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Sterling Executive and Career Coaching - Certified Executive Coach, Ann Rice - Vancouver, BC, Canada. Coaching is a dynamic alliance between a coach and client that supports the client in achieving their personal best and optimal well-being in work and life. We bring over 25 years of experience in corporate America and structured methods with an enormous dose of common sense to meet your needs. If the changes don’t accomplish hidden goals, then it will be difficult to stay the course. If, deep inside, you expect failure because of previous failed New Year’s Eve resolutions, you may be setting yourself up to fail once again.
This year, when you decide to stop smoking, lose weight, reduce expenditures, etc., approach it differently. There’s nothing worse than being surrounded by friends, family, colleagues and strangers, but feeling lonely. By expressing genuine interest in others, and truly listening to them, you will establish an empathy with them. Self disclosure means moving out of your comfort zone and permitting yourself to be open and honest with others. So why not try taking a risk over the remainder of the holiday season with someone you already care about?
You’re listening to the radio and the sounds of “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” pours out to you.
And yet, as these sights, sounds and smells remind you of the holiday traditions of years ago, you may find yourself fighting off the chronic emotional pain known as ‘holiday blues’. Holidays often result in our getting in more in touch with our sadness and anger than at other times of the year, causing the darker, ‘blue’ mood during or prior to the holidays. As with all plans, the needs of the children should be foremost in the holiday decision making process. It is easiest to understand why others are difficult by asking that same question of ourselves.
Thanksgiving holds memories of previous holiday traditions, elaborate meals, and being with people for whom we care deeply.
Rather than dreading the upcoming holiday, it is important to realize there are six things you can do to make this Thanksgiving easier, even pleasurable. So why is it that mature, emotionally balanced, successful adults – many with their own spouses and children – feel this deep void? The parent-child relationship is unique in that it is the only place where a child can receive unconditional positive regard.
Despite the seriousness of these losses, support from colleagues, community and friends can be limited. Business owners and managers spend a considerable amount of effort attempting to motivate staff so as to increase their level of production, commitment and cooperation.
Employees need to believe that an employer values them as individuals, and are committed to making their needs and interests a priority in the company.
Before you start packing and heading for the hills, spend a few minutes looking at what exactly is going on. Overcoming this hurdle and successfully resolving your fears of marriage can go one of two ways.

I encourage readers to add your own personal experiences, and what you learned about improving your romantic selection skills. How many times have you found yourself putting off important tasks in your personal life or career?
If it is due to feeling overwhelmed with stress, then perhaps you need more balance in your life. Interrupt this cycle of ‘work-work-work’ and no recharging of your ‘play’ batteries by changing your view of relaxation. Take your to-do list and eliminate the items on the list that do not require your attention. Not since World War II have so many children been faced with the challenge of having a parent deployed for military service. In my practice I have found that it is helpful for parents to have a roadmap of sorts to follow during this period of uncertainty. It used to be, way back in our grandparent’s time, that children spent time working in the family business. To rescue our children from frustration or unhappiness is to convey the message that we don’t believe they have the capacity to do things on their own.
By expecting the child to independently complete tasks on his own, he learns responsible behavior. I welcome you to share your comments about what has worked – or not worked – to support emotional independence in children? Today, while preparing for Hurricane Irene, a 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck the East Coast region of the United States. While property damage and bodily injury appears to have been relatively small, considering the size of the earthquake, people should be alert to others having a delayed sadness that impairs their ability to function as before. Oftentimes these reactions are experienced acutely, and within a few days, people gradually feel secure again and return back to their normal routines. So, in the aftermath of this earthquake, reach out to those you know who may be physically, socially or emotionally isolated.
Ask people the requirements for a successful retirement, and most will unfailingly say “money”! Workers are instructed to begin planning for their retirement from the first available opportunity.
People are living longer in retirement than ever before, thanks to improvement in nutrition and healthcare. Previously, parents needed children to contribute to the household in order for the family unit to survive. In today’s society children are separated both emotionally and physically from the parents.
Without the early experiences of intimacy, our children grow up unable to sustain close and lasting relationships because they fail to learn the give and take of close relationships.
Comfort, luxury and indulgence can all too often rob our children of the ability to learn how to develop emotional intimacy. I invite you to share with our readers what has worked for you in taking care of yourself following a divorce.
These clear boundaries will help your children have a sense of control over their fear of the unknown.

From time to time, parents come to me because they are frustrated with their children’s behavior. For another set of parents, it was the frustration of having a 12 year old son who refused to clean his room, turn in homework assignments, or help with family chores.
When constructing a Family Contract, you need to take into consideration your child’s age, skills, limitations, and interests.
This is a blended educational model that includes self-paced web-based interactive content modules (expect to spend 8-10 hours working with the video materials) and 2-3 hours of live video conference coaching that we will schedule at your convenience at key checkpoints in the program. You will need internet access, a webcam (built-in or free-standing,) and an audio headset (USB preferred) to participate in the program. Orientation to the GoToMeeting Technology and access to the video segments will be scheduled in advance of the program. As your thinking partner, Ann engages you in learning and action through powerful questions, careful listening, clear feedback and acknowledgment.
Through our unique combination of expertise in project management, process improvement, coaching, and speaking, we can help you define your path to success!
Through our unique combination of online learning, facilitator led courses, coaching, and, blended learning options; we combine the best of all worlds to ensure success. In our parent’s time, modern technology freed children from having to work, and parents were able to spend more time simply loving their children.
Thus, it is all the more critical to plan for not just the few years that our grandparents experienced post retirement, but perhaps decades of retirement. After years of being away from home typically 10 hours per day, the adjustment to a couple’s lifestyle is significant. Unfortunately, people often make the mistake of getting involved in new activities only after they have retired. Along with all the benefits of retirement come the inevitable losses of meaningful relationships. Actively planning on how you will spend your retirement – rather than gambling on hope and a wish – will bring emotional satisfaction and happiness.
You will experience all of the writing workshop modules as a participant and you are expected to complete a draft of your own Making a Difference Plan. If you have experienced previous abandonments, then perhaps the unresolved feelings from those traumas are burdening you at this time.
Planning will result in the creation of new opportunities, accomplishment of goals that previously couldn’t be pursued, connection with individuals and society as a whole, and discovery of a new sense of purpose. A short knowledge test will be administered at the end of the program as part of the certification process.
Trust me, despite our fantasies, basking in the Caribbean sun every day while sipping margaritas gets boring after a while. As parents work miles from the home and come home distracted and exhausted, children all too often receive academic support for their studies from tutors rather than from sitting elbow to elbow with parents at the kitchen table.
There are married people whose partner’s addictions have wrecked their personal credit and finances.

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