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Last night I was having an amazing time at the Godsmack concert, the first one of their Oracle Tour. I had to turn down a business trip to Chicago in order to attend and was feeling guilty, but at the end everything worked out well at work and I had more than a good time. When I got home I was so high I had to meditate, almost like after amazing sex and not being able to move. To make matters worse, things happened at the office including my beloved, and felt unsupported again. I realized I needed time processing all of it, my day at work and my night alone, so I asked for alone time while making food and felt better. Although hea€?s quiet and awkward anywhere else, Super Juniora€?s Donghae shared that Super Junior-M Guesthouse is his favorite program, wherhe becomes filled with life.

This was what Super Juniora€?s Kangin had to say, when Donghae said, "I learned a lot about acting from Kangin. Always having his way with words, Epik Higha€?s Tablo brought us to tears once again with this statement.
SHINeea€?s Jonghyun shared his struggles of people believing what they want about himself, while he just wanted to be himself as he was.
After an amazing night of live music, I was flying high like if I had been smoking or shooting up something.
And looking back after I got home, the part that I enjoyed the most was being there alone, not scared, not afraid to enjoy the night.
Problem was that the mind took over and started to invade the body with depressive thoughts.

I worked up the courage to sneak to another section that got me closer to the stage, I couldn’t afford the pit, but had good seats.
I decided to then go to sleep and focused on the positive; however, this morning I woke up in hell. I enjoyed the music last night and now I can say I went to a rock concert alone when I wouldn’t even go to a movie by myself. I was there by myself for most of the concert because my beloved was unavailable to come with me.

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live in dreams high highs lyrics

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