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So if the third step is about turning our will and our lives over to something greater than ourselves, oh, bubba, there are about a million and five things greater than us. In some recovery circles, the third step is boiled down to committing to finish the rest of the steps.
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The man with no name, facing the banditos alone, with nothing but his courage and his six-guns.

Most of the time I’m a frightened little man living a frightened little life, and yet, I overcome crippling fear every single day.
I had to admit that I couldn’t do it, other people could, and I would have to take direction. Simple things I can do, generally, but if I have to run the universe, well, I get overwhelmed. When I try and figure out what God wants me to be, what He wants me to do (capital H), what kind of cereal I should eat, I freeze up.

My Watership Down with mongooses and penguins is important, but first, my current work in progress that needs to be finished.
And I have to write my million-word epic literary fantasy about the penguin army fighting through a mongoose colony.

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living the dream photography

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