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Sarah is currently a character designer and background painter at Nickelodeon Animation Studios, where right now she’s working on the upcoming cartoon series Shimmer and Shine.
You’ve seen her work recently, though, as she was a visual development artist on the stunning animated feature film Book of Life from Reel FX.
Sarah’s painted art appears both in the film and a number of the promotional materials and product tie-ins.
Sarah graduated from Ringling College of Art + Design, where she received a BFA in Illustration.
We talk about Sarah’s education, influences, and how she transitioned from an early production coordinator gig at Reel FX into an artistic career. If you’re an artist trying to figure out how to translate your passion into some kind of career, here’s a great opportunity to learn how artists of many disciplines contribute to film and television animated productions.

Meet the N4AL FoundersNerd For A Living was co-founded in 2013 by Wendy and Adron Buske, a married team based in St.
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Along with her career in animation, she is also a freelance illustrator, primarily producing art for children’s books. Whether you’re an artist or an accountant, a developer or DIYer, N4AL provides tools and information to help you pursue and achieve those goals.
Wendy is an advertising professional who has worked with numerous notable, national clients. Both are passionate nerds who love comics, movies, gaming & many other assorted flavors of geekery.

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living the life book motorcycle guide

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