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If you’re the new IT manager or consultant on the block, one of the first things you should do in your IT organization is conduct an IT skills assessment. Failing to understand the “supply side” of IT support makes it impossible to manage your client’s expectations and achieve IT success. An IT employee skills inventory can be accomplished quickly and easily using a simple tool–an IT Employee Skills Matrix. This simple tool helps you quantify the skills you have and quickly identify the skill gaps that exist so you can prioritize training and education for your team. The tool is completely customizable to add any skill type you want to list as a need in your organization, from soft skills like communication or presentation skills to very specific technical skills like Cisco router configuration or Crystal Reports writing. If you have conducted an IT assessment, you should have gained a perspective as to how many resources you need for specific skills.
The Total Row at the bottom will keep a running total of the total number of people you have in place with each skill. Mike Sisco, ITBMC is an IT management trainer, consultant and President of MDE Enterprise, Inc.
I attended some Rotary leadership training yesterday and experienced a very powerful exercise relating to the difficulty of personal change. After multiple tries, the best we managed was that one end lurched way down and the other lifted way up! A recent McKinsey report talks about MQ ( along the same lines as IQ and Goleman’s EQ). The report goes on to talk about how people who really understand how their work has meaning are able to be much more productive. This morning I had a stimulating conversation with a person who had led an award winning hospitality business. When I go into a dress shop, I  dream of buying an outfit that magically makes me look divine….well! When I receive a business email, I have a small dream that the email  makes it clear what I have to do about it. When we were kids, my uncle used to play a trick on us while we sat at a meal: He would start scratching his nose, gradually we kids would start scratching too. How many people feel they are not managing to get past their first interview and make the short list of candidates for the role? I was talking recently to a senior person who had been interviewing a young woman for a new position. It does seem obvious to most of us that being prepared for an interview is important but don’t forget being totally in the zone during the interview is equally important if not more important as well.
And yet we so often read ,or experience, situations when caring seems to have been forgotten. Every Year around Christmas we start thinking about the new year and many of us make resolutions far too difficult to keep-especially if it is something that will break a long time habit e.g Not going to the gym ,or not eating sensibly! Well its Matariki now the Maori New Year and as it is in the middle of our very long wet and cold winter maybe its time to make some resolutions and call them choices. We all can make choices .Whether it is to take a breath and count to ten before we say things that are best not said. When planning a presentation, make sure you think about the mindset of the main group in your audience. A simple form of four quadrant behavioural style is a very practical way to look at four key different types of needs in an audience. DISC is a science and popular assessment type that is used to help you understand your behavioral preferences at work and home.

The level of each of these dimensions determines what DISC style you have.  Your style is often noted by whichever dimension you scored highest in, followed by any other dimensions that were above the energy line as well. Lastly, DISC differentiates itself from “personality assessments” further by delving into the interpersonal relationships side of behaviors. Since Marston’s work in the 30?s and 40?s several modern day companies and scientists have updated his methods and findings to fit with the current patterns and observations reflected in today’s work environment. A few pages detailing how you tend to behave naturally, what you bring to the job, and how you would choose to do the job.
A visual list of descriptors under each section of D,I,S, and C that describe how you solve problems, influence people, respond to the pace of environment, and rules and procedures set by others.
Identifies the specific talents and behavior you bring to the job.  Organizations can then develop a system to capitalize on the values the assessment taker brings to the team. A few charts showing how you naturally approach challenges, people, pace, and procedures when you are being yourself vs adapting to your environment. A helpful section on how to communicate best with this person, how not to communicate with this person, as well as tips this person can use to communicate with others.
How your behavior can be perceived by others when you are being yourself vs under pressure or stress. When I first applied to work for Balanced WorkLife they made me take an assessment that included DISC.
One of the first charts the assessment shows demonstrated how I was adapting my behavior to do my previous job. TTI Success Insights has been providing businesses and individuals the finest assessment tools and talent analytics for hiring, developing, and managing the best talent in the market for over 30 years. TTI has a network of over 7,000 distributors, of which Careertopia is one.  TTI spends their resources researching, testing, and validating their assessment tools, while distributors such as ourselves, help individuals and businesses connect with these tools to help them better understand themselves and others.
A key component of this discovery process, determining the capability and capacity of your IT staff, will tell you what your organization can do and how much it can do in terms of providing IT support.
I like to group them by function (Programmers, Help Desk, PC Techs, etc.) so I can focus on each group.
Work through each employee and put the number “1” in each cell reflecting he or she has the skill.
Each week, our "in-the-trenches" IT management experts will provide you with new management ideas, tips, and FREE TOOLS to help you do your job better and faster!
Unfortunately, each individual team member knew they had to keep their index fingers touching the dowel, so each of us must have lightly pressed up on the dowel to achieve that.
We  know we need to alter some habit, but we keep sliding back into touching the easy emotional dowel of our old behaviour. Big picture images, statistics and logical messages might be fine for the already converted, but to the individual employees  need real stories that they can relate to. He replied that in NZ tourism, everyone has a dream they are trying to live – after all,  noone comes here by accident!
There’s lots more to it than that, but this seems like a very productive starting point. In recent years, I’ve watched, at very close quarters, a relative make an exceptional recovery from a serious brain injury. Think about the most common type in your audience and prepare your presentation on the basis of their needs, not yours. If you are presenting to a group of farmers, many in the audience will be very task-focused and interested in the end point, not the journey along the way. However, we can all communicate in a way that suits the other types, but for some of the styles we need to really consciously think about it.  The key is to present in the way the audience wants.

This page will go over the science of DISC, what the report sections will cover, how to apply it to your career, and more.
Meaning, those trained in reading these tools can compare two contrasting DISC reports and predict rather accurately where conflict or harmony could arise.
Jung’s work on introversion and extroversion, as we know it today, helped pave the way for additional psychology regarding human behavior. Bill Bonnstetter, the developer of TTI’s popular DISC assessment is one of the most recognized contributors to this field and it’s his modern day DISC assessment that we use for our assessments. Even better, this assessment provides insight on where you have skills gaps so you can focus training or new hiring to address mission critical skill gaps. That darn piece of dowel kept going up and up and up, no matter how hard we tried to lower it. A sample of one, I know, but it has left me in awe at the complexity, multi-layeredness and sheer unexpectedness of the connections in the human brain. Sometimes you will know the personalities of the key decision makers and can use the right approach for them. Of course, not all of them will be like this, but this type will cover a fair proportion of the group. Because you can score within a wide range of numbers under each style, there’s a lot of depth to each individual’s score.
Using this insight, coaches can then help individuals or teams recognize these differences or similarities and turn them into assets. How much more of an advantage will you have over your competition if you can share your DISC report with your application showing you have both the hard and soft skills to succeed in the role?
Once you understand your boss’s work style on top of your own, you can make small tweaks that will impress them immensely.
One was in telecommunications – the company presenting to health professionals in rural environments. If they are right, our rapidly expanding knowledge of mirror neurons has very wide implications for understanding how social interaction happens – how we develop into socialised humans, how we can improve our communication, even possibly an understanding of the basis of civilisation itself.
On other occasions, certain types dominate in particular jobs – IT attracts analysis driven people, social work attracts people who are very focused on how people feel and so on. With such groups, give them the facts, get to the point quickly and give them room to make up their own minds. Marston expanded on these studies with a desire to explain how normal human emotions lead to behavioral differences among people as well as to changes in a person’s behavior from time to time.  And in addition, to take these behaviors of an individual and understand their implications in interpersonal relationships. A good job fit would show those bars in sync.  I would be working in a way that was natural to how I normally behave. Marston similarly to Jung, created a four dimension system for measuring a person’s behaviors.  His included the following. As you can see from my charts I was way out of sync and this was causing stress, burnout, and frustration.
The presenter could tap into an audience dream about understanding some important aspect of economics – now wouldn’t that be nice?

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