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Children and adults on holiday in Florida now have yet another amusement park to go to, following the opening of Barbie’s Dreamhouse Experience. The 10,000 square foot attraction has already generated quite a buzz, with young girls and adults alike all eager to live out their childhood fantasies. For guests of the Barbie house feeling they may have come underdressed, staff are on hand to glam up all visitors and help them achieve a full Barbie makeover.

It’s not just those in holiday in Florida who can enjoy a bit of plastic fever though - today Berlin opened the doors of its very own Barbie Dreamhouse. The full-sized version of Barbie’s Dreamhouse opened its doors to the public in South Florida yesterday.
The pink house also includes rooms full to the brim with Barbie dolls from all different eras, displaying the history of the Barbie doll.

However, the European version of the doll’s pink house has not been met with the same widespread approval as its American twin.

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live in the dreamhouse barbie full movie free

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