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Beyond Words Life Coach is a blog run by Kathryn, a life coach dedicated to guiding one in the life journey when life is at an impasse. The blog looks relaxing you wouldn’t mind reading the posts despite the fact that some may be quite long.
Those looking for advice and tips on how to deal with life’s issues and how to heal the right way will enjoy reading the posts on this blog. Microsoft's study last year concluded that the goldfish — an animal associated with poor focus — has an attention span of nine seconds. So, I contacted Alyssa Dyksterhouse, a life coach that specializes in cases with ADHD, to help work on my focus. Now, each conversation we have, we filter out all ideas that do not serve his bigger vision.
I didn't know how much money I was leaving on the table until I started to focus and prioritize my efforts. I'm in PR, and I constantly think about how to connect people with brands, brands with projects and people with other people. Forbes Top 50 in Social Media, 2015 Shorty Award - Best Business Blogger, Business Insider's #1 Ad Executive, PRNewswire Best Use of Video in Social Media, Passion for writing, owns multiple cats, dances like Drake.
Advanced website packages are more sophisticated websites designed for small businesses or private practitioners who are wanting a highly professional website. In both options I can advise on various Search Engine Optimization issues to ensure that your website is as likely as possible to rate highly on Google searches. Note: In all of these theme examples the pictures and text can substituted for your pictures and website content.

As a life coach with a Criminal Justice degree and more than three decades of experience, Kathryn Krastin is on a mission to help victims and survivors of gender violence and sexual assault.
The white background of the main text area allows visitors to read through without distractions.
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She gives great advice and explains certain conditions in a simple and easy to understand manner. In 2015, I won the largest award of my career, my business had never done better and I got engaged. But, I have a shorter attention span than a goldfish. He has grown his business, had television appearances and created a successful podcast, all inside the greater goal of what he is creating.
That's something that seems so simple to execute, but it’s so complex when you have the mind I do.
Not everyone needs or wants to hire a life coach, but we do need to focus more on our focus.
As a coach, I support people in discovering the blind spots that prevent them from getting exactly they want. These websites are custom made to your specifications and can be made to resemble the look and feel of any other website that you like. Remember all images and text can be changed to customise your website to your desired appearance). Those looking for valuable information on how to cope with life’s issues will gain a lot of lessons from the site.

We live in a culture where seeking self-help is still a sign of weakness, but working on our muscles is a sign of strength. To be positive, our digital lifestyle has made us expert multitaskers, but the negative consequence has been our attention span.
I do this work day in and day out with clients be it in the realm of work, relationship, well-being, self and care. Some of us will just pick up weights and say, “I have this.” Some of us will hire a trainer.
Having access to all the information and people we do now is great, but the big picture becomes blurry when you're out of focus. The tricky thing about said spots is they are hidden from our view and no amount of introspection will shine a light on them.
Alternatively I can custom-make your website using templates from web-design companies around the world who have already made highly effective websites for therapists. A master certified coach requires 200 hours of specific training, 10 hours of mentorship and 2,500 hours of coaching experience with 35 clients.

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life coach small business

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