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We’ve partnered with Pulse of Miami Church and Christ Centered Church to help them launch here in our city.
Our online services and small groups reach thousands all around the world, even providing a place for our military stationed overseas to hear the word of God. We’re also sending 15 missionaries to places like South Asia and Europe through our partnership with the International Missions Board.
We’re excited about what the year holds, as we pursue God’s dream for us in this city and in our world.
Divine Custom HomesThe name of the stone is Canyon Creek Ledgestone from Brock White in St. We’re more determined than ever to accomplish it, and everything we do is with this dream in mind.
Recently, we’ve been receiving reports that soldiers have been gathering to worship at an international base, finding connection despite their different backgrounds.
Last year, we committed to helping solve this by preparing backpacks full of food to give to these children every week. They work with local churches to help meet the needs of the community, whether it’s training leaders theologically, spreading God’s love to trafficked women in the sex trade, or reaching the arts community in desperate need of Christ, and more. Last month, we launched the My Church Loves Miami initiative, taking our way of connecting with those in our neighborhoods to a new level.

Volunteers get together at different campuses and fill the bags, writing a letter of encouragement for each one.
Every year, we send out teams of short-term missionaries to help our international partners with various projects. Check out the 6 ways that we’re living the dream, and click on the links to find out how you can be a part of it with us. West Kendall blitzed their community, as volunteers came out to wash cars, invite people to church, and hand out water and dog treats at the local park. Palmetto Bay honored our firefighters, including the team of first responders who arrived at Pastor Rick’s house the night of his heart attack. For Spring Break alone, four trips are already planned, with anywhere between 15-25 people going on each one. Our Coral Gables campus worship band played a concert at the Coral Gables Art Museum for the closing of their exhibit. It may be a lot of things since of course, dream spaces pretty much change from time to time since we like something now, and maybe after three years, we do not like it anymore. Our Redland campus ministers to students in their community through programs like KIX and Alternative To Suspension. The designers of the 15 Dream Living Room Designs made sure to get what the clients wanted so that they can live the dreams that they have worked on building.

Here the low ceiling of the living room reinforces the horizon and the expanse of LA.Eagle RidgeGary Gladwish ArchitectureGladwish could have used one steel structural beam, but he used two so that access to the sliding doors became easier to manage. The crispness of this space is just remarkable.Monument Hides Cool Designin3interieurStreet-facing windows bring lots of light into the living room, where Vloertotaal Haarlem installed the smoked oak herringbone parquet floors with a tinge of whitewash as part of the renovation.
A hundred-year-old bed base from India serves as a coffee table.Neff ResidencePepe Calderin DesignThe room furniture choices are just superb! The list of photos we have above about the 15 Dream Living Room Designs, is a way for us to give you an idea as to what can be added on to those designs you already have. Some are a bit contemporary and modern and some with a touch of fun in them – of course, we have different ideas what our dream spaces are. Le the 15 Spectacular Trendy Living Room Designs give you an idea about the more modern designs our designer friends have. Part of that preparation is having an eye for good Architectural designs which you can see on her features in Home Design Lover.

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living a dream toledo bend

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