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The Life Mastery Institute, the world’s leading training center for transformational coaching, provides all the resources, education, kits, and preparation you need to become trained and certified! Is your deepest longing to make the world a better place by living your purpose as a speaker, teacher, and coach? We’ve trained and certified hundreds of life coaches all over the world who are enjoying thriving life coaching businesses and transforming lives in the process.
With so many options available for life coach training, you’re probably wondering, how do you choose the right one for you?
Even more, what sets us apart from ordinary life coach training and certifications is that we offer you a proven business model to attract and enroll clients… so you can be successful from the start! Again, we welcome you, and invite you to take some time to explore the life coach certification resources that are here for you. Fill out the form below to receive a one-on-one 30-minute strategy session with a Life Mastery Institute mentor! Coaching has proven to be a powerful, highly successful process to initiate change in personal and organizational development. We belive that through coaching, we can make a positive difference in this world. The Coaching Institute Bangkok is dedicated to highest standard coaching practice and education. You won’t find this information anywhere else, because it is closely guarded within this industry. Because we want to show you that we understand the “behind-the-scenes” of how to become a successful coach, and take you by the hand to help you avoid the costly mistakes almost every aspiring coach makes so you can achieve lasting success.
We at the Life Mastery Institute have served hundreds of coaches in growing their businesses, becoming certified, achieving their financial goals, and living the rich and fulfilling life of making a difference on the planet.

Just tell us where to send it using the form on the right, and we’ll email you the entire Coaching Success Toolkit. 3 IMPORTANT tips you absolutely need to know to stand out in the coaching industry and succeed with IMPACT, INFLUENCE, AND INCOME. The 3 biggest mistake most coaches make when building their coaching businesses and how to avoid them. A “Coaching Catapult Secret” which is the most important step you can take to build a thriving coaching business.
This illustrated PowerPoint PDF takes all the mystery away from how to build a successful, 6-figure coaching business. Because this training contains so many valuable insights, we knew it was important for you to be able to listen multiple times. You’ll also receive a series of high-value emails directly from Mary Morrissey that will give you some of her very best tips to guide you on your path of becoming a successful coach. This is our gift to you, containing the most high-value information for coaches available on the web. Our proven transformational programs developed by Life Mastery Institute founder Mary Morrissey have been the top choice of cutting-edge coaches internationally. As stipulated by law, we cannot, and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies. The heart of coaching is to empower you to successfully cope with the challenges you may face and to find your own and unique solutions to make your life fulfilled and happy.
Our trainers and coaches are all certified coaches complying with the standards of ICF – The international Coaching Federation.

The insights you’re about to receive have been gathered and tested over the past 40 years.
You’ll see exactly what steps you need to take, and in what order, to achieve a successful coaching business of this magnitude. Take your next step to becoming a certified life coach now and grow a thriving life coaching business. We have an amazing proven business model structure for people just like you who are already life coaches. This is the perfect place to start to understand how to build a thriving coaching business. Your results are completely up to you, your level of awareness, expertise, the action you take and the service you provide to others.
Any testimonials, financial numbers mentioned in emails or referenced on any of our web pages should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential earnings - all numbers are illustrative only, as I'm sure you understand. By submitting the form above you agree to receive email updates from Life Mastery Institute. That being said, we believe in you and are here to support you in making the changes you want for your life, and to give you methods, strategies, and ideas that will help move you in the direction of your dream. You may opt-out of these communications at any time by following the unsubscribe instructions at the bottom of every email.

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