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Click on a program below for details. Contact Christy with questions, to set up a complimentary discovery session, or to purchase a program and schedule an appointment. The Wholly Healing Experience holistic life coaching programs are designed to help you relax, reduce stress, release emotional baggage, and replace unhealthy habits with habits that support mind, body, & spirit wellness. Important Notice: Wholly Healing, LLC, does not diagnose, treat or prescribe for any specific disease or condition.

All programs include life coaching, energy therapies (Reiki & Emotional Polarity Technique), and stress management techniques. Any of the aforementioned offerings of Wholly Healing, LLC, are not substitutions for conventional medical methods of diagnosing, treating or prescribing which is reserved for licensed medical physicians.
Design an action plan that allows you to express the talents and gifts that are uniquely yours.

Learn how to empower yourself by tapping into your own wisdom and life experience to guide your journey.

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life coaching programs in massachusetts

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