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Probably one of the most useful aspects to our sessions was giving me a pause in the week to reflect upon what I do.
Having worked with executive coaches before, both for myself and employees of mine, I have what I feel is an appropriate perspective on strengths and weaknesses for coaching. Do you feel stuck in a life situation or thoughts and has no way to get out the vicious pattern?
I had been in this path before, some 20 years ago, poor mindset, sabotaging negative thoughts running its own path, unsure of my identity and lack of confidence. When you are empowered to act on these challenges, you start to view them as opportunities and truly living your fullest potential, who you truly are and meant to live creatively and fully in this universe.
Your presentation on “negative” messages opened my eyes and made me aware of my continual negative affirmations. Thanks Ling for guiding with the “law of subtraction” to empty my “trashbin” in order to fill myself with wonderful stuff and discovering my own goldmine! Learn to be resourceful in your perceptions and actions, then no matter what happens, you can do something to achieve something and create your breakthrough!
Further, Adams offers a unique perspective.  She says against any given problem, we can either be judges or learners.

Whether you are a professional coach, leader, manager or seeking personal growth and development, you will find this book worthwhile. Permission to reprint this article is granted with inclusion of “About the Author, contact information, & active web site link”. A More specifically, as someone who tends easily toward self-criticism, your non-judgmental style was most liberating.
I was able to catch myself, my negative thoughts and then use the next technique to create a more useful and powerful state. I learnt a lot through the timeline sharing and it can help me in my personal development journey. It helped me make a new distinction about the way I think of events in my past and future, which is very helpful and will remind me not to crowd things in! Frustrated and annoyed the farmer hopped off the tractor and tried to identify the source of the issue.  Here, the farmer found himself growing more agitated, so he started to dig. It gave me room to open up and share, to look within, and to admit weaknesses without a fear of being criticized. A Stopping and giving voice to what's working and what's not, what I want to do and what's not getting done was very constructive.

To be honest, at times I am stuck with reading self-help books but with your coaching process and open sharing of real life experiences, of being in the struggles and how to get “out of box” clearly, how to apply it comes clearly after I understand the practical examples.
Being accountable to ourselves and others helps us to generate possibilities, recognize our choices and pave the way for positive change. This book provides several useful tools to help you make choices moment by moment that will keep you in the learning mode.
A In terms of your approach, I often found it helpful to hear what I had said reiterated and understood though your lens and understanding of the situation.
A While you didn't have specific answers to solutions, you talked about the issues in ways that helped me to have a different vantage point.

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life coach tools and techniques answers

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