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Coaching is the art of providing education, training, guidance, support, or assistance to a group or individual. There are coaches for almost anything imaginable in life, and one can obtain a coach for any of these things, though some types of coaches are easier to find than others.
Other types of coaches include life coaches, marriage coaches, business coaches, or social coaches, all with the responsibility to teach their students and provide guidance and support where it is due.
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A good Life Coach can help you get unstuck from frustrating old patterns, and start moving forward again…. Our powerful, effective, evidence-based coaching gives you the clarity, motivation, accountability and tools you need to climb to the top of your mountain. There is something inspiring about people who have the drive and determination to climb all the way to the top of the mountain… Or to relocate a mountain. Entrepreneurs, executives, leaders and visionaries are “modern magicians” who craft an invisible staircase out of thin air, and then amaze everyone as they walk up it. Learn how to get back on the same page, and be an unstoppable team in every area of your life together. Get instant access to our online Happiness Class,and start learning the same skills and strategieswe teach our private clients.

The leader or teacher, called the coach, usually possesses special training in the field at hand or has fine-tuned their skills in the field with experience. It can be applied to any field, as many different types of coaches use the same basic methods, such as meeting students or developing goals. Through focused, direct Life Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Dating Coaching or Career Coaching we can help you identify the obstacles that are holding you back, and cultivate your strengths to overcome them. Their success, their risks, and their rewards are often unimaginable to others, who may value certainty over glory. Our dating coaches offer you the support and guidance you need to approach dating with confidence, put your best foot forward, and connect with the one you’ve been looking for. Since 2009 we have been pioneers in online life coaching, with years of experience in making online life coaching as positive, productive and effective as our in-person services. Bobby's first free Happiness Class to find out what's been holding YOU back -- and how to change it.
Because we all know that V-Day can be a very big deal, fraught with meaning, and it’s important to get it right. We can help you discover your passion, harness your motivation, and learn concrete skills and strategies to make your dreams a reality.
Coaching is a light in the darkness: A partnership that helps you create new ideas, new strategies, and new options.

Or maybe you  want to be more productive, effective, and successful in the career you have. They are on a “hero’s journey” to affect change in the world through their work, and to make their dreams a reality. But the perfect Valentine’s Day for one person would be completely traumatizing for another. When you combine new strategies with the power of your motivation, your strengths, and the partnership with your coach… old obstacles can melt away. Professional career counseling and career coaching gives you clarity about who you are, and what kind of career will make you happy. Whether you want to discover your passion, take personality tests that will help you identify your ideal career, figure out how to handle office politics, improve your professional communication, become more productive, practice your interviewing skills, or write your killer resume… We can help.

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life coaching and career advice

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