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Symbiosis Coaching is the largest Life Coach Training program in India and one of the most respected around the world. Khyati - by her own admission - is an adrenaline junkie and sky-diving is just one of the latest thrills she has indulged in!
Here's Khyati, in her own words - "I have worked as a Coach informally and feel that nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing people gain confidence and understand the beauty of their own selves when they develop awareness about their potential to overcome roadblocks in life.
Anindya Purkait has 17 years of experience in leading US and Indian multinational organizations in Industrial Systems and Off-road Automotive industries. He is passionate about empowerment of people as he reckons that innovation IS strategic to sustainable progression of individuals and organizations.
He is passionate about helping people achieve success in their career by demonstrating exceptional leadership through successful networking, building growth organizations, managing critical organization transitions, turning around ailing teams, etc.
Bina Jhaveri graduated from Symbiosis Coaching as a Certified Life Coach and a Certified Master Spirit Life Coach.
Bina enjoys working with corporates and helping them take their business to the next level. Here again is Bina - "I found Symbiosis to be the only internationally accredited program for Coaching out of India. He has around two decades of experience in human resource development and management functions in reputed Corporate houses in India.
Ohna is a TESOL Certified Teacher, an award winning Vocal Coach, a professional International Event Singer, and a member of the Pathways School of Philosophy. Here again is Ohna - "High Quality Education at a reasonable cost, I couldn't have asked for more from Symbiosis. Arti found that she was good at doing one on one work with people, and it became a passion of hers to help others discover themselves. Here's what she says about her choosing this field and choosing Symbiosis - "I decided to formalize what I was already doing with people and looked around for a course which met my needs in terms of flexibility, self learning and content. Arti has been practicing for the past few months and has now decided to formalize her business. His last Job was heading the Operations of a large non-captive delivery center with operations across Pan India.
Justin has already started his coaching practice by coaching the head of office and head of finance in his office (both senior to him). Neelam has an M.Sc in Physics and is now also a Certified Life Coach who specializes in corporate coaching, educational institution coaching and motivational speaking.
She has a total six years of work experience in the corporate sector, out of which she has been a team lead for three years. Here's what Neelam says - "Symbiosis Coaching is the most systematic and most convenient school on-line for Life Coach Certification. A leading bank in India has made a short film on a life threatening incident which happened to Mr. I have recently signed up with a leading IT company to coach two of their senior executives for a period of a year.
As to his experience with Symbiosis Coaching, Amit says, "I could see the professionalism right from the beginning. Amit has already started coaching individuals, and has successfully assisted them in making the transition from smaller towns to corporate environments in bigger cities. Vikram joined a social service outfit with which he worked with an Elderly Peoples home for a year in Cambridge, UK. Over the 17 years he has worked in all areas of behaviour: Team Building, Leadership, Communication, Creativity, Behavioural Interview, Presentation Skills and Coaching. About his experience with Symbiosis Coaching, Vikram says, "Symbiosis Coaching was not just the only Certified Programme available in India at that time, it was also very convenient for me as I travel quite a bit. Good luck with your Life Coaching career Vikram - we are thrilled to have you as part of the Symbiosis Coaching family!
Anushka feels that her people skills have taken her on a path that leads to enable her to make a difference in people's lives.
Morli began her journey as a qualified clinical and community psychologist, and as a therapist, counselor, and teacher. Rasika has close to 20 years of professional experience in the areas of social development, media, qualitative research and ethnography.
Rasika graduated with History, economics and politics and dis a PGD in Social Communications and Media. I particularly found the sessions on belief systems, structure and process, asking questions, and listening skills the most useful. The student area was very useful and I found the supplementary reading interesting and robust.
All my questions got answered promptly and I appreciated the support from the support team. Rasika has already started hr coaching practice - Mind the Gap - with a few clients whom she contacted through her social network. Rasika is also in the process of contacting various business schools so that she can help them and coach their graduates prior to placements. Joe chose Life Coaching as a career, so that he could make a meaningful difference in people's life. Currently she is employed as a Talent Manager and manages various development initiatives for the leadership population. Sraboni enjoys Coaching and took it up as a carer since she realizes that this is a great prospective career path. Here's Harpreet, in her own words - "My husband is a cancer survivor, and during that tough phase in life, I realized that I had the ability to connect with people and also how supportive relationships can help people overcome this disease in a positive way. She also holds a Masters diploma in Software Engineering and a minor diploma in Export-Import Managements. He has held varied senior management positions in global design, technology and innovation centers of US multinational organizations. He has diverse and proven experience in implementing state-of-the-art operational excellence models for significant improvement in quality and productivity as well as in implementing innovative go-to market strategies. He helps entrepreneurs running Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to bring in more professionalism in their business and build a scalable organization through process orientation. He has been hailed for his leadership in his work and now wants to give back to the community that made him what he is today. Arvind Kumar is a Senior Research Engineer at C-DOT, a premier Telecom R&D Center of the Government of India. She has been part of the business world now for about 18 years and has served as a Global Marketing Consultant for the past 6 years. She specializes in direct response marketing and relationship marketing for SMEs and businesses on the growth path. Deb again - "I have been practicing executive coaching for the last 8 years in the capacity of internal coach as part of my role and responsibilities. Well, here's what she says - "I see life coaching as an advocacy of every being's right to a peaceful and fulfilling life experience. The lessons are always on time, easy to understand, and are supported with great back up study materials. I zeroed in on Symbiosis and after a couple of interesting conversations with the Chief Education Officer, was convinced that Symbiosis was offering me a good course. Her Coaching practice is called "CoachnMe" and she is in the process of setting up the website. Rao is a Business Graduate from Bangalore University and is extremely passionate about traveling. Justin Rabindra graduated from Symbiosis Coaching as a Certified Life Coach and a Certified Master Spirit Life Coach. He has held two solo exhibitions in New Delhi and one partnering with an artist in Cape Town.
I also find I've become more patient and curious about people who otherwise might have irritated me with their behavior or things they say.

I find so many of them struggling through life just accepting what life throws at them without taking charge. Here he is, in his own words - "I chose this course because it fulfilled my need immediately.
It has been a pleasure to have him as part of the Symbiosis family and we have no doubts whatsoever that he is on his way to becoming a great Life Coach!
Neelam Tiwari has graduated as a Certified Life Coach and a Certified Master Spirit Life Coach. She is very well-versed with working in a corporate environment and knows that coaching and motivation are the need of the hour in the corporate sector. She understand that coaching and motivation are critical in educational institutions for both students and teachers. Ramakrishnan Murali Shankar has graduated as a Certified Life Coach from Symbiosis Coaching. Mirchandani has started working as a Life Coach and has had great success in bringing smiles to people's lives! Balasubramanyam says that making a difference in people's lives has been a passion all his life.
Balasubramanyam heard about Symbiosis from his friends and colleagues and after extensive research, realized that it was indeed the best Coach Training institute in India.
Balasubramanyam has been coaching on an informal basis for some time, but this is the first time he is getting into it as a business. He was a finalist in Sa Re Ga Ma Zee TV in 2001 and is currently working on a Marathi Album in which many celebrity singers like Shaan are singing his compositions. While pursuing his Masters, after his stint with farming, he met Dr Subhashini Passi with whom he worked for three years all over the country on Creativity and Whole Brain Thinking working with Ranbaxy, Larsen & Toubro, Tata Motors, Hindustan Motors, Gabriel India, Gujarat Steel Tubes. He also did a short stint with Mayo College at Ajmer teaching computers and in his spare time, swimming. His work has taken him to Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, England, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and all over India. Her primary interest lies in guiding students and in helping them enhance their employability.
Soniya also has great interest in occult subjects and since the past nine years, she has been practicing Tarot Card Reading. After doing the course, I felt I was right in choosing Symbiosis as I am extremely happy with the quality of the course content. This includes finishing a series with one of them, who called her a month later saying that she noticed a huge change in her life! Dinakar Murthy is an Industrial Production Engineer with over 25 years of leadership experience mostly in the manufacturing domain. Sraboni Chatterjee has a Masters in English from Jadavpur University, India and has a PGDBA in business administration with specialization in Human Resources. Reading books on various subjects, listening to music, practicing yoga occupy some of her leisure time. She is an entrepreneur and in her free time, has been working with cancer patients on a voluntary basis. Khyati works as a manager and trouble-shooter in her family owned firm in addition to being a full-time mother of a precocious seven year old son. During his career, he has worked in the US for nearly 10 years, returning to India more than a decade ago. Moreover, I thought it would be a new challenge and also compliment the work I already do with companies as a marketing consultant.
I think some of the very insightful concepts that have been provided to me through the Symbiosis coach program, coupled with exhaustive manuals, has helped me to sharpen my coaching ability and I have seen better results in the last 6 months.
He is a Chartered Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor and a Certified Information Systems Auditor and has held responsible positions in the corporate sector for many years.
Since I had spiritual coaching as my key interest area, I was on the lookout for an institution which offered spiritual coaching as its specialization. He has over 24 Years of accomplished experience in Information Technology, strong credentials in ERP Implementation, Hospital Management System (HMS) and executing Managed Services projects for government and private sector.
He changed his line of work to become a Self Employed professional and a Social Entrepreneur. Nothing will come close to me being satisfied than when I know that I have played my role in impacting people's lives positively.
After the course from Symbiosis my training has changed from what was predominantly a lecture style of instruction to a coaching style of self discovery. I liked the idea of receiving audio files of tele-classes and listing to them at my convenience.
She believes that the best way a student learns is by breaking complex matter into simple forms and simple examples. He worked in the corporate world for over 14 years before he set up his own consulting business.
Here it is, in his own words - "I firmly believe that each and every individual born in this world has immense talent and they need to be made aware of the same. He has experience in HR Recruitment and Administration in addition to Accounts and Finance. He focused on Learning and Development and ran a profit centre at Nokia besides having worked in Operational HR. Vikram has the unique experience of working both indoors and outdoors and works with experiential methodology as the underlying tenet. The questions and work that followed each module were challenging and required me to put in some extra work and thinking, which for me has been very beneficial. He works with clients are from all walks of life, corporate individuals and groups, students and individuals who come in through word of mouth. The change that I had to go through from an extremely busy life to no work at all was taking a toll on my health.
The audio lectures are of very good quality, and the best part is that it's very comfortable to listen to the MP3s at our own convenience.
Morli has made significant contributions in the field of sexual and reproductive health in a taboo driven socio cultural environment.
She enjoys travelling very much and balances out her vacations between educational vacations, historical vacations and sacking on the beach kind of vacations.
I noticed that I was initially resistant to the several sessions on marketing, only to realize later that those were perhaps what I needed the most!. He has been trained in Ontology and NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming), and is certified in Train The Trainer, Principles and Practices of Leadership, and has been trained in Six Sigma. He has attended programs conducted by globally renowned organizations like Dale Carnegie Training, Franklin Covey Co, DDI, PDI Ninth House, Dardis Communication etc. She has received several awards and trophies for her professional accomplishments over the years and takes pride in the work she does.
I was glad when I found Symbiosis Coaching addressed my requirements in two stages - first by offering the core Certified Life Coach training program, and then allowing such coaches to take up the Certified Master Spirit Life Coach program.
Neelam has been the nominee for "Surpass Award" and "Recognition of Excellence" award in the corporate organizations that she has worked for. The administration is very co-operative and supportive and they give prompt responses to any question asked. Everybody has a right to be successful and I would love to coach them into being successful.
However post the Symbiosis intervention, my coaching skills have been sharpened and I have started looking at things from other people?s point of view.
She works as the Head of Department of Computer Science at the Hiranandani Foundation School, and has won the Best Teacher award there! He has also provided consulting and learning services to Nokia, Nokia Siemens, Safenet, and Oberthur besides working as guest faculty in colleges.
He is also a Certified Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotist, and NLP Master Practitioner and certified to run MBTI, DISC & TKI.

Also, as an HR professional, she is very passionate about helping people with career growth. However, with coaching lessons from Symbiosis, I have gained a lot of clarity in terms long term vision and perseverance.
It was an amazing experience with Symbiosis, I would love to join Symbiosis for further courses", she adds. She has worked extensively on capacity building, reviews, evaluations, assessments, programme planning and various programme management aspects. Presently he is transitioning from a leadership role in an automobile industry to one in a construction company. Moreover, I found Symbiosis to be very cost-effective compared to other programs I researched online.
He was confined to bed more than a year with multiple fractures in his hand, leg, a burn injury on his stomach and a head injury. Moreover I have met and trained thousands of people and I find that they just do not want to exercise options in coming out of problems. She helps professionals take a holistic approach of their personal, professional, social, and emotional aspects of their lives. I am thankful for being able to gain confidence and feel much better about myself as well". Morli has vast experience in the fiels of mentoring, training, module development, documentation and capacity needs assessment. His specialties include Leadership, Consultancy, Coaching, Mentoring, Business Excellence Assessment.
To add to this you can choose your own examination date within the stipulated time-frame of your course. He has a very impressive list of clients and is a preferred facilitator for most corporate houses. Balasubramanyam is responsible for Product development, designing and implementing systems for quality assurance, recruitment and training of people to meet the company's growing business demands. Dr Randin Brons is a skilled, experienced and brilliant coach-trainer; the course was comprehensive and complete in all respects. The course content is sent weekly and there are audio lessons that you can listen to, as per your convenience. The effort he put into his presentation to customize it for our very unique and diverse audience was greatly appreciated. He really 'hit the mark' and gave our attendees lots of great ideas to consider as they face the challenges with this disease in the future. His messages about the “Five P’s of Life”  was timeless, and he delivered his message in a way that left our audiences standing on their feet and asking for more."    Mrs. I felt coached as I learnt about coaching, in the way the audio files came on time each week, the way the exam was conducted, the responses I received, and the overall promptness and professionalism of Symbiosis. He speaks to people from experience, very directly, and from the heart, and people truly listen to him”. James Allen, Director of Marketing, Nestle-Purina Corporation  “John Parker has one of the best and brightest minds in the country,  and he truly enjoys speaking to people about true life issues. The kind of issues that text book don't teach you how to deal with when life deals them to you.  I told him once that he should have a radio talk show, because of what he has the ability to do, which is speak to people in a frank, and direct manner. By encompassing many controversial issues of life together, while at the same time keeping it funny, it is inevitable that people all over the country will discover this man, his un-canny inspiring talents, and the fact that he does it off the cuff, with minimal resources required. Using humor in dealing with daily stress is not a new concept, but your presentation and delivery was exceptional and really brought the message home.  Keith Tolbert, Asst.
VP-Budgets-BellSouth  I saw you speak at Indiana University last years, and I could not wait to book you for our company.
You truly added a huge hunk of the fun to our theme of "The Power, The Fun and The Responsibility of Leadership"! Honestly, after two days of intense learning, you provided just the direction we were hoping for. Wendy Todd , Chapter Service Manager, International Association for Financial Planning "Right on the mark!" Your presentation was right on the mark!
Our management leadership team meeting needed to address the stress issue in an informative, uplifting manner. I look forward to seeing you in the future.  Alan Martin, VP Human Resources, Southern Company "The Coach" John Parker and Hall of Fame Runningback, Marshall Faulk After I saw  you at the University of Iowa, all I could say was "WOW!"  You came here and did eight presentations, repeated over two days and each one was as outstanding as the first! Who would imagine when our country is going through so much pain and anxiety someone could come in and add laughter at our customer service-focused “Be the Best” meetings? Most of all, you met the needs of all our employees, from the executive level to the new employee.Our employees are already asking, ‘When can we have "The Coach" back?'" Denise Kerr-Coborn's "Thank you!" Rarely does a speaker that we hire for the ‘Million Dollar Roundtable’ exceed our expectations, but that’s exactly what you have done.
Lou Pierce, in charge of Special Session Speakers for The Million Dollar Roundtable  "It was a home run! I have received faxes, calls and personal comments, all voicing that this was among the very best programs GSAEE has ever presented. As one participant commented, You can not attend an event where "The Coach" is speaking without being both entertained and educated; you'll be glad you attended. Another executive commented to me that his colleague who attended said it was the best event she had ever attended.
I'd recommendyou to anyone!  Laura Wilmerth Tyna, Elmhurst College  "The best luncheon we've ever had!" What an incredible FIND you are! We are all convinced it's the best luncheon we've ever had.  Sue Mushock, Account Executive, Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau  "Unbelievable!" The response to the presentation you made at the AMC, Inc. My computer was flooded with e-mails from employees who loved your message and your delivery of it. Gardner, VP Human Resources, AMC, Inc. "Coach John Parker is a captivating speaker and where possible, he uses a powerful PowerPoint presentation with evidence and testimonies that keep you sitting on the edge of your seat.
Audiences will find themselves both breathless and laughing through John’s exciting and charismatic style of sharing profound insights from both his life and career experiences that will truly inspire audiences." Harold Lewis, President,National Sports Agency  "On behalf of the National Claims Association, thank you so much for spending time with our group and sharing your life experiences with us. Your warm and vibrant personality and the easy manner in which you relayed your stories  helped make your presentation one of the best our organization has ever had.
You truly added a huge hunk of the fun to our theme of "The Power, The Fun and The Responsibility of Leadership"! Lou Pierce, in charge of Special Session Speakers for The Million Dollar Roundtable  "It was a home run! A smash hit!" On behalf of the GSAEE Board and members, thank you for a fantastic program. The effort you put into your duties to customize it for our very unique and diverse audience was greatly appreciated. You spoke to people from experience, very directly, and from the heart, and people truly listened to you and enjoyed the handling of our evening”.
James Allen, Director of Marketing, Nestle-Purina Corporation? “You have one of the best and brightest minds in both sports and business, and you are a phenominal speaker.
You speak to people in a frank, and direct manner, by encompassing the controversial issues, and the experiences of life, while at the same time keeping it very funny. We discovered a speker, and his un-canny inspiring talents, and the fact that you do it off the cuff, with minimal resources required.”  Mark Blaudschum, Writer, The Sporting News "You were a huge hit at OPCON! I had countless people come up to me throughout the day Wednesday and compliment on your presentation.
We were truly blessed with an inspiring speaker and a perfect place for our annual “Top Gun” event. We are so glad you got to experience what differentiates us from other resorts including our team. More over, he is a team player and interacts effectively with various types of people.” Bruce Baum, Professor and Humor Consultant, Buffalo State College “As President of the Global Speakers federation, I have had the pleasure of seeing many motivational speakers around the world. John is one of the most dynamic motivational speakers I saw in Chicago and has the ability to entertain, whilst imparting solid useful information.

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