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Become a Member of the International Coach Federation – Nevada Charter ChapterBecome a member and enjoy the benefits of the International Coach Federation - Nevada Charter Chapter. Our Professional SpeakersLooking for a professional coach to speak at your Event or Meeting?
ICF Nevada is comprised of business and life coaches from diverse backgrounds, training and experience.
ICF Nevada is committed to the growth and mastery of our members through professional development and promotion. ICF Nevada serves as a resource for the general public and media by raising awareness about the coaching profession through ongoing public relations and publicity campaigns. ICF Nevada invites all professional business and life coaches, as well as other professionals associated with coaching, to join us today.
Two of the giants of American finance John Bogle (founder of the Vanguard Group) and Paul Volcker (former Federal Reserve chairman) were brought together by Bloomberg Link earlier this week and they told the TRUTH about the American Financial System which has been taken apart and taken to the brink over the past two decades which has seen our once great capital markets turned into a Las Vegas-style casino that is now dominated by computers making millions of trades a minute, hedge funds manipulating markets wherever and whenever they can and the US Federal Reserve running a monetary policy that seems to have as its goal getting as much money as possible to the Very Damn People that have undermined OUR country’s financial system.

We here at Mad As Hell And… have no problem with people or even companies making speculative “investments” or trading in capital markets but we have a Very Big Damn Problem with federally insured banks and financial institutions that have access to the Federal Reserve’s discount window doing what is nothing less that Las Vegas-style gambling on steroids which was one of the main drivers of the Financial Meltdown in 2008 which saw in our country what were supposed to be “regulated” banks (which were supposed to be regulated by guess who?
Yes, we are saying that those Wall Street firms that want to do speculative trading with their OWN money leave the apron of their mother, the US Taxpayer and the US Government, and actually start acting like REAL Americans instead of the Candy Ass Pussies that now dominate Wall Street that for the most part couldn’t turn Dollar one if they didn’t have access to the Federal Reserve money printing presses and the implied guarantee that their precious asses are “Too Big To Fail” and thus will get bailed out if they get those precious asses in a sling again! Imagine for a moment that if the top men on Wall Street were examples of the “men” in America in December 1941 and then try to imagine what the world would look like today if Germany and Japan had won World War II because there is not a chance in Hell the Candy Ass Pussies on Wall Street would have been able to or even would have defended the American Republic.
The only professional coaching organization in Nevada, ICF Nevada is a Chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF), the globally recognized leader in professional coaching.
We offer networking and educational opportunities through tele-seminars and live workshops on current topics in coaching, business development, and marketing. We provide mentoring and special programs to help members prepare before and during all stages of the application process. Yes, the Federal Reserve!) that were making Hundreds of Billions of Dollars of BETS on the mortgage backed bonds which were created by the out-of-control Monetary Policy of the Federal Reserve which created a Massive Real Estate Bubble which the banks made 1 Million times worse by making all kinds of stupid bets on those underlying Crapola mortgage bonds.

All ICF Nevada members have agreed to honor and uphold our code of ethics adapted from the ICF.
Paul Volcker, 84, broke the back of 15 percent inflation as Federal Reserve chairman in the 1980s. Volcker, who has urged Congress to ban proprietary trading by commercial banks, said banks are lobbying to undermine financial regulation aimed at making the industry more stable.

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life coaches las vegas

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