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Kathryn buys home lottery tickets several times a year, partly because she wants to contribute to charitable causes.
The Lottery's contributions to the General Fund help to pay for vital state services that would otherwise require funding through additional tax dollars.
The Lottery returns the largest share of its ticket proceeds (50% or more) to winning players in the form of prizes.
As required by law, 30% or more of all Lottery ticket revenue is contributed to the General Fund to help pay for state services. Approximately 10% of Lottery ticket revenue is paid in commissions and bonuses to the over 550 participating traditional Delaware Lottery Retailers, business operators throughout the state who are licensed to sell Lottery tickets. The smallest amount, less than 5% of Lottery On-Line Drawing and Instant Game sales, pays for the administrative expenses of operating the Lottery Office and promoting the traditional games.
The Delaware Lottery Mission To maximize revenue contributions to the State's General Fund, thereby helping to fund the delivery of governmental services to the people of Delaware. We will do this through the marketing, sale and distribution of innovative, entertaining and secure Lottery products that ensure the public's confidence in the integrity of the games, Retailers, Agents and Lottery operations. We will do this by providing leadership and a corporate culture that encourages productive change leading to improvement in every aspect of the business.

It's the Law — You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase Delaware Lottery tickets. You must be 21 years of age or older to play Video Lottery, Sports Lottery, Table Games and Internet Games.
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Hea€™s been looking for a job and recently came across an advertisement for an apprentice electrician that specified job applicants had to be Canadian citizens.
Since 1975, more than $4.6 billion has been transferred to the General Fund from Lottery proceeds. That's why all of us — everyone who lives in, works in or visits Delaware — are winners with the Lottery! It conducts market research, pays salaries to employees and offers commissions and bonuses to the licensed Retailers who sell Lottery tickets throughout the state.
Part of this money also pays for the cost of producing Instant Game tickets and operating the computer system used to sell On-Line Drawing game tickets.
Home lotteries that gross more than $250,000 are considered raffles by the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch, and that means there is no limit on expenses.

In fiscal year 2015, the Lottery's contribution was $202.26 million, making it the state's fourth-largest revenue generator. The GPEB tells us, on average, 38 per cent of home lottery money is spent on prizes, 35 per cent goes to expenses and 27 per cent goes to the charities. The Human Rights Coalition says you cana€™t be refused employment because youa€™re not from here.
Pepper, told us the situation is rare but does occur from time to time despite equipment that can detect or reject under-filled bottles and cans. It doesna€™t matter whether there was intent by the company to discriminate, the Human Rights Code says you cana€™t restrict the applicants based on citizenship.
The company says the cans likely sustained a pin leak after being filled and they emptied on the way out of the factory.

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lottery money goes to bills

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