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Do you want to live life to the fullest, knowing you've given the world the best that's in you,?
The television personality and motivational speaker's guide was on PW 's audio bestseller list.
Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Now one of America's leading motivational speakers tells you how to make your life a great adventure, how to get past your doubts and fears and get on with realizing all your dreams!
Though he was raised in poverty and diagnosed as educably mentally retarded, Les Brown turned his "impossible dream" into an impressive reality — and so can you! Once labeled educationally mentally retarded, he has been a sanitation worker, disk jockey, activist, state legislator, and night club emcee. Mamie BrownWe called the few blocks that were my territory as a boy "The Alley" and they had an alley's nature.
Punctuated with anecdotes from his own experience, Live Your Dreams is filled with Les Brown's inspiring, practical advice on how to make it all happen for you. Through his ``Nine Principles of Life Enrichment,'' he proposes that anyone can succeed by stoking the fires of hunger for a dream.

Say "yes" to your life by saying "yes" to your dreams, by making them a living reality — and releasing all the greatness within you!A former disc jockey, state legislator, and community activist, Les Brown delivers his life-changing messages of personal growth at corporations and in private seminars. Brown's belief in our responsibility for our own success at times suggests a Pygmalion complex. Mamie Brown, tells the story about the time I was coming home from the grocery store with a big bag of rice and a can of kerosene and she heard the new neighbor yell to two of his own sons, "Jump on that boy and beat him up!"I think the neighbor had tired of watching his boys wrestle with each other so he decided they'd do better to tussle with me.When Mama heard the neighbor sic his boys on me, she rushed to the door.
Millions have seen him on his four PBS specials, which have broken fund-raising records across the country. You see, my mother had done a very thorough job of instilling in me the importance of preserving groceries at all costs when I went to the store for her.Mama had no husband and very little money.
She could not and did not tolerate wastefulness.I was not always an obedient son but through the effective use of a tree switch, Mama had taught me this particular lesson very well. And so, even though I was taking an awful whupping from those two boys, I held on to my Mama's groceries and tried to get a kick in now and then.But when my Mama came out and saw those boys all over me, she suspended the grocery-preservation rule. There comes a time when you have to drop your burdens in order to fight for yourself and your dreams.Many of us carry baggage from the past that hinders our ability to fight for the things we want in life, our goals, our dreams.
In fact, I still don't know their names or where they live, but not long ago, I learned just a few pieces of information about them.

I have never discussed the matter with Mama.For a long, long time, I hated my natural parents, even though I have no idea who they were.
Finally, I dropped that baggage though, after contemplating a quote from the philospher Kahlil Gibran, who said that our parents bring us into the world, but in the end, we are responsible for what we become. Mamie Brown.As a child and into adulthood, I had occasionally gone through the same inner questions that come to most who are adopted. I wondered what my father and mother looked like, what kind of people they were, if they thought about me.I never attempted to identify or locate my natural parents but one time a friend of mine who was adopted did, and he took me along for support.
Before you go, why not share these quotes with your friends using the share buttons below?What’s your favorite Les Brown quote? Dan is a young ambitious guy who has been researching self-development for the past two years and is now off travelling the world.

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