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Integral NLP at Erickson College is based upon the perception that an underlying structural integrity and order exists at the deepest level of human experience, and that this integrity manifests in the form, the structures, the processes and the contents of our actions, relationships, abilities and effective learning. Many people experience creativity as an elusive mysterious gift that you either have or you don’t – rather than a set of skills that can be transferred and managed systematically and explicitly.
The program provides a flexible Master Practitioner approach to training based on five core component areas: values and value development, expert performance modelling, pattern elicitation strategy and strategic abundance, exploration of advanced language patterns, and advanced submodalities.
The modules focus on powerful advances in NLP, and serve a variety of coaching, therapeutic, educational, business or organizational training objectives. This course invites an overview of NLP Creativity.?? If you are an NLP practitioner, a coach, communicator, counsellor, an organizational consultant or active in business and wishing to have flexible access to the most current, advanced, and powerful NLP tools for therapy, education or business, ?this training is for you!
How do you determine motivation strategies, learning strategies and decision making strategies?

Effective modeling strategies pursue a careful, multi-faceted and sophisticated approach in order to capture expertise and transfer it to others. Discovering the Best Transfer Methods of Expert Models.  This training program is brimming with practical information you can act on immediately. This program contains a number of techniques useful for professional change-work and personal development. Copyright 2016 © Erickson International, Erickson College, Erickson Coaching International.
This invaluable program will assist you, the Coach, Counsellor, Manager, Consultant or Creator of your own Life to create changes, to influence, inspire and communicate with great effectiveness and a deep sense of integrity for the principles trained in all of Erickson College’s programs. What are the habits and strategies of excellence that you can adapt for yourself and assist your coachee to learn?

It is a nuts and bolts course that successfully combines course content with actual classroom experience. In this segment we do a comprehensive examination of the structure of motivation, the elements of effective decision making, and the core components of effective learning. People are welcome to attend this component of the Master Practitioner Program as a stand alone.
We will work with clear pathway determination between Form, Process, Structure, and Context elements.

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life coaching institute of america reviews lax

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