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The Art of Coaching in UK is offering the best Life Coaching Courses Birmingham that can help you in great ways. Mac and Coral Grant (pictured) face fraud, theft, and racketeering charges relating to the running of their company, The Secret to Life Coaching (TSTLC). According to the claimants, Mac and Coral Grant (pictured) stripped their 'master coaches' of hundreds of thousands of dollars through 'commission agreements' - contracts on which coaches were told they would be paid for recruiting clients or teaching classes themselves.

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Former clients Cheri Lucas and April Fisher claim the pair pocketed somewhere between $8million and $20million from unsuspecting clients and investorsPromising no solid return, the couple are alleged to have used the cash to 'live like royalty' while charging customers hundreds of pounds to achieve 'the life of their dreams'.They are accused of working withA 'career fraudster and federal felon' Kevin Trudeau - currently in jail - to mastermind their money making scheme. They took millions of dollars with no intention of giving it back.'TSTLC now say the company has been 'dissolved'.

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life coaching companies uk travel

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