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Life coaching is a professional service providing clients with feedback, insights and guidance from an outside vantage point. The table below highlights the key differences between professional services commonly confused with one another. Life Coaching is all about helping people establish a future vision of their life that is aligned to how they are wired, then helping them achieve the necessary transformation goals to get there. At My Lifea€™s Work, our foremost goal is to support you in both your design of a career path and, ultimately, your identification of aA  a€?joba€? (or jobs for some) that is purposeful and capitalizes on your areas of competence and confidence. This final point is a most important one.A  Sometimes we are our own worst enemies when it comes to creating the optimal conditions for a career change.
The length of a coaching engagement depends on your goals and your needs for coaching before, during, and after your transition.A  We work to design a coaching plan that suits you! You can also check out an August 8, 2011 article (A New Game Plan) in the Washington Post Express about Mimi’s career coaching work. Personal Coaching is a method for helping individuals to improve, develop, achieve aims and manage life change and personal challenges. Personal coaching is effective in personal life, career, sales or corporate and business life.
A coach will counsel, guide, encourage, and challenge you to move forward during this change. A coach will insure that that you will make a healthy transition to the next step or phase of life.

A coach can give an objective set of eyes to help you explore your skills and weaknesses, determine your passion, and motivate you to move forward with courage.
Your coach does not need to be an expert in your field in order to give support and guidance as you transition from one job to another. Moving to another city or town can be quite traumatic, especially if not all of the family is in support of the move.
A coach works with the entire family to embrace the move and the unique challenges it presents. Working with a coach will shorten or eliminate the negative attitudes and talk that always surround a difficult move. Working with someone who can diffuse the negatives will shorten the time of adjustment and hasten the time when the family can embrace the positives of the new location. Transitioning from being married to being single is painful, often filled with feelings of shame, remorse, and failure. A coach will help you make a plan for your future, helping you decide when to take the next steps. Transitioning through a time of grief and loss is painfully difficult in the best of circumstances.
Even when family and friends give support, we still need another person to provide objectivity; a coach will listen and give counsel with compassion.
When you are ready, a coach will support you as you discover and plan a positive path for your future.

Are you asking yourself, "What am I meant to be doing with my life?" Do you wish you had more life engagement and meaningfulness? Follow Up Coaching Sessions (1 hour each) a€¦ to guide you on your journey of personal discovery. Whether you’re facing too many choices or none at all, expert coaching and a fresh perspective ease your transition into your new life chapter. Our coaching is flexible and challenging, allowing for effective transition on an individual basis. Drastic moves from one region or climate to another are not an easy adjustment, especially for the family members not involved in the job transition. Reasons for divorce are many, but the results are often the same; broken families and broken hearts. In contrast to traditional approaches which only use a simple personality test, OptYourLife examines many aspects such as memory, IQ, problem solving, and patience.
If you were recently fired or laid off, the approach for coaching is totally different than for someone who is job hunting while still working their present job. Subsequently, recovering from a divorce often takes a long time with periods of depression and lack of self-worth.

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life transition coaching services available

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