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As a Holistic Energy Practitioner and a Life Coach, I have worked with many women over the last 22 years. To be of help and to give a woman some clarity about a certain issue she may encounter is the best reward someone can have, I can have as a Coach and as a woman. Every person is unique, has different issues, different aspirations & goals, different concerns.
A Life Coach isn’t a substitute for any medical concerns which only a licensed medical professional will be able to deal with. A Life Coach, as the name so precisely holds, is a person who is unbiased and will give coaching assistance to another person in need. In most cases the client will know the answer to their problem(s) already, but wasn’t able to trust their own intuition.
Life Coaching will be for individuals who are psychologically and emotionally healthy and want to make consciously changes to their life.
This can be a person who is a tactical thinker, very organized, have always a plan and a stratigy, knows what they want but like to sabotage themselves way to often. Then there are people who want to strive and seek improvement  in a certain part of their life, like a business or a personal goal they like to achieve.
People, who may feel that there is something missing or more to their life, this can occur due to a major life change one just had gone through (death of a loved one or illness) and now is questioning their life values. Learn about your emotions and how powerful they are, in both areas a) lifting you up and supporting you in what you want, or b) sabotaging you over and over again no matter what you have tried before. By now, you may have reached a better understanding in what is a Coach, and how Life Coaching works. To answer your question I can say, YES, Life Coaching certainly will help to learn about yourself, seeing your weakness in some areas, but most of all learn to see and accept your strength and that you can do it, wherever you have set your focus on. Life Coaching in my opinion can really help in so many ways and can guide a person to achieve their once set goals.

Thank you very much and I also agree with you too, Life coaching is more then just getting a better business, it also makes you a better peson too. I think that many people could benefit from life coaching but they don’t even really know the option is there for them. Sarah's 2012 I'm 20 I'm feeling down because of excess weight and I'm ready for a new start. Lisa Magoulas is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner who has made a commitment to help end the trend of obesity. She knows what it’s like to be overweight and all the hurt and embarrassment that goes with it. She’s an animal lover, foodie, gardener, and professional cook and is currently dabbling in therapeutic grade essential oils. But, they all have the same desire, they want to get to the bottom of whatever is bothering them. The goal is to expand peoples awareness through powerful and thought provoking questioning.
A Life Coach will help you to see more clearly where you may self-sabotaging yourself and can help you to be more self-aware of these kind of road blocks.
The need can vary from finding out if or if not to change jobs, starting a new career, how to find a better partner for a business or for life.
Only if you can feel the need and have  the acknowledgment that something in your life has to change or you never will leave the hamster wheel, than a Life Coach can be your guide and help you to find the missing link and make these changes.
And perhaps can benefit you if you are already in the process of changing whatever you feel needs to be changed. With my experience and working with a cliental mostly of women for over 20 years, I know what a woman can go through in her life. Wouldn’t do it again if I would have known that Life Coaching does exist at the time.

Yes, we also do benefit from our services and the contact we have with our clients and students. They think it is reserved either for the high execs or for people who are kind of lost in their life (who would probably be better off seeing a psychologist) but nothing in between. Our online weight loss support journals are the perfect opportunity for you to receive safe weight loss tips on all the best weight loss diet programs. I like to tell you what a Life Coach is not to avoid any misunderstanding or misconception. To help a person to leverage their gifts and talents a lot faster than they could have done by themselves.
You give a very detailed description about what it means to have someone help you and coach you through the difficulties in life. I think one of the big challenges for coaches is knowing the boundaries of their expertise as the client really begins to trust them and they want to tell you everything. So tell us all about you, what is your goal weight, what diet program are you using, what have you tired in the past, and most import how can we help you?
You seem to truly care for your readers by the amount of time you put into research to give them all the info they would need for selecting their products. Do you find that by coaching someone you also benefit from seeing them learn more about themselves?
Every time he says something, you will want to listen because you know that you will get something valuable.
How do you help steer clients who want you to be their psychologist back into being coached again?

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