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Rinnovate funzionalità e maggiori prestazioni per la gamma notebook dedicata al mondo business. Designer Prashant Chandra has aimed to develop a laptop which not only pairs up with a handset, a camera and a tablet, but also integrates these detachable gadgets into its form factor with the Fujitsu Lifebook 2013 concept.
A post on Yanko Design shares that the Lifebook 2013 doesn’t sport a keyboard of its own, but rather embeds the tablet in a slot, complete with a 16-pin connector. The mobile phone which also serves as a music player, will function in a manner much like the slab.
Fujitsu has refreshed its notebook range, adding Intel's new 2nd-gen Core 2011 processors to a new line-up of LIFEBOOK models.
There's also the 13.3-inch S761 and 14-inch S751 portables, along with a mainstream 14-inch LH531 notebook. Full specs are yet to be confirmed, as is pricing, but Fujitsu has said that the new LIFEBOOK models will get anti-bacterial keyboards, new AC adapters that have 0-watt draw when the notebook is turned off, and USB Charge mode, for recharging a PMP or phone when the LIFEBOOK is powered down. Fujitsu today announces refreshed ESPRIMO PC and LIFEBOOK notebook families, including three new ESPRIMO models and nine new LIFEBOOK models. The new ESPRIMO PCs and LIFEBOOK notebooks are the first to feature Fujitsu’s new “true family” concept, providing significant cost savings on maintenance, testing and evaluation: Typically, companies must evaluate every PC and notebook model to make sure the hardware and software is compatible with their business.
The “true family” concept is a further enhancement and a consequent expansion of Fujitsu’s existing family philosophy which already makes sure that notebook modules such as the modular bay for DVD drives, the second hard disk drive, second battery and port replicator are interchangeable between LIFEBOOK E751 and LIFEBOOK S751. Having already eliminated power consumption in off mode in its 0-Watt PCs, Fujitsu has removed another environmental burden from the 0-Watt models in the ESPRIMO PC line-up: that of noise.
With the new line-up of LIFEBOOK notebooks, Fujitsu unveils new models that round-out the portfolio to meet a wider range of customer needs. The new LIFEBOOK line introduces several small design features that add value, such as the 0-Watt AC adapter that draws no power at all when the notebook is in off mode, and the anti-bacterial keyboard, which helps prevent the spread of germs between notebook users. Rajat Kakar, Vice President Workplace Systems at Fujitsu Technology Solutions says: “The new PC and notebook models from Fujitsu are more energy-efficient and more powerful than ever – and the desktop PCs run so silently that you’d hardly notice they are there. Fujitsu’s new ESPRIMO and LIFEBOOK family models appear on the price list from January 03, 2011 and will start shipping from March 01, 2011 across the EMEA region. Einige nicht anspruchsvolle aktuelle Spiele konnen mit geringen Details noch flussig gespielt werden.
620M: The Core i7-620M is the fastest Dual-Core CPU for laptops (at the time of introduction in Q1 2010). Fujitsu: Fujitsu, founded 1935, is a Japanese company specializing in semiconductors, air conditioners, computers (supercomputers, personal computers, servers), telecommunications, and services, and is headquartered in Tokyo. Building on the principle of shared hardware, this development brings in a detachable camera, a mobile phone which also acts as a music player and a tablet that doubles up as a keyboard.
Simply integrating it in the slot on the laptop will trigger data and hardware sharing to boost the overall performance. With the new generation, Fujitsu has rethought desktop and mobile computing design and focused on ways to provide cost and time savings throughout the entire product lifecycle.

The “true family” concept stands for the use of identical main components in Fujitsu systems, including motherboard, BIOS, front connector board, power supply and software images.
The new 0-Watt ESPRIMO E900 and ESPRIMO P900 “Zero Noise” models offer totally silent running in idle and “normal office” modes.
Despite its high performance, the ESPRIMO Q900 is the most energy efficient model in the PC range. For example, the new LIFEBOOK P701 offers a 12-inch display that fills the gap between the 14-inch LIFEBOOK S751 and the 10.1-inch LIFEBOOK T580.
Another new feature is the anytime USB Charge mode, included in most models, which allows LIFEBOOK to charge portable devices such as mobile phones, even when switched off. Fujitsu hat seinem zuverlassigen Arbeitstier Lifebook E781 eine Ivy-Bridge-Frischenzellenkur gegonnt.
Schwerpunkte der Produkte und Dienstleistungen sind Informationstechnologie, Telekommunikation, Halbleiter und Netzwerke. Die Verbalbeurteilungen klingen aber oft besser als sie wirklich sind, denn richtig gelastert wird uber Notebooks eher selten. The Fujitsu Lifebook S760 tries balancing a reasonable battery life with a vast connectivity in a small, mobile power book for the modern businessperson. The base clock speed of the CPUs is relatively low, but because of a huge Turbo mode, the cores can dynamically overclock to up to 3.2 GHz (920XM).
Inoltre, le opzioni di comunicazione wireless, dal VoIP fino alle funzioni di Web conference con ConfCam, ne fanno dei notebook completi, ideali anche durante gli spostamenti. The additional benefits of such a system are no cord hassles, single point charge for the included gadgets and also a uniform place to receive software updates for all devices. The new models immediately incorporate the 2nd generation of Intel® Core™ Processor Family with new 32nm Intel microarchitecture and an impressive leap in energy-efficient performance, announced today at CES.
For customers, this means they need only test one model to confirm that the entire product line is compatible with their environment.
Their whisper quiet operation means that the new ESPRIMO PCs are office-friendly co-workers that fit into any team. 1999 startete die Zusammenarbeit mit Siemens im IT-Bereich (Server, Notebooks, Desktop-PCs, etc.) unter der Marke Fujitsu-Siemens. Therefore, the CPU can be as fast as high clocked dual-core CPUs (using single threaded applications) but still offer the advantage of 4 cores. In the package, Intel also included a second die with an integrated GPU (GMA HD) and a memory controller. Users can also enjoy dual screens by switching to tablet mode from the keypad, when the slab is incorporated in its slot. The first Fujitsu PC product lines to offer this concept are the new ESPRIMO P900 and ESPRIMO E900 series, while the LIFEBOOK E751 and LIFEBOOK S751 also share core notebook components.
Das 15,6-Zoll-Notebook ist fur das geschaftliche Umfeld gedacht und bringt zahlreiche Schnittstellen mit.

Das machen die gute Ausstattung und ein in fur diese Klasse ungewohnlich brillantes Display teilweise wett. Priced at around ?850, this 13.3-inch ultra-portable comes installed with the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Professional, rather than the Home Premium edition you'll find on the majority of consumer laptops. It's not the sexiest ultra-portable laptop around, but the 13.3-inch Fujitsu LifeBook S760 impresses with its combination of power and portability. Inoltre, il robusto chassis in lega di magnesio, la tastiera spillproof e il dispositivo ShockSensor proteggono l'hard disk da urti e colpi. Un vano di espansione offre lo spazio per una seconda batteria o per un DVD writer o, nei modelli LIFEBOOK E8420 e LIFEBOOK S7220, per l'aggiunta di un secondo hard disk.
Il port replicator e l'adattatore AC sono compatibili con tutti i modelli delle serie LifeBook E e S.
Unfortunately, road warriors can find twice the endurance and a slicker design elsewhere for less money. If you can live without the Nvidia GPU muscle, get the reasonably priced Express Buy $1,319 version of the S760, whose power-efficent Intel HD Graphics will give you more juice. LIFEBOOK E8420: un esperto senza compromessiCon un display da 15,4 pollici ad alta risoluzione 1680 x 1050 (WSXGA+) e una scheda grafica opzionale NVIDIA, LIFEBOOK E8420 costituisce la scelta ideale per i professionisti che necessitano di una valida alternativa al desktop. It has enough oomph to meet many people's needs, though if you bump up to the top of the range specs you are looking at a considerable outlay. Il modello LIFEBOOK S7220 ha un display da 14,1 pollici e pesa solo 2,2 kg, rappresenta il top per i professionisti.
Una seconda batteria permette di continuare comodamente a lavorare per un'intera giornata senza bisogno di disporre di una presa di corrente. Its spill resistant keyboard is a pleasure to use, and the quirky ScrollWheel is a ‘take it or leave it’ feature which you can simply ignore if it does not feel right to you. And you might not want to use the Web camera software in view of clients, unless you have preconfigured it to remove some of the more consumer-focussed elements. So unless you really like the look of it, which is different from other laptops, there’s little reason for you to rave over this laptop.
Fujitsu's Lifebook S760 is a good all-rounder that ticks all the boxes for a corporate laptop. While its design looks a little conservative, it packs a decent amount of processing power into a portable package and has good connectivity and expansion options.
Depending on the model and Turbo Boost, the GMA HD is clocked between 166 and 766 MHz.

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