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That all sounds good, but what happens if you’ve literally heard it being told every few months over a period of 10 years and they are totally living in the past and you want them to push themselves and go for great new things for the future? Also try giving him newspaper clippings or forward emails about different jobs or activities he would be good at. You would think that listening skills would go hand in hand with the ability to hear, but they do not. Lorinda is a former dance instructor, and also a former guidance technician for the Cajon Valley Union School District.
Telling of stories or jokes a couple of times tend to be irritating but I never butt in in the middle of it.

My vision is in the coming years for the Senior Executive Team to take over the job of leading and growing the company and that the company become self-sustaining, at some point capable of prospering without my direct involvement.
This requires that I articulate the direction, the goals and then step back and allow others to sail the ship. A 2011 study in Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes showed that the more powerful the person, the more likely they were to dismiss advice.
If your mind is racing ahead of the speaker, try focusing on their tone, their facial expression, body language and posture; go deeper, attempt to sense any deeper intent, emotion, purpose or meta message behind the words being spoken.
In the words of Julian Treasure, an expert on conscious listening, there is a tendency to listen from “a kind of concrete bunker… built many years ago” of which we are not even conscious.

Indeed, most of what passes for listening is really just waiting for a break to jump in with our own 2 cents worth.

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listening skills pdf mp3

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