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It can be difficult to get a handle on your life in terms of what is going well and what could use attention. With the hub as 0 (very unsatisfied), and the rim of the wheel as 10 (very satisfied), rate your level of satisfaction in each area. Draw a straight or curved line linking each section in order to create a new outer edge on your wheel.

As with a physical wheel, if all of your scores, or spokes on the wheel, extend to a perfect 10 (very satisfied) then the rim of your life wheel is completely circular and will roll smoothly. Quotes from Crystalline Starseed-Pleiadian: My Spiritual Life Coaching Will help to Manifest your Dreams Today. If you are in a good place in your life, coaching will enable you be intentional in keeping the process going.

Our life coaching approach both supports and challenges coachees to make changes in areas of their lives that are most meaningful to them.

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life coaching courses bath

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