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The Liv and Maddie cast all came out to support Dove Cameron at the premiere of Descendants held at Walt Disney Studios on Friday night (July 24) in Burbank, Calif. Kali Rocha, Benjamin King, Tenzing Norgay Trainor, Jessica Marie Garcia, Emmy Buckner and Shelby Wulfert all hit the red carpet, joining Raini and Rico Rodriguez and The Good Dinosaur’s Raymond Ochoa. Maybe Austin needs to take dance lessons from Ally and Becky G, because from the looks of it, they are killing it on stage in these stills from Austin & Ally!
Raini Rodriguez Just Turned 22 & Got The Sweetest Birthday Messages Ever - Read Them All Here! We don’t know about you, but JJJ is still celebrating Raini Rodriguez‘ birthday!
The Austin & Ally actress turned 22 on Wednesday (July 1) and got some sweet birthday messages all over social media from fans, family and friends. Raini Rodriguez just wrote the best Tumblr post ever about female empowerment and positivity. After recieving an anonymous message on her official blog, the 21-year-old Austin & Ally actress replied back with a great letter about not letting what you look like define who you are.
Raini added, “I was raised in a house of nothing but boys so I was raised to have the mentally [mentality] that I can do anything because I just can. Austin Dresses Up As A Dinosaur & Jimmy Starr Returns On 'Austin & Ally' Tonight!
Please tell us our eyes are deceiving us — is that Jimmy Starr in a dinosaur costume on Austin & Ally?! Meanwhile, back at the A&A Music Factory, Ally (Laura Marano) mentors a student (Skylar Stecker) with stage fright.
Have you ever had a dream so strong that you spent your waking hours toiling away as if there were no tomorrow, as if today was all you had? Have you known a dream so alive inside your every cell that you were afraid to fall asleep lest you do not wake up feeling the same way?
Have you had a dream so firmly grounded in your mind and so permanently tugged at your heart that it was simply impossible to abandon it, even against the worst odds? If you thought you had a dream but these questions did not resonate with you, don’t lose heart! Your dream could just be dormant, sleeping under the surface waiting desperately to wake up. My dreams, I shoved down so deep and so harshly for so many years that it is a miracle they did not abandon me in the way I abandoned them. In the mad rush of life, tune out the world if only for an hour or a day and listen to your heart. Why is the concept of hard work over a long period of time so absent when we look at our role models?
Choose not to do it, fine, but stop judging your own abilities because you have no idea of how far and how high you are capable until you reach the very edge of your true potential.
Do not wait until you have reached the desperation stage and until opportunity has stopped knocking.
Let them call you restless, agitated, unrealistic, ambitious, radical, too demanding of life and just plain crazy. I will give up my dreams the day that a mother gives up her child, the day that the lonely man across the street gives up his only companion, his dog, and the day that a tiger willingly gives up his little cub. This is exactly why I decided to document my journey to the public because if I am successful, I want people to see a journey and not just the destination.
What I’m learning so far is that any transition in life is more mental than physical. ItA?s one thing to be unaware of your true potential, but the most frustrating is to be aware of it but not getting it out. YouA?re so right Farnoosh about the role models and that reaching their position is the end of a long journey.
My dreams unfold every day in ways that surprise me Farnoosh because once, when my life seemed over and done, I dared to dream that it wasn’t.
Farnoosh, the level of detail you provided in this post in terms of covering all angles is truly inspiring on many levels.
Hello dear David, I went into some detail and had to stop myself from going even more deeply but so glad it was useful. Dear Vic, I hope Gina Marie (I think the last name is misspelled, I double checked with he) comes back to read your powerful words because I could not have said it better. This really opened my eyes I really didn’t realize how invasive I was being, thank you so much for making me aware of that. You *WILL* be successful – more successful since taking that first step in following your dreams, now that is huge success in itself.

It is true that when we look at successful people, we may instinctively think we cannot be that way. My dear Vizier, what can I add to this complete story where you paint a picture of the future self for us and make us imagine how we feel because we did not pursue our dreams. Thank you so so much for your thoughts which are a mini-post in themselves, so prolific and so rich, and for being brave with that dream, Irving. Dear Miss P, I added education particularly for myself because my education did not do anything but to stifle my real dreams, although I suppose I am grateful I did it.
I will quote the saying of a philosopher that a dream is not which you see while sleeping but a dream is that due to which you cant sleep.
I am such a firm believer in following your heart, which means never giving up your dreams. Thank goodness for strong, passionate women like you who aren’t afraid to relentlessly pursue their dreams! Hi Adrienne, how nice to see you here and how lovely that our energies and our focus now is in such synchronicity! You are very sweet to put me in front of that scary trail but I think I am truly done being afraid and I am more than happy to lead the trail, darling, so long as you follow.
Jackie, amen again my dear, and I checked your site after you mention your brave courageous act today of leaving your corporate job at such a young age.
You’ve nailed the exact terminology here, you need to guard your dreams against negativity, from yourself and from others.
I wish I could remember the exact moment when I realized how energy-draining being negative was, but alas I cannot.
All I know is that now, when someone tells me some idea that I initially think will never work, I stop myself, then I try to find some way to actually MAKE it work, and help people overcome what sometimes turn out to be trivial, easily overcome obstacles.
Farnoosh darling, this is the best post I have read on following through with your dreams in a long long time.
Zeenat my darling, thank you for being my true vote of confidence and I am so happy the post was inspirational AND useful, I was going for both. Aileen, thank you, you are so sweet and such a huge supporter even when I write brazen stuff like this. True listening somehow fills you with hope and energy to make your dreams comes true and I think this is THE defining factor. If you can’t live out your dreams today, be free to dream it everyday, in the hope that each new day will bring you a little closer to that reality. Dear Lynn, how nice to see you and thank you for quoting the phrase that started the blog post in my head (and as usual, in the shower ;), go figure!). I am so happy that you take your dreams as seriously and I am sure hold on to them as fiercely as it seems to me from this lovely comment. Evelyn, the best thoughts come from readers who needed what was here at the time they read it so you have made me very happy.
Dear Tariq and Shaheera, welcome to prolific living and on such a great topic you choose your entrance: pursuit of our dreams.
This whole post resonated deeply with me but those words… those words just described one of my biggest fears in life. Negar, remember that and don’t let others influence or stop you from doing exactly what you want now and not 10 years from now.
I have just awaking it, realizing that I kept going around not daring to believe in my capacity to make it a reality. Nudge them, whisper to them, tell them your deepest desires and make them your ally in life. You must guard your dreams in this jaded world of countless excuses and tiresome conventions. It could be to create the most effective training program for the Alaskan huskies or to document the entire history of your generation. You are not invincible, you too will age and wither with time and if you do not burn that candle brightly now, you will age with regret rather than with grace.
Next time someone asks you to give up your dream, ask them to consider giving up their children first. You have to build a positive mindset just as much if not harder than building a particular skill. My decision to leave college to pursue my dream has caused others to look at me and think I’m a fool. You just have to have a strong belief in your capabalities and keep moving and then one day it will happen.
But it doesnA?t end there because when you have reached a dream life moves on and you have to follow it.

We just have to let them flow and stop holding them hostage to conditions and circumstances. Vic, thank you for the coaching both for me and GinaMarie and whoever else needed to hear exactly that phrase from you! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I am so intrigued by woodworking after woodchat the other night. I know how you feel and what it must have taken to create your site and all that revolves around it. The photo is from Las Vegas, it is just one of the countless beautiful lighting features in the hotels and I took it with my fast lens on Canon 50D. I actually used to BE one of those people who would immediately bring up a negative counterpoint whenever someone would tell me of some plan or dream. I loved your last statement, “I will give up my dreams the day that a mother gives up her child, the day that the lonely man across the street gives up his only companion, his dog, and the day that a tiger willingly gives up his little cub. We’ve only started to pursue our dreams recently and there has been some resistance from family and friends. If they understand that you really want this for your happiness, they usually come around if you explain to them in such a way that they see the meaning for you.
Whether you’re a short Latina with crazy curly hair and chubby cheeks or a super tall girl with beautiful blue eyes.
It could be to teach your child a foreign language or to train your parrot to learn the latest tricks.
And next time someone dares tell you that you cannot reach your dream, tell them that their problem with your dream is none of your business.
We can all accomplish amazing things, but only if we pursue them in a logical and realistic way. Keep at it and fail all you want and get that out of the way so you make room for mad success. Well, I would *not* do it the same if I went back and that means it was just not the right place for me.
I just posted on Facebook that the real way to get up at 4:30am is to get a dream in your head. If we think of our dreams as wonderful adventures, we might be less likely to forget about them. I think that for many people, by the time they reach adulthood and start having to work every day, it’s easy to let the dreams slip away. Finding it, defining it, knowing it to be true, yes, those are the hardest and once we do start working and getting in that zone, time slips away and with it, our dreams. And calling me a stranger will not work all the time so come up with a new tactic, buddy ;)! Stay on top of your game and continue that abundance of peace and wonder that you sprinkle everywhere. So it was really great to read the part about just telling them to deal with it because they have NO idea how it’ll feel to live with regrets. If your lifestyle does not suit your dream, well, consider changing your lifestyle first before changing your dream.
You made a series of excellent points and together they create a nice little map for turning dreams into reality. I spent 6 years bouncing from school to school racking up debt and never getting degree because I never really wanted to go to college.
And yes, glad you see the point of us being the ones experiencing that bitter taste of regret if we don’t pursue what we want. Never for one second think you can’t fit into society because you don’t look or act the way everyone else does,” she wrote. And boy do I wish had done what you did when I was younger and hating life and not knowing why (now I know why).
I can’t count the number of times I have ruined something with a negative thought but no more.
So here’s hoping we can reverse the trends and get everyone to hold on to those dreams. Yesterday was my last day at my corporate job and I’m pursuing my dream of owning my own health and life coaching business! But when my kids came along, I knew I didn’t want to be on the road away from them all the time.

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