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With all due respect to Gilda Radner's SNL character Emily Litella from the late 70's, I feel a need to weigh in on the current issue of same-sex marriage. I have found that gays and lesbians exhibit the same qualities as straight people, both good and bad. Many people hide their opposition to gay marriage behind religious beliefs when the real problem is the a€?yuck factor.a€? If the concept of same sex is so disgusting to some, how can others prefer it?

The parents of my son's partner moved in with them five or six years ago because the father had early Alzheimer's. One of man's greatest fears is of the unknown.A  I believe the reason that same-sex marriage is so quickly becoming openly acceptable is because more and more people are getting to know gay people. God is forever the same, but our understanding of Him is ever changing as we gain a greater understanding of the world.

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living our dream full movie

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