be conducted by phone, Skype or face to face at my office in Neutral Bay in Sydney, if that is convenient for you. Let’s call her Maria.* She had the perfect rags-to-riches story of being an orphaned, teen-aged, run-away mother who started and sold a seven-figure business due to her own personal awesomeness. But prospective clients don’t blindly believe that her drive and determination will ooze into them when they hire her. They write an amazing bio, get readers feeling warm and fuzzy inside, and just leave them hanging. The publication of a guest post on the ICF Blog does not equate to an ICF endorsement or guarantee of the products or services provided by the author. Formed in 1995, today ICF is the leading global organization, with over 20,000 members, dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high professional standards, providing independent certification, and building a network of credentialed coaches. With this new blog format, ICF Global is starting fresh, adding only the top posts from the previous blog. Too many people were calling themselves life coaches with; it seemed to me, little credibility.
As part of this course I coached several people, at no cost, to see if this would make a difference for people.
In the right hands, life coaching is an incredibly powerful tool and I and those I have coached have not just changed, but have transformed as a result of the coaching process. I still struggle to describe it, as the experience is greater than anything than I can put into words.

We then set three inspirational goals that you will work on if you choose to go ahead with coaching. Now she generously bestows her greatness upon those willing to hire her at a bajillion dollars per hour. Rather than touting her own greatness, it would be more powerful for her to have a system for overcoming adversity and staying positive against all odds. When you describe the enemy of your life journey, try to identify an enemy that everyone can relate to. Maybe you have an online calendar system, an intake form, an assessment they should take, a book you want them to buy, but regardless of what it is, state what it is you want them to do next.
As an Internet entrepreneur, Stephan works remotely and enjoys traveling the world with his young family. It gave me a framework to blend all of my skills and experience to make my work even more powerful.
Some have achieved things that they would never have thought possible in a fairly short space of time.
There is no pressure on you to do so and if nothing else, you'll be clearer on three life goals! Then her success story would support the service she sells and clients would be more convinced to hire her. By the time your readers get to the end of your bio, they should be either hitting the back button because you’re the wrong coach for them, or hitting the “contact me” button.
Whatever it is, your ideal clients will know exactly what you’re talking about and want to know more about how you conquered the enemy (i.e. Everyday we get to see what works to generate leads online and when new coaches sign up for our service, we share our knowledge in a personalized one-on-one 30-minute profile review. When crafted correctly, your life story is an opportunity to promote and sell your coaching services.
The effort he put into his presentation to customize it for our very unique and diverse audience was greatly appreciated. He really 'hit the mark' and gave our attendees lots of great ideas to consider as they face the challenges with this disease in the future. Use these tips to write your own compelling story and if you have any comments or feedback, please leave a comment below. His messages about the “Five P’s of Life”  was timeless, and he delivered his message in a way that left our audiences standing on their feet and asking for more."    Mrs.
I have certificates and working on my CDCA and want to also take Coaching Certification classes, I also have a Certificate in Teaching. He speaks to people from experience, very directly, and from the heart, and people truly listen to him”.
James Allen, Director of Marketing, Nestle-Purina Corporation  “John Parker has one of the best and brightest minds in the country,  and he truly enjoys speaking to people about true life issues.
The kind of issues that text book don't teach you how to deal with when life deals them to you.  I told him once that he should have a radio talk show, because of what he has the ability to do, which is speak to people in a frank, and direct manner. By encompassing many controversial issues of life together, while at the same time keeping it funny, it is inevitable that people all over the country will discover this man, his un-canny inspiring talents, and the fact that he does it off the cuff, with minimal resources required.
Using humor in dealing with daily stress is not a new concept, but your presentation and delivery was exceptional and really brought the message home.  Keith Tolbert, Asst.
VP-Budgets-BellSouth  I saw you speak at Indiana University last years, and I could not wait to book you for our company. You truly added a huge hunk of the fun to our theme of "The Power, The Fun and The Responsibility of Leadership"! Honestly, after two days of intense learning, you provided just the direction we were hoping for.
Wendy Todd , Chapter Service Manager, International Association for Financial Planning "Right on the mark!" Your presentation was right on the mark! Our management leadership team meeting needed to address the stress issue in an informative, uplifting manner.

I look forward to seeing you in the future.  Alan Martin, VP Human Resources, Southern Company "The Coach" John Parker and Hall of Fame Runningback, Marshall Faulk After I saw  you at the University of Iowa, all I could say was "WOW!"  You came here and did eight presentations, repeated over two days and each one was as outstanding as the first! Who would imagine when our country is going through so much pain and anxiety someone could come in and add laughter at our customer service-focused “Be the Best” meetings?
Most of all, you met the needs of all our employees, from the executive level to the new employee.Our employees are already asking, ‘When can we have "The Coach" back?'" Denise Kerr-Coborn's "Thank you!" Rarely does a speaker that we hire for the ‘Million Dollar Roundtable’ exceed our expectations, but that’s exactly what you have done. Lou Pierce, in charge of Special Session Speakers for The Million Dollar Roundtable  "It was a home run! I have received faxes, calls and personal comments, all voicing that this was among the very best programs GSAEE has ever presented. As one participant commented, You can not attend an event where "The Coach" is speaking without being both entertained and educated; you'll be glad you attended. Another executive commented to me that his colleague who attended said it was the best event she had ever attended.
I'd recommendyou to anyone!  Laura Wilmerth Tyna, Elmhurst College  "The best luncheon we've ever had!" What an incredible FIND you are! We are all convinced it's the best luncheon we've ever had.  Sue Mushock, Account Executive, Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau  "Unbelievable!" The response to the presentation you made at the AMC, Inc. My computer was flooded with e-mails from employees who loved your message and your delivery of it. Gardner, VP Human Resources, AMC, Inc. "Coach John Parker is a captivating speaker and where possible, he uses a powerful PowerPoint presentation with evidence and testimonies that keep you sitting on the edge of your seat. Audiences will find themselves both breathless and laughing through John’s exciting and charismatic style of sharing profound insights from both his life and career experiences that will truly inspire audiences." Harold Lewis, President,National Sports Agency  "On behalf of the National Claims Association, thank you so much for spending time with our group and sharing your life experiences with us. Your warm and vibrant personality and the easy manner in which you relayed your stories  helped make your presentation one of the best our organization has ever had. You truly added a huge hunk of the fun to our theme of "The Power, The Fun and The Responsibility of Leadership"! Lou Pierce, in charge of Special Session Speakers for The Million Dollar Roundtable  "It was a home run! A smash hit!" On behalf of the GSAEE Board and members, thank you for a fantastic program. The effort you put into your duties to customize it for our very unique and diverse audience was greatly appreciated. You spoke to people from experience, very directly, and from the heart, and people truly listened to you and enjoyed the handling of our evening”. James Allen, Director of Marketing, Nestle-Purina Corporation? “You have one of the best and brightest minds in both sports and business, and you are a phenominal speaker. You speak to people in a frank, and direct manner, by encompassing the controversial issues, and the experiences of life, while at the same time keeping it very funny.
We discovered a speker, and his un-canny inspiring talents, and the fact that you do it off the cuff, with minimal resources required.”  Mark Blaudschum, Writer, The Sporting News "You were a huge hit at OPCON! I had countless people come up to me throughout the day Wednesday and compliment on your presentation. We were truly blessed with an inspiring speaker and a perfect place for our annual “Top Gun” event.
We are so glad you got to experience what differentiates us from other resorts including our team. More over, he is a team player and interacts effectively with various types of people.” Bruce Baum, Professor and Humor Consultant, Buffalo State College “As President of the Global Speakers federation, I have had the pleasure of seeing many motivational speakers around the world. John is one of the most dynamic motivational speakers I saw in Chicago and has the ability to entertain, whilst imparting solid useful information.

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