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Studies show that visitors who request website live chat assistance are three times more likely to make a purchase and have an average order value that is 35% higher.
Chatting live with a customer is a valuable method to cross-sell and upsell complementary products and services. Provide live support assistance for your website visitors when their interest levels are the highest. Shifting customer service from telephone to live chat can reduce operational costs significantly. Hybrid learning, which utilizes face-to-face teaching techniques with online aspects, including website live chat, is a rapidly growing sector in education.
Live chat can be an added convenience for students and their parents to acquire more information instantly. For public entities such as non-profit organizations, government agencies, clubs and groups, website live chat encourages communication and public feedback.
Every live chat interaction is logged and archived for future reference, reporting or training purposes.
Live chat is a neutral environment to exchange and gather information and can also be a great medium for introduction.

PHP Support Center is clean and minimal tickets and conversations management system .It have been crafted for real-world situations , You can create companies , customers , operators and departments .
Flat is a great wickedly cool theme that is modern, creative, professional looking but still very personal. The web is chaning every day and with Flat we are following the ‘Everybody has an identity style’-movement. Live chat provides a method for visitors to interact, gather information and provide feedback in real-time.
It is fast and powerful , customer can start conversation simply by entering details and click start and operators will be notified .
Operators have separate dashboard and can access functionalities which is assigned by department admin . You can create your own templates using mailchimp’s powerful editor use variables shown in documentation , then you can pair mailchimp templates to email templates so that next time emails use mailchimp templates instead of default . Complete system is based on permissions like if you assign tickets.create to operator then only he can create tickets . Users can login to there accounts and reply to existing tickets or create new tickets , tickets also supports attachments .

Types of blocking are block from accessing chat , block from creating tickets , block from login , full website blocking . Offer support by chat and decrease wait times and phone costs and above all: Keep your customer happy which will result in more sales. To easily customize emails we have also integrated mailchimp templating so you can pair plain emails to mailchimp designer . You can control each and everything using permissions from what users edit and what users can see . Not only does PHPLive Support provide you with a powerful support chat system it also has great marketing solutions integrated. We, from JaDoVe, are designing themes for PHPLive Support for several years and were the first 3rd party theme designer for OSI Codes PHP Live Support.

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live support php script

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