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I specialise in Creativity Coaching, helping a wide range of clients wanting to live or work more creatively to move through blocks and resistances in their personal or professional lives.
I offer long and short term support to artists, therapists, writers, photographers, educational and business managers, parents with grown up children re-evaluating their lives, people about to retire or in career changes, with anxiety, depression, self belief, freeing up unhelpful thinking patterns, confidence and self esteem issues, clarifying purpose and meaning, lifestyle balance, creating project plans and marketing. I offer you a confidential, supportive, safe space in which you can clarify issues and concerns on any personal or work related topic of your choosing, explore options for solutions and move forward in a way that is meaningful for you, your own values and beliefs. One major aim in coaching is increasing your awareness, enabling a much wider range of options to arise from which you can choose new ways forward that are right for you. I am completely committed to meditation and mindfulness practices for both my own self development, and for helping others develop. We can either meet face-to-face at my home in Bressingham, near Diss, South Norfolk, or you can have sessions by phone or Skype in the comfort of your own home.

Phone 01379 897393 for a free 20 minute consultation when you can ask any questions and explore whether coaching would be beneficial for you.
I am highly skilled in facilitating artistic creativity, creative thinking and self awareness for both personal and professional development. Mindfulness is an amazing, sometimes transformative, self awareness tool if learned at your own pace with a mindfulness teacher who understands mindfulness from their own deep experience of it. I have been learning and practising mindfulness meditation for over 15 years with some wonderful meditation masters in the Tibetan Buddhist Kagyu and Nyingma traditions, and I have also completed an 8 week Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Course with the University of Bangor, Wales. I am also able to travel to any venue nationally or internationally by arrangement with you.
Attitudes fostered through creative artistic practice can be transferred to any other area of personal life and work.

The mindfulness I teach is completely secular and suitable for people of any faith or none. Not only can Creativity Coaching can be used for specific artistic issues, or to help you develop a more open, creative way of living in whatever way is right for you, Creativity Coaching can also be used in a business and professional arena when wanting to free limited thinking patterns and open up a new vision. In my work with clients I have developed different ways of integrating mindfulness flexibly and seamlessly in our journey together to suit different needs, aspirations and personalities.

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life coaching fees ireland republic

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