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First released in 1960, a year after Barbie was introduced to America, the first Barbie dream house was little more than a glorified studio apartment made from cardboard. Since then, Barbie’s dream house has changed to match the times, growing larger and more pink.Still, one thing has remained the same in the more than 50 years Barbie has graced toy store shelves. Time Magazine went as far as to rank it among “History’s Best Toys.”“The dream house was the ultimate thing to own,” said Ohioan Ginger Schnecker.
More specifically, we started to wonder what a Barbie dream house would look like and how much it would cost in real life.Size Matters in Real EstateTo come up with an answer, we asked Movoto’s chief economist. Barbie’s dream house would have a 21-square-foot footprint.But this is only part of the story.

Barbie’s homes aren’t exactly known for their high ceilings.Nonetheless, this is only one way in which to figure out what a life-sized Barbie dream house would be worth. The other way is to find similar homes in an area and estimate.Barbie’s Almost Dream HouseThe bad news about trying to place a price tag on Barbie’s dream house is that the actual dream house, at least in the configuration it was produced with, probably doesn’t exist.
In fact, we think it would be safe to say that “Barbie’s Malibu Dreamhouse” would more likely be a dream condo.With this in mind, we located several properties that seemed to fit the spirit, if not the form, of Barbie’s dream house. We picked these properties based on the number of bedrooms and baths, as well as the location. If You’re From Chicago, You Need To See The End Result.1,306,054 viewsThis Insane Ohio Waterslide Is Called The Slip N Fly For A Reason.

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live in the dream house barbie

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