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Everyone has a dream home that they're building in their head, and I've been building mine on Pinterest for a few years now.
The simple, pleasing shape of a barn provides a big central room, the potential for high ceilings, and a much less expensive structure than a conventional house. The fireplace wants to be large, central, provide practical heat and make a statement at the same time. To make maximum use of space and provide lots of extra beds (for children or adults), I would build in bunk beds just like the picture above. I honestly don't know how I'd fit this into my barn fantasy, but I think it might be possible. I took this picture of a large elm table that I saw at High Point - Circa Imports - a few years ago. The center of this home is going to be a huge, long, narrow dining table which can comfortably seat two or twenty.
In this minimalist interior softness and warmth are super important, but need to be as elemental and rustic as the other materials, hence fur, faux fur and (best) wool pelts are going to be used liberally.
This is a new idea from the past year that intersects with the minimal black and white theme, but, again, I think it can work.
Maxwell left teaching in 2001 to start Apartment Therapy as a design business helping people to make their homes more beautiful, organized AND healthy.
When, in 2000, a less-than-integral boyfriend stole $27,000 from me (off my credit cards that I had in ample supply back then), we were reduced to bankruptcy and living on a meager $700 per month until I could get back on my feet. Then, out of the blue, came a crippling disability that landed me in the hospital several times and rendered me unable to work. So, after working for 35 years, paying taxes from each check, saving a little here and there where I could, I was unable to work for the first time in my life due to health concerns. Yet, even with a solid new career under my belt, a good j0b that provided enough for us to get by, and a fantastic network of friends, sleepless nights filled with worry were frequent.
My family still thinks me crazy for giving up a house for a rented 1 bedroom cottage that is so small you need to go outside to change your mind.
Hard times are upon us all ~ yes, even those in the top 2% who will never experience day to day month after month of poverty as we have. I guess all this ought to lead to a relevant point, as usual when I thought to reply I hadn’t come up with that little detail yet, knowing it would come to me eventually.
And thus I will offer that for the most part the leaders that will do us the most good in the long run are people like Dick Cheney. While I know the war is the wrong way to make an analogy in the polical climate of the Rag, it nonetheless has its point- just like the congressional district that elects a dead honest representative is going to get screwed out of a lot of federal contracts because their boy won’t play the game with the fat cats. Since it would be futile for me to take on your emotional rhetoric, I’ll challenge you on a factual point you asserted. Ah, you’d rather engage in the vague pursuit of moral posturing rather than confront that the facts you base your opinions (and morals) on might clearly be in error. My point toward your essay is this: Your rather noble position is afforded by the fact that you, as well as I, despite both of our places on the lower rungs of the economic totem pole in America, still are very fortunate to have been born in a nation of such relative prosperity and live within the top 2-3% of wealth of the world population. You believe that by saying that, because the war in Iraq was not strictly illegal that it is the same as saying it was moral. You are right that ‘criminals on that level are not stupid enough to commit crimes easily prosecuted’ but that does not absolve them of being criminals, nevertheless. The history of the Bush Administration has been to restructure the political, business and any other environment they could get their hands on for benefit of the few at the top, their friends, no doubt. It hard to ignore but, somehow, people with your ideas seems to be able to push aside ‘the facts’ when they don’t suit their arguments.
In the end you can all disagree with me on the larger issue but if I’ve caused you to review something that you assumed to be factual and was actually in error, we all win. The fact is the Iraq War was launched on the passing of a US law, that was the result of the Joint Resolution that both houses of Congress overwhelming approved. I think he’s going to ask you which of the ten commandments I was in violation of with my post.
Ten years in the making, this award-winning documentary was filmed during a remarkable nine journeys throughout Tibet, India and Nepal. I can go a lot of directions with this, all of them starting down a path of not seriously utilizing the American Democratic process to anyone’s advantage whatsoever. If my reply seems a bit contemptuous it’s actually trying very hard to be gracious as my reply which was entirely self composed and attempted to cover all the applicable issues, feels downright insulted by the rebuttal of a link to a movie about Tibet, which can only leave interpretation as being an obfuscation of issues too uncomfortable for you to address. The most distressing thing to me is that you’ll skip off into the sunset continuing to tell everyone who will listen that our actions in Iraq in 2003 were ILLEGAL, having refused a challenge to confront your factual inaccuracy- and the veterans of that conflict are negatively impacted by such denigration of their sacrifice, just as Vietnam vets were just for the sake of politics. Then we have the UN charter, which at no point precludes the ability for nations or agents acting on their behalf to provide for their self defense against agressors and those who place them under imminent threat, and that is the most relevant line of discussion. He and the UN were just peeved that the scam which had made a lot of people in the UN rich was coming to an end. But again since I am sure you agree with none of that then I simply ask that you cite the specific jurisdictional authority and its exact code you believe we were in violation of and I will be perfectly happy to further discuss the matter. You’ll not find a single lie within it nor anything proven to be false after the war.
Regarding WMD, no claim is made at the time of its draft, of any amount of WMD Saddam had in his possession, nor was there any requirement for any to be found and shown anyone after the war. Additionally they both shared several goals: To see America cut off from its interests in the ME, to see the Royal Family of Saud dethroned, and the destruction of Israel. Secondly he was moving to defeat us similarly to the way we defeated the Soviets in the Cold War- devalue our currency. Watching Saddam walk in and turn their country into a bloodbath would have been renegging on that agreement. That is the main reason I unwaveringly support the decision to remove Saddam, tho there are others. Note the preceding and following paragraphs, Frank, which frame that between 1991 and 1998.
That you have never before seen the text of the Joint Resolution, the sole document the government furnished detailing the “reasons to go to war” until I just showed it to you now? Yep, and Kuwait and KSA were attacked by Iraq and he threatened them right up until the invasion. Where I believe we differ is in your seeming acceptance of these actions as excusable because of who is doing them (oh so covertly and hidden in masses of paperwork, nearly impossible to prosecute I believe you said) and your belief that some of the amassed fortunes (stolen resources, imho, but lets not play word games right now) trickle down to those at the low end of the economic scale. 2) This particular movie shows an indigenous people wanting only to be left alone to live their peaceful, happy, content, religious lives. Ignoring another person’s birth rights by invading their country, taking their land by force, stealing, killing, and decimating whole cultures is exactly what these power hungry, greedy thugs do. It’s naive because you have been living in relative luxury but had the people elected your leaders 100 years ago you would have had a hard, cruel life by now. Bill Clinton thinks the way you do, that attitude is called Globalist-Socialist, and while Bill was accepting campaign contributions from Chinese nationals and selling seats for trade junkets Ron Brown was running to Beijing, and altering policies which allowed US corporations to close factories and transfer manufacturing to China, Bill was also fighting on the international stage for human rights for the PRC’s citizens. The result of all that plus NAFTA was the complete decimation of US manufacturing employment and an explosion in Chinese industrialization, the result opf which has created the economic situation that guy who created the original rant was complaining about. But anyway you just keep on believing that playing Mr Nice Guy is a policy philosophy we should pursue, that is your right and I’m glad those like you exist as a balance to the treachery.
I think you know I am not a conservative, Republican, nor rich, and nearly all my positions on domestic issues are most decidely left of center. So I started arguing about the coming war, then the war, then the occupation all over the internet. So while I believe Bush is the biggest idiot to hold the office ever, and his tenure was horrible against our future, if I pursue the truth I must continue to support the war. I used to have some pictures of it in the lot next to Oscar Mayer’s Weinermobile, and in front of the museum of man with a casket, but they got lost when a hard drive fried. For this layout, I painted the chipboard frames white and used Ranger holographic embossing powder on them - did the same along the edges of the page.  I used chalk ink on the chipboard letters and outlined them with the new Ranger white pen which is amazing!!! With so much time and effort dedicated to this particular type transaction, you’d assume that everyone was relatively educated about what a short sale real estate transaction is and if interested in selling,  whether they qualified to sell their property in this manner. The lender may ask the seller to sign a promissory note for the difference at closing as well. Any material misstatement, misrepresentation or omission (filtering of information) relied upon by the bank, their lenders or investors and used in the decision making process to approve the short sale transaction. The worst thing a home owner can do is to stick their head in the sand and not get involved immediately to help mitigate their situation.

First, home inventories are down; especially distressed properties in higher end neighborhoods located in prime school districts. Unlike activity from as recent as last year, foreclosures are flying off the books and I’ve even witnessed a few healthy bidding wars on several prime properties. Additionally, short sales, while still representing a healthy percentage of the homes available – seem to be spending less time on the market with sales prices creeping up ever so slightly.
Additionally, banks and lenders have begun to relax some of the elevated credit requirements put in place over the past several years as well as introduced and reintroduced some mortgage products and programs making it easier for prospective buyers to enter the market place once again. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, everyone is aware that home values have dropped significantly over the past 5 years reverting back to values seen prior to 2003-2004. Most Counties have a rather complex process for adjusting property values and hope they’ll wear you down in the process and give up. Unfortunately, the drop in revenues does not provide the County any incentive to make adjustments.
You only have 45 days to file a written appeal with your counties Board of Tax Assessors so don’t delay! I’ll apologize and will warn you in advance that this posting may sound more like a wild rant or some serious venting than an informative article of valid real estate information. I’m a businessman and I certainly understand that sometimes situations dictate that the cost of doing business necessitates a raise in prices for services and must be passed on to the consumer – But 49%?, forty-nine percent !
Something is wrong with a business’s pricing model or ethics for that matter when they have to raise rates 49% over the course of several years, let alone, one year. Right now, my perception is that it’s become no more than an involuntary tax on homeowners with not much option to avoid. First, if you haven’t already done so, get on the phone with your agent and go over your policy with a fine tooth comb.
If you haven’t already done so, look to see if combining home and auto coverage will make a considerable difference. Most important of all – File a complaint or forward your thoughts to the Georgia Insurance Commissioner’s office.
I’m generally interested in hearing some feedback on this subject so I look forward to hearing back from you all. Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives.C.
It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg.
Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil.
The real problem is not why some pious, humble, believing people suffer, but why some do not. The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of 60 minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is. I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else. If you read history you will find that the Christians who did most for the present world were precisely those who thought most of the next. Whether it ever gets built isn't the point anymore, as it's become a working repository of ideas that I love and which are slowly evolving. It should be easy to access and keep stoked, and lots of wood should be stored around it, adding to the sense of material surplus and affordable luxury.
The main thing is that the windows are large, with a slight industrial feeling and a crisp black frame that sets them off against the white interior. I've been finding really cool, deeply colored wallpaper that I love as an accent and a shot of color in the midst of the interior. They allow for plenty of great, low storage, a lovely surface for sitting, more storage or artwork and they are architectural COMFORT FOOD.
By the end of 2000 I was bankrupt financially, devastated by the death of my mom, on my own again with 7 year old son in tow, fully disabled, and recovering from a lamonectomy (low back surgery). Currently we do have too many in government raping and pillaging in their own backyard, that’s another thing we do have to curtail. If you disagree still and insist it was illegal then you should clearly be able to cite the law being broken. We are a nation of LAWS, you get it in writing or you don’t get it at all as my boss used to say.
Cheney’s foreign policy that included invading Iraq was not illegal, was not stealing, but it was shrewd and unpopular on the world stage because it benefitted us when others were poised to reap enormous gains- themselves engaged in clearly ILLEGAL activities to set themselves up for. You learn something you did not know before and I have gotten you to consider my talking point.
Did you find some obscure reference in the movie that gave you the opportunity to blame all the suffering of some fuzzy little birds in the region on the Dark Lord Dick Cheney? We were acting as agents in the defense of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, and had been doing so since 1990 when under UN mandate we repelled Iraq from Kuwait. And he was going to, as late as january 2003 he was making overtures indicating a full offensive into their territory. The real estate crash didn’t cause the depression, it was a symptom of the economic problems caused when we ceased having exports anyone in the world had a reason to buy- this was caused when we taught the Chinese how to make everything we used to make.
I increasingly found that those against it wanted to use less facts and as little truth as possible to support their positions. I think it was so easy to hate Bush it clouded people’s judgement on the issues and made you want to hate everything the boy shrub did. The small flowers are from the American Crafts chipboard letter set and I used paint and Glimmer Mist on them.
In today’s market, the reality is they still represent over 60% of all real estate transactions. Most lenders will consider a short sale if mortgage payments or property taxes are too significant for the seller to pay. Even if this does not happen, they do reserve the right to sue the seller for up to six years after the the closing date for the deficiency. Recently, that has changed, and there have been subtle signs that have become more evident over the past few months.
We have seen a substantial reduction in both short sales as well as foreclosure properties compared to the last few years and a stabilization in home prices as well. This has been especially evident with newer construction that builders have been unable to unload, complete with newer amenities and upgrades not often found at these prices.
I’ve been predicting that once prices fell to the insane point of dropping below the cost to build, the market would eventually stabilize and self correct.
Although I remain cautiously optimistic, it’s important to note that many of my observations are localized to specific areas and communities. The decrease varies from 13 – 34% depending on where you live and when you first purchased your current home.
Sales tax and property tax revenues are down across the board and County assessors are either reducing assessments begrudgingly or not at all without a fight. It’s worth the slight inconvenience, especially given the fact that failure to act can result in even higher Property Taxes. Accordingly, it’s also important to note that it would be physically impossible for the county to re-appraise every home each year without adequate resources. Professional appraisers find inaccurate information all the time on previous Tax Assessments so be relentless in your review.
Regardless, this subject needs some highlighting and attention; I’m just not certain yet what actions will help. I just opened my new Home Owners policy statement this morning and came very close to falling off my chair.
So I thought – we don’t live in a Hurricane Zone, not much chance of a devastating Earthquake hitting the area, mud-slides – wild fires, not likely. I may be over simplifying the problem and I’m sure I’ll be flamed by some of my insurance agent colleagues but my gut say’s no. Leave no stone unturned.  I’ve found that many companies have cut way back on things that were covered automatically before (like wind and hail damage for instance). With home values down considerably over the past few years, many families are still paying for coverage for what their home were worth at the height of the market, not what they’re worth today. In most cases it should, in fact, many insurance companies will ONLY cover you now if you combine both.

Many agents are now requiring this and know that a properly priced home will sell 50% faster.
If there is a discrepancy, the firm you hired should be in a position to argue any conflicting results and negotiate with the lender to adjust its own findings. The cost is very reasonable, it provides a host of advantages,  and most importantly, it provides a significant return on your investment. No subject seems to provide as much pleasure or stress all rolled into one as Real Estate does. It enriches the necessary competencies that daily life requires and provides; and in this respect, it irrigates the deserts that our lives have already become. I not only live each endless day in grief, but live each day thinking about living each day in grief.
It is since Christians have largely ceased to think of the other world that they have become so ineffective in this. No doctrine of that faith seems to me so spectral, so unreal as one that I have just successfully defended in a public debate. I see this house has been very stark and clean, but warmed up by rich dark colors, including black. In other words they're inviting and provide more opportunity to get comfortable within the home. Three years later with Certification in hand along with $14,000 in student loans, and several more hospital visits (with their bills ~ no insurance here) under my belt, I was once again equipped to return to the work force part-time only per doctors orders.
Only the bills that came in color were opened and paid (ah, those lovely shut off notices). It was all I needed to go home, put my less-than-new house on the market, and give up the American Dream of homeownership and pushing the rock uphill.
We’re happy that there are still towns like OB in this country where those who simply want to live a peaceful, playful existence can call home.
Food and toilet paper are still low on the priority list as medical bills now consume a good portion of our income.
Just as another person posted that Cheney and Bush should be arrested and prosecuted, for what? You have running potable water, you have access to medical care so your child does not die from simple diseases like diahrrea or diptheria. The dark secrets of Tibet’s recent past are powerfully chronicled through riveting personal stories and interviews, and a collection of undercover and archival images never before assembled in one film. Under cease fire conditions Saddam was personally signatory to, we entrusted the UN to have those conditions fulfilled in the interest of peace and security in the region, yet after 12 years of screwing around the UN had still not fulfilled those conditions and the situation was rapidly deteriorating.
If Congress and the American people were lied to about the reasons to go to war, then the war is based on falsehoods and illegal.
As he was about to have the Russians, French and Chinese showering him with cash, he would have the means to do so quickly.
And the more I researched about what Saddam was up to, the more reasons I found to support his removal. Often, both the seller and the lender will agree or consent to the short sale process  because if allows both parties to avoid foreclosure. If you haven’t given the subject much thought and trust your local county government, I’d be willing to bet my next commission check that the answer is definitely YES! This happens when the county adjusts or raises it’s millage rate to account for falling values. I’ve included the approximate distribution dates from various Atlanta area Counties below for your reference. Tornadoes – yes, but even then, spread out over a large area with isolated pockets of damage, I can’t imagine that having too devastating of an effect on a company’s bottom line.  This is the 2nd insurance issue I’ve had in the past year, the first was with my Auto coverage (not the same company and not something I want to re-hash), and please don’t get me started on health insurance for the self employed unless you really want an earful.
So, since this raises the overall cost of home ownership and adds one more layer of complexity to helping fix the housing market, let me focus my efforts on exactly what CAN be done to lower your costs? What, then, can God do in our interests but make 'our own life' less agreeable to us, and take away the plausible sources of false happiness? The main thing is that the width of the wood allows the floor not to be as visually cluttered and gives a calmer appearance.
14 years of fixing broken items, repairing near worn out parts, cutting the grass, and complying with ridiculous Homeowner Association rules and regulations.
That fateful February day, I was walking along the sand, thinking of everything and nothing and trying to figure out what to do with our lives, when I noticed some writing in the sand. You will find criminals on that level are not stupid enough to commit crimes easily prosecuted, the things they did do that were violations of law such as Cheney’s abuse of executive priviledge and warrantless wiretaps are so layered in the ambiguities of legislative paperwork they would be nearly impossible to prosecute anyway. I detailed some of that above, there were many things evolving by 2002 that were going to be disasterous to our interests. Using that talking point in an arena with mature and informed people well versed on foreign policy only reveals to them ignorance on the part of the person using it.
A definitive exploration of a legendary subject, TIBET: CRY OF THE SNOW LION is an epic story of courage and compassion.
As agents of Kuwait and KSA we were well within our rights under UN charter to resume hostilities to permanently resolve the situation.
Kissinger made a deal with the Saudis (detailed in that third world traveller piece) that is a fact, not a theory. I thought the bombs should have started on Saddam in April 2002, when he went on Al Jazeira and (obviously in response to our declaration of war on terrorism) announced he was increasing the rewards for suicide bombers to go into Jerusalem. This agreement however does not necessarily release the seller from the obligation to pay the remaining balance of the loan known as the deficiency.
Although it does not carry the same stigma or consequences as a Foreclosure or certain types of Bankruptcies, it’s still a default and WILL have a negative affect on the sellers credit.
If you were one of the lucky buyers to take advantage of perhaps a once in a lifetime opportunity – Congratulations!
The unemployment situation and economy as as whole must continue to improve but good news – any good news is a welcome relief.
Your best defense during the appeal process is to collect accurate and valid data to support your case. Subsequently as well, a few hours of “shopping” other insurance companies didn’t shed a happy ending on the story either. Just watch the news, or take a look at the explosion  in the number of Real Estate themed TV programming available today. 2 months later, house still in escrow, we were living in OB, renting a cottage that was more than 2x’s our mortgage payment, yet now out from under the burden of the American Nightmare. Jimmy Carter is a fine of an example as any, one of the great humanitarians of our lifetimes, yet he ran the country down the tubes in record time. Kofee Annon can blow all the hot air he wants about illegalities yet not one significant resolution went through the floor of the general assembly nor security council because his rhetoric was groundless. We owe the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Saud, an enormous debt, for almost all of our prosperity since 1973. Yet it is foolish to assume that the leaders of other nations would be equally well intentioned about this all.
A higher than normal occurrence of wind and hail damage in the area as well as the on-going reduction in revenues due to foreclosures etc. So Pollyanna sends her brother (who thinks like her) to the UN and in time other nations are walking all over us the way Germany rolled into France at the onset of WW2. I want to motivate and inspire others to use their stamp sets more and learn new techniques. It’s always important to find out what is happening in your local market vs listening to information on the national news that has nothing to do with where you live, work and play.
United Nations laws and other international law prohibit attacks by one country upon another without being attacked first or threatened.
The Bush invasion was not a continuation of some earlier policy, nor was it cited as a reason to attack.

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