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Originally the concept of coaching started in sport but in recent years it has become an important accepted practice for many successful people across the spectrum.
Life Coaches are individuals who provide the drive and guidance that their clients need to make improvements in their careers, relationships, and in their lives. The supportive relationship and communication between the coach and coachee plays a significant role in the results produced.  The coachee does, as a result of this relationship, acquire the facts and goals and outcomes, not from the coach, but from within himself, stimulated by the coach. For those who want to see improvements in their lives and careers during 2015, perhaps having a life coach is just what you need. The coaching process is a journey of great revelation, development, fulfillment, tremendous growth and transformation.
Workshop, Seminars and TrainingFearless Life Workshops are powerfully fueled with life changing inspiration and passion. Sarah Mane has over twenty years experience in management, education, training and coaching. I believe everyone is unlimited in their potential and in particular has the power to transform their life. In a coaching conversation I actively listen to you and through questioning assist you to articulate your values and objectives and to create an action plan for bringing them to fruition.
Many clients upgrade their package to continue coaching and then book an on-going monthly session for maintaining clarity, direction and focus.

I have worked for twenty five years in the education and communications field so I can help you identify and achieve a clear direction in your life. I have over thirty years training and experience in self awareness and self development and can guide you to find your inner strengths and unlock your potential. I have made significant life and career changes so understand the issues and challenges which you may face. I am committed to your progress and success so you can achieve great results and will receive personal support.
Life Coaches have been able to play a major role in the success of athletes, movie stars, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, academics, scientists, celebrities, politicians, musicians and professionals from all walks of life. Change can only take place once it is desired.A A  The coaching process consists of either a€?one on onea€? coaching sessions or a€?Group workshopa€? programs. These sessions aim to find what you dare dream about, setting the goals you need to achieve those dreams. In fact many successful people here in Australia today have life coaches to help them stay focussed and motivated towards pursuing their dreams.
I am dedicated to helping you discover your own wealth of talent, purpose and inspiration so that your life can become all you want it to be. We continue to uncover your beliefs, values and rules (the things that make you, you) and discover if they serve you well.A  Each session is an opportunity to grow.

The experience might be challenging, but taking responsibility is what causes this fearless growth. It inspires great passion to live your ultimate life, fearlessly loving everything about you and your life, only to find out that you are actually well worth it! Ita€™s a powerful combination of fearless living and the attraction of a Man and a Woman leading with Honour.A A  Scheduled Coaching Sessions a€“ Sessions are available once or twice a week or as per your request.
Each session includes take away notes and exercises to reinforce learning and skills.A  Free support between sessions.
Regular weekly sessions assist in keeping great focus, enthusiasm and motivation towards achieving your goals.
In order to maximize coaching results, full completion of the program comes highly recommended.

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life coaching services sydney jobs

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