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Marvel Comics had a special a€?Secret Wars Livea€? event from today, from Midtown Comics in New York City, with Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso and SVP, Executive Editor Tom Brevoort. Together, Alonso and Brevoort made what was billed as a€?the announcement to end all announcementsa€? when they revealed that Battleword will be the a€?melting pota€? from which a new Marvel Universe will be formed.
As a result, Battleworld will be all that remains, and every world in Battleworld that were teased months earlier will play a role in the formation of the new Marvel Universe, with more to be announced. They should just rename themselves "#1 Comics" Because that's their bread and butter - #1 issues of already long-running and popular characters.
I'm not even saying they're bad comics per se, (I'm sure they'll be great) it's just so transparently manipulative it makes me nauseated a little.

The final incursion will take place, between the Marvel 616 universe and the Ultimate Marvel Universe.
Alonso makes clear that these are not a€?elseworldsa€? books, but integral to the very fabric of the a€?All-New Marvela€? post-Secret Wars. They've gotta have a formula on the wall and they just plug different characters into it: "AA gets new #1 issue. This is of course presuming that the entire Marvel Multiverse has collapsed, it could be the case that only part has collapsed. A When every issue is #1, #1's become worthless.You can't keep rebooting your whole universe, killing characters who don't stay dead, and undoing decades worth of continuity and expect long-term readers to stay interested.

I'd buy a lot of those #1s and keep on going with the ones I like, knowing I've never missed anything. And does NO ONE see Marvel drooling at the prospect of having ANOTHER Spider-Man #1 this year??

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linux classes online free

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