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Fully mapped to E2 Literacy (listening) and E2 Functional English (speaking, listening and communication). Fully mapped to Entry 2 Functional English (reading; speaking, listening and communication) and the adult literacy curriculum. Quizzes on pages 2 and 3 make good ice breakers and can also be used for SL&C discussion prompts.
This is followed by some dialogue using the situations in the story for practising pronunciation.
The worksheets and tasks include reading for information, preparing and practising an emergency phone call, speaking and writing about an emergency situation.
There is scope for plenty of lively discussion around the choices made and also about what the manager’s job entails.
A Power Point presentation is included as an example, but can also be printed out to use in some of the additional activities described. JOIN THE ESLgold COMMUNITY We will enter you into the drawing for the iPod on Dec 31st and add you to our monthly newsletter. JOIN THE ESLgold COMMUNITY We will enter you into the drawing for the iPod on December 31st, 2015 and add you to our monthly newsletter.
About the Course Gamification is the application of digital game design techniques to non-game contexts, such as business, education, and social impact challenges.

Slide 1: Used to give possible reasons why something happened or didna€™t happen in the past.
Each provides a transcript and written questions so they could also be used as reading comprehension exercises.
Page 1 is for reading practice (or for the tutor to read aloud to the students), page 2 can be chopped up and used as a re-ordering exercise.
Students can take turns in being a waiter or waitress and writing down orders and adding up the bill.
Can be used with food idioms list (link provided) to encourage dialogue writing and acting to aid retention.
The task aims to encourage learners to work in small groups to discuss what each phrase really means and therefore explore the different interpretations that other people have of them. I teach ELL students, so I also insist on keeping the given verb tense, because I want them working on past tense irregular verbs or a€“ed endings or a€“s endings in present tense. Music Pirates Text of Article Programs such as Napster and Gnutella allow you to download MP3 files from other people's hard drives without paying a penny to the artist or entertainment industry.
Through the use of a sequence of tenses in a sentence or in a paragraph, it is possible to indicate the complex temporal relationship of actions, events, and conditions There are many ways of categorising the twelve possible verb tenses.
Video games are the dominant entertainment form of modern times because they powerfully motivate behavior.

I believe the most important part of the first day is helping students feel comfortable and enthusiastic about attending school. Two worksheets have also been adapted as PPT slides which include audio files so that the jobs and instructions can be heard as well as read. In those examples, played passes its action to the object a€?basketball,a€? and climbed passes its action to the object a€?mountain.a€? In those examples, there are no objects after danced or slept, so the verbs are intransitive. Game mechanics can be applied outside the immersive environments of games themselves, to create engaging experiences as well as assign rewards and recognition.
MES reserves the right to terminate or make changes to this agreement for any reason and without notice.
Vocabulary in the form of phrasal verbs and expressions is practised in a gap-fill exercise. Companies use game thinking for employee motivation in human resources, team building, productivity enhancement, training, health and wellness, sustainability, and innovation.
Aha 2011 Hcp SkillsClasses there is similar to be played Advancedsuggested activities forОписание: A classroom-tested English course for adults and youngReading and writing skills 1.

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listening skills exercises free download 3gp

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