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Exceptional Career Opportunities Abound in the Trucking, Railroad, Intermodal and Air Freight industries.
Manage, plan, direct and coordinate transportation services for companies involved with domestic and international transportation, warehousing, purchasing and materials control.
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The logistics industry is thriving and the employment opportunities and growth possibilities are endless.  A degree in logistics is one of the most popular degrees among the ambitious business professionals today.
We have put together the top 5 reasons why a degree in logistics is the best decision you could be making in investing in your future. However if you do have an advanced logistics degree, the chances are good that you could qualify for leadership positions.  A bachelor’s logistics degree will get you in the door faster, and have you off to a great start in the logistics industry.

Planner or analyst – responsible for gathering data, recognising problems and developing proposals which will support the management of a supply chain. Buyer – identifies sources of supply, assessing and choosing suppliers, negotiating contracts, and keeping good relations with suppliers. Inventory specialist – responsible for stock quality and accuracy, monitors stock flow, works on the location of the stock and order picking strategies to improve work flow and labour efficiency in distribution facilities. Materials planner – coordinates with purchasing, manufacturing, and supplier to guarantee reliable, cost efficient delivery of the materials. With experiences in building and managing globally diversified management and investment strategies, we provide our clients with a unique and high-quality pool of talent and advice. Our full services portfolio combines business and IT services with knowledge-based services such as Consulting and Business Process Outsourcing.

We experience in planning and execution in all type of projects in Taiwan, China, Singapore and whole Asia. This enables us to provide integrated solutions that help you recognize value quickly by reducing costs and improving business agility.
Our clients across the world have achieved significant business results from our world-class IT services and business solutions!

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logistics management degree georgia

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