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However, there comes a time when the grammar needs to be put to one side and the real work of listening to a genuine conversation in Spanish needs to happen.
The truth of the matter, however, is that it isn’t as simple as you might have imagined.
Finally, the person puts them out of their misery by finishing what they were saying and the poor listener realises that they HAVEN’T HEARD A WORD THEY SAID.
Finally, the speaker comes to a close and you realise that YOU HAVEN?T HEARD A WORD THEY HAVE SAID. This combines nicely with the Shower technique in as much as when someone is talking to you in Spanish, you let the words wash over you whilst you adopt a blank kind of mentality.

When you are listening to something NEVER assume that if you cannot understand it the first time around you never will.
Remember: We have ONE MOUTH and TWO EARS and we should use them in that ratio when learning Spanish.
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If someone asked you to repeat word for word what someone has told you, you would find it very difficult. Over the years we have come across many people who do not know how to listen and have had to learn it as a skill.

You start to search your memory asking yourself where you heard it before, whilst all the time telling yourself that you should know it.
To know if you can understand something you must first listen to it THREE times as a minimum.
If you hear an unfamiliar word, you just let it go by and trust that your mind will fill in the gaps for you.

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listening skills test for toefl

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