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For many people overwhelmed by the size and population of the city, it may be a good idea to start with Central Park and enjoy a slower pace while exploring 850 acres of nature in the middle of the bustling city. As you can see, there are a number of different ways to relax, unwind, sightsee, and enhance your comprehension of the language as you learn English in New York. A great coach is an objective, non-judgmental ally that holds your agenda and reflects your inner greatness. I provide a loving, safe, open and courageous space that cultivates growth and self-discovery. Mastering a foreign language while immersed in the lifestyle and culture of the area is an ideal way to create a solid foundation for long-term communication.
After an early morning bicycle ride through the park, you may want to take a stroll through the West Village.

It is our thoughts and minds that actually create our reality, yet our foundational beliefs, our default settings are often unconsciously creating exactly what we DON’T want. Together we can shine a light on your self-defeating thoughts, choices, actions and beliefs. One of the best things about traveling to a foreign country to learn the language is that you get to enjoy the new sights and sounds. We can discover the matrix of beliefs that are unconsciously sabotaging your progress, and create a new and fully empowered set of beliefs. There are a few “must see” things that you can’t miss while you are in New York City learning English.
And as a student committed to learning English in New York, it is important to remember to take a pizza break once in awhile.

As you connect with your greatness, you will step into, and own your innate wisdom, grace and power. While many students avoid touristy landmarks because of the crowds and cost, it is worthwhile to check out the Empire State Building. You will be able to clarify the life you really want to live, and make powerful choices that are in alignment with your true values.

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life coaching rates canada euro

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