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We have written repeatedly about how hospitals and emergency rooms are seeing more and more cases of accidental marijuana ingestion by children. Because marijuana edibles often look like normal snack food, children mistake them as harmless. Marijuana is now legal for either recreational or medical use in 24 states and the District of Columbia.
Another issue we have highlighted before is the dangerous method many marijuana users employ to extract marijuana’s active ingredients.
Situations like this one are particularly dangerous for apartment dwellers; in November of 2013 Seattle news outlets reported an elderly Washington resident was killed after a neighbor’s apartment exploded as a result of a hash oil operation. This week Family Council joined pro-family organizations around the country in urging Congress to take decisive action against this federal overreach. According to news sources, a Washington man has pleaded guilty to giving his 4-year-old daughter a piece of chocolate cake infused with marijuana. May, 2016: Hospitals in Colorado report a spike in the number of newborns born with marijuana in their systems.
March, 2015: Four high school students were hospitalized after eating brownies laced with marijuana hash oil. December, 2014: A high school teacher in Maryland was hospitalized after a student gave her a brownie containing marijuana.
December, 2014: Two middle school students in Oklahoma were rushed to the hospital after one of them reportedly passed out following marijuana-use at school.
November, 2014: A Connecticut teen was taken to the hospital from school after she started having difficulty breathing following ingestion of a marijuana-laced gummy bear.
June, 2014: According to The Aspen Times, a seven-year-old girl was taken to the hospital after eating marijuana-laced candy her mother brought home from work at an area hotel. In between all of this, federal officials also have been stumping in favor of gay and transgender activists at school graduations. And we see this gap [between what laws guarantee and what people experience] in efforts to deny LGBTI individuals – especially transgender men and women – the respect they deserve and the protection our laws guarantee.  And let me add this – efforts like House Bill 2 in North Carolina [requiring people to use  public restrooms corresponding to the sex listed on their birth certificates] not only violate the laws that govern our nation, but also the values that define us as a people. In the eyes of this administration letting people use the restroom of their choice is not some minor issue; it is a civil right. The guidelines have been greeted by vocal opposition–especially in Arkansas, where congressional delegates, the governor and attorney general, and state legislators have come out against the guidelines. Section 1557 is a portion of Obamacare, which Congress passed in 2009. Section 1557 prevents hospitals and similar facilities from discriminating against patients on the basis of sex, among other things. Just like the federal Department of Education unilaterally reinterpreted Title IX with its school guidelines, DHHS unilaterally reinterpreted Obamacare Section 1557. So what does this mean? Well, aside from being a radical reinterpretation of federal law, the rules threaten religious liberty. In other words, hospitals that do not offer sex-change surgery, hormone therapies, and so on for individuals who disagree with their biological sex may be penalized–and risk forfeiting any federal funding.
By contrast, when Congress passed Title IX in 1972 prohibiting discrimination in education on the basis of sex, Congress made sure to include a religious exemption as part of the law itself.
Synopsis: On Friday, May 13, the Obama Administration’s federal Department of Education and federal Department of Justice jointly issued a set of guidelines reinterpreting federal law for schools that receive public funds—like K-12 public schools and many colleges and universities. A 27-year-old Oregon man has been sentenced to 4 years in jail for striking and killing a pedestrian shortly after smoking marijuana. According to news sources, the driver in question will be eligible for release from jail with good behavior in just a little over three years. I want to take a moment to highlight the fact that, among many others, Governor Asa Hutchinson and Attorney General Leslie Rutledge are standing up against the Obama Administration’s radical reinterpretation of federal law. Last week Attorney General Leslie Rutledge’s office appealed a federal court order blocking a good, pro-life law the Arkansas Legislature passed last year.
The law was set to go into effect on January 1, but Planned Parenthood filed a lawsuit against the state last December to block its enforcement. The law requires doctors performing abortions with drugs like RU-486 to follow FDA protocols. It also requires abortion clinics performing drug-induced abortions to contract with a local physician who has admitting privileges at a local hospital to handle any complications arising from the abortion.
As we have written time and again, this is a good, commonsense, pro-life law that protects women and unborn children from dangerous abortion practices. Today our friends at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview have put together a solid commentary on the new guidelines and their implications.
Schools that fail to comply with this edict from on high are, the officials announced, in violation of Title IX, the federal sexual anti-discrimination act, and would therefore—you guessed it—risk losing federal funding. The guidelines indicate schools that do not let individuals use the sex-specific facilities of their choice will lose public funding.
In other words, if a biological male who claims to be female wants to use the girls’ locker room, the school cannot stop him. This is a ridiculous, unnecessary reinterpretation of federal law from the Obama Administration. It puts students at risk and infringes their privacy. These are terrible guidelines that negatively affect every public school in America and their students.
Even though it’s only May, atheists from Wisconsin are working to prevent a Kentucky town from displaying a Nativity scene this Christmas.
The Freedom From Religion Foundation wrote this week that it has received word Walton, Kentucky, will not be putting a Nativity scene on City Hall property this year, after receiving complaints from the group.
Just because property is public doesn’t mean Nativity scenes and similar Christmas decorations are off-limits, as courts have affirmed and reaffirmed through the years. And as other courts have noted, the government does not have to put up an anti-Christmas decoration alongside a Christmas decoration in order to comply with the Constitution. Police in Illinois reported recently that three teens brought marijuana-laced food to their high school. The national lottery has always promised that a portion of the profits from ticket sales goes straight back into UK good causes. More than ?26bn has been distributed to good causes through the national lottery, which donates 28p to charity for each ?1 ticket sold, since its launch.
Poplar and Limehouse, boosted by a large grant for the Olympics aquatic centre, has received more than ?34m in lottery grants in 2011 – 10,000 times more than the ?3,488 awarded so far this year to the Essex constituency of Rayleigh and Wickford. A famous Wired Magazine article profiled Mohan Srivastava, a geological statistician living in Toronto, who essentially cracked the system and was able to identify winning tickets with 90 percent accuracy just by looking at the numbers on the visible tic-tac-toe grid.
Creating impregnable lottery scratch-off tickets is extremely difficult, if not impossible believes Srivastava.
The history of state-run scratch-off lotteries is filled with multiple winners who either have beaten incredible odds or who have likely gamed the system. A weekly report of strategies and tips for winning the lottery, plus an analysis of what numbers are overdue and best combinations you should pick.
The new NASCAR-licensed computer products will incorporate a desktop PC model, a notebook PC model and two LCD monitors. The officially-licensed NASCAR PC products will be on display as a "Sneak Preview" at the upcoming NASCAR Busch Series and NEXTEL Cup Series races at the California Speedway, Sept. Ruhlman, who will start fourth tomorrow, suffered a mechanical failure during second-round practice and just made the start of the qualifying session. Gurneya€™s lap came just before the checkered flag was displayed to end the qualifying session, which was halted eight minutes early as the right side of the No. As the qualifying session was already underway, the SunTrust team must repair the car if Angelelli and Taylor are to defend their points lead. Back at the front of the grid, Gurney will start from the pole for the second time in his five career Rolex Series races. Matteo Bobbi made it four different engine manufacturers in the top five starting positions by placing the No. The promising, young Mexican racer has run well on street circuits this season in the Toyota Atlantic Championship Presented by Yokohama, but consistent speed on road courses has somehow eluded the rookie and his first-year team. The effort marked the first time that Martinez has led a qualifying session this season and hea€™ll try to back up that effort as he strives for his first series pole position in the final round of qualifying on Saturday.
Polestara€™s other top racing rookie, Katherine Legge (#12 PKV Racing), ran well in her first racing experience at Montreal. It should be noted that the IRL's most popular driver, and for which the IRL is basing the majority of their PR on, Danica Patrick, was again way down in 17th place a whopping 3 seconds off the top time set by Briscoe.
For Simmons, the thought of abandoning his open-wheel aspirations to look in the direction of stock cars isn't pleasant, but it's something he realizes could be the only way to continue progressing. Scott shows speed for Team USAA Scott shows speed for Team USAAmerican Scott Speed continued to enhance his status as one of the top future talents for Formula One by leading both days of testing for the new A1 Grand Prix series. A1 Grand Prix, described as the "World Cup of motorsport," will open its inaugural 12-race season Sept. Drivers will compete on road circuits in open-wheel Lola chassis with a 520-horsepower Zytek engine. The strong performance by GP2 Series title contender Speed in the Team USA car enabled him to top such notable drivers as GP2 rivals Alex Premat (France), Nelson Piquet Jr. Red Bull Driver Search winner Speed is third in the point standings for the GP2 Series, considered to be the final stepping-stone to Formula One. While Speed has not been officially named as a driver for Team USA in A1 Grand Prix, he is expected to be one of the team's two drivers after his strong performance in testing. The team has concluded its enquiry into the tire incidents in Turkey, determining as far as possible that a set of conditions spanning mechanical set-up, bodywork configuration and tire deflections caused the problems experienced at the last race. Sam Michael, Technical Director Director "Monza stands out from other circuits due to the fact that it is dominated by long straights, a couple of chicanes and four important corners, top speeds will also be the highest that wea€™ve seen all year.
Mario Theissen, BMW Motorsport Director "Monza is an outstanding circuit for engines and, as such, is always a very special Grand Prix for BMW.
Hunter-Reay's Lola Ford was sporting the new sponsor logos today in Montreal.A  Hunter-Reay crashed in practice and he never set a time in provisional qualifying as the team worked to make repairs. The Rocketsports team always has a backup plan should an incident occur during a race weekend to prepare the car to continue in competition, and Red Paw Systems, Inc. Red Paw Systems is a privately held corporation, located about sixty miles north of Denver in Fort Collins, Colorado.
Why NASCAR delays qualifying on TVA Why NASCAR delays qualifying on TVIn this week's "Ask the Producer" question, we deal with a popular inquiry. Jim Melhus wanted a way to raise awareness and money for the Homeward Animal Shelter, where he works as a dog trainer. Melhus donated a baseball signed by baseball greats Roger Maris, Mickey Mantle and Ken Hunt at Homewarda€™s annual Wags, Whiskers & Wine event Oct.
Maris now stands at seventh on the list, but the three players whoa€™ve hit more than 61 homers in a season a€“ Barry Bonds, McGwire and Sosa a€“ have all been implicated for steroid use.
Jim Savageau was Melhusa€™ boss at OK Tire, and he happened to be a friend of Marisa€™ from Shanley High School and was part of the golf tournamenta€™s inner circle. The tournament came to town and, as was always the case in the early days, there was much revelry among the former Yankees and their friends. Savageau showed up at OK Tire a morning after such revelry and spotted Melhus a fair distance away performing his job as a tire installer.
The signatures of Maris and Hunt have been authenticated by a sports memorabilia organization, which is very important to collectors.
Galen Heinle of Big Nicka€™s Sports Cards in West Acres Mall helped the shelter authenticate the ball and said it has great value. Homeward Animal Shelter hopes Marisa€™ popularity can help with its mission of rescuing, sheltering, protecting and finding homes for dogs and cats.
ESPN's announcement will come one day after North Dakota State football fans learned the network's "College GameDay" program did not choose Fargo. The following e-mail was sent to Minnesota State University Moorhead faculty and staff today. MSUM President Anne Blackhurst has named Doug Peters, Director of Athletics, to serve as Interim Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs. Blackhurst also announced interim administrative office realignments that will be reviewed during the coming months.
Drew Wrigleya€™s public confession of an extramarital affair seemed more like a staged political event than a genuine mea culpa, but what should we expect from a person whose political ambition seems to be outweighed only by his audacity?
North Dakotaa€™s lieutenant governor got caught with his pants down and his answer was not to throw himself on the mercy of the court and say a€?Ia€™m sorry,a€? but to seat his wife next to him and talk about prayer and faith and the couplea€™s pastor.
Yes, Drew Wrigley still really wants to be governor a€“ really, really, really wants to be governor a€“ and hea€™s doing what he can do to keep the dream alive. This little pothole in the road opened last week when a blogger named Jim Fuglie, a former leader of the Democratic-NPL Party in North Dakota, dropped word of Wrigleya€™s messy personal life and a€?indiscretionsa€? in a post predicting state attorney general Wayne Stenehjem would replace Jack Dalrymple as governor. Wrigley responded swiftly by issuing a handful of interviews with select legitimate media, and a sycophant right-wing blogger, in an attempt (in public-relations terminology) to control the message.
The lieutenant governora€™s adept handling of the nasty news, and North Dakota mediaa€™s lack of courage in insisting on more specifics or even offering tough commentary, seems to have worked. This limp reaction to Wrigleya€™s confession makes it likely hea€™s feeling confident about his ability to make a run at the Republican nomination and, in deeply red North Dakota, the governorship.
See, a real human being with real humility woulda€™ve issued a statement saying, a€?My wife and I are working through this very difficult time together.
Instead, Wrigley essentially held a press conference with his wife at his side and admitted hea€™s still mulling a run for governor. Ita€™s particularly interesting when you consider the leak about the affair is alleged to have come from Wrigleya€™s own side of the aisle. While Wrigley steadfastly refuses to give up on his dream of being governor, a run could be particularly nasty on his wife and family. Rumor has it Wrigley was carrying on with a married woman and the affair broke up her marriage. Somebody wearing such an obvious coating of veneer deserves to have it stripped away for the world to see.
Six anglers from Indiana have been cited for taking 676 sunfish and crappies over their limit from Upper Cormorant Lake in Becker County, Minn. Charges were filed late last week, according to Department of Natural Resources conservation officer Bill Landmark. If convicted, the anglers could face thousands of dollars in fines and revocation of fishing privileges for three years.
BOSTON -- It took an empty-net goal by Boston University star Jack Eichel to seal North Dakota's fate Thursday night in the Frozen Four. Boston U advanced to the NCAA Division I men's hockey title game with a 5-3 victory over UND, a closer victory than anybody saw coming when the Terriers were leading 4-1 with less than 6 minutes remaining. But the fact is the frantic finish can't hide the numbers: UND has failed to win a national championship in seven trips to the Frozen Four during coach Dave Hakstol's 11 seasons. The first is the one most UND fans, and more importantly the school's administration, choose: Hak's doing a great job by getting his team to the national semifinals on a regular basis.
The two coaches prior to Hakstol, Gino Gasparini and Dean Blais, won multiple national titles.
Hakstol said he was happy about 50 minutes of UND's play, but thought his team didn't manage the puck well in the game's first eight to 10 minutes.
He also lamented the lack of bounces his team got through most of the contest, until Troy Stecher used a misplay by Boston goalie Matt O'Connor to score a short-handed goal with 7:50 to cut BU's lead to 4-2. So UND fans are left talk about another one that got away, and how gritty their team was and how the officiating and bounces just didn't go their way.
But Hakstol continues to underachieve with a program that is the equivalent of the Boston Red Sox in college hockey. BOSTON -- North Dakota dropped two ugly games at the National Collegiate Hockey Conference tournament in Minneapolis in mid-March, losing to St.
Such chatter was quelled in a big way at the NCAA West Regional in Fargo a couple of weeks ago.
Questions for Hakstol and his players following UND's 4-1 victory over Quinnipiac in the regional semifinals naturally centered on "bouncing back" after such an awful showing in the NCHC tournament.
As Grand Forks Herald beat writer Brad Schlossman pointed out Wednesday in a discussion about the Frozen Four that will air on KFGO today, Hakstol nibbled around the edges of why UND played so poorly in the NCHC tournament. The narrative has definitely changed as UND readies to play Boston University on Thursday night in the national semifinals.
Hakstol has taken his share of arrows for Frozen Four disappointments -- and much of it is deserved after UND allowed Boston College to score seemingly at will in three straight semifinals matchups from 2006-08 -- but a year ago in Philadelphia was a different story. UND seems to have put talk of the late-season flop and the season-ending injury to Mark MacMillan and everything else behind it. It will be interesting to see how UND fans react should their team fall short of a national title again. That was the clear talking point of UND's postgame press conference: The page has been turned. I am solidly on the left side of the political ledger, but took a very cautious approach to the story.
The police report indicated a night of drinking, followed by arguing, followed by the throwing of objects and physical contact. If we learned anything from Baesler's situation it is that domestic ugliness infects even the relationships of the supposed high and mighty.
We also learned, again, that situations the media try to turn into black-and-white, right-and-wrong, this-is-the-way-it-is arguments rarely are. A peek inside a domestic situation is an uncomfortable look at reality, not a partisan argument. He'd just watched his very talented offensive team get steamrolled by a much, much better offensive team, 92-75 in the quarterfinals of the NCAA Division II tournament. The Knights finished the contest shooting 61 percent from the floor (37 of 61), which is outstanding for any basketball team.
But the most impressive player on the court was Whitehead, a 5-foot-9 scat back of a point guard who dominated both ends of the court against MSUM. Despite nearly getting run over at the end of the first half, the Dragons found themselves down just six points, 49-43, at halftime. The Knights won the Division II national title in 2011 and returned to the Elite Eight the next season.
Bellarmine's coach is Scott Davenport, who served as an assistant under Denny Crum and Rick Pitino at Louisville. Bellarmine was the subject of a lengthy New York Times article in January, focusing on their remarkable shooting and the practice drills Davenport uses. The mentality of everyone on the floor is, I may have a good shot, but theres always a chance to get a better one for someone else, junior forward George Suggs told the Times.
North Dakota State football fans are familiar with the type of stadium needed for a Major League Soccer franchise.
Toyota Stadium is a 20,500-seat open-air venue that is, by today's standards, functional without being outlandish. The stadium and surrounding complex (which includes several practice fields and in total covers 145 acres) were completed in 2005 at the cost of $80 million.
I'm passing along this information because Minnesota is now embroiled in a brewing MLS soccer stadium controversy. Because the franchise will not be awarded to the owner of the NFL's Minnesota Vikings, Zygi Wilf, the new team cannot play in the nearly $1 billion stadium being built in downtown Minneapolis.
So the owner of the MLS franchise, Bill McGuire, wants a new stadium in downtown Minneapolis. Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins, is being paid for, in part, by a sales tax in Hennepin County (Minneapolis and western suburbs). The immediate opposition to a soccer stadium is baffling, if for no other reason than this would be the financially least painful facility to build. The new Vikings stadium will cost an estimated $975 million, of which $498 million will be state and city tax dollars. So the state isn't willing to help fund a facility for a major-league soccer team, in a state in which tens of thousands of kids play soccer?

Earlier this month police say a New Mexico man caused an explosion when he lit a pipe to smoke marijuana, but accidentally ignited the butane gas police say he was using to extract hash oil. Across the country, accidental exposure to marijuana has become a major problem–especially among children. One student was actually found unresponsive in a school bathroom after eating a marijuana-laced brownie. Christy Peterson, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the Medical Center, Navicent Health, said the effects of marijuana are greater and more unpredictable on children than adults.
Hodges [which legalized same-sex marriage nationwide] – we have won these and so many other victories only because people of good will and moral conviction refused to stand aside when there was more to be done. Whether they are exempted from complying with that part of the rule will be up to the judge. This prevents, for example, a federal court from forcing seminaries belonging to denominations that do not ordain women to admit and ordain female seminarians.
By contrast, the Section 1557 rule not only reinterprets federal law, but it deliberately omits a religious exemption. The guidelines indicate that to continue receiving funds these schools must let biological males who claim to be female use the girls’ restrooms, locker rooms, showers, and similar facilities at school, and vice versa.
The Obama Administration’s federal Department of Education (DOE) and federal Department of Justice (DOJ) jointly issued a set of guidelines for schools receiving public funds. The guidelines are for schools that receive public funds and are affected by Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. Many experts say schools should protect student safety and privacy by disregarding these federal guidelines.
Title IX has been used to ensure schools provide girls’ sports as well as boys’ sports, and that girls as well as boys have ample opportunity to participate in interscholastic activities. Gender-identity is self-determined, so there is no way to prove a person who claims to disagree with his or her biological sex is being genuine. This radical and outrageous policy drastically expands the federal government’s role in our local schools and raises serious safety concerns for students and parents. Schools that comply with the new guidelines may face lawsuits from students and families in their districts–as we have already seen in Illinois. Supreme Court has ruled Nativity scenes on public property constitutional in the past. In Lynch v. Ginther, a former statistics professor, who had won four different multi-million dollar jackpots in Texas – three of which came from purchasing scratch-off lottery tickets. Advanced Car Control Techniques is the parent company of the New Driver Car Control Clinic, a six-hour program for teen drivers and their parents where students perform a series of exercises designed to help them learn how to use their eyes, hands and feet to identify obstructions and steer the vehicle away from them under heavy breaking. Unique to the line will be several "NASCAR PC Experience" features that complement the PC, including a NASCAR-themed desktop, NASCAR- themed icons, a NASCAR-themed Windows Media Player and free trial offers to a variety of NASCAR partner services. Graf, who has already clinched the Rookie of the Year title, now needs only to finish sixth or better in the No. Graf now has a 14-point lead in the Driversa€™ Championship, ahead of Ruhlman and he has the chance tomorrow to become the first German Driversa€™ Champion in Trans-Ama€™s 40-year history, as well as becoming the first rookie to win the title since Dorsey Schroeder in 1989. 10 SunTrust Pontiac Riley co-driven by Daytona Prototype points leaders Wayne Taylor and Max Angelelli burst into flames heading down the back straightaway of the 2.258-mile, 13-turn road circuit. Taylor qualified 11th prior to the fire, but will start from the rear of the grid as the team will need to change engines among its other repairs. The son of racing legend Dan Gurney also started from the inside of Row 1 for the Porsche 250 presented by Bradley Arant at Barber Motorsports Park last month. After apparently solving the puzzle with a solid third-place finish last week at the long and challenging Road America road course, Martinez continued to show his skills Friday, leading the opening-round of qualifying for the Molson Indy Montreal Atlantic race (tape-delayed broadcast on SPEED Channel a€“ Saturday, September 3 at 9 p.m.
11 Team 7-Eleven Honda-powered Dallara with Briscoe's teammates, Scott Dixon and IndyCar Series newcomer Giorgio Pantano were fourth and fifth, respectively in their Toyota-powered Panozes. I would spend another year trying to make it in open-wheel cars but there's virtually zero chance that I would do that in the Pro Series," Simmons said.
Officials from Red Bull Racing, the F1 team for which Speed served as third driver during the United States Grand Prix in June at Indianapolis, have indicated that Speed could race in A1 Grand Prix without interfering with any Red Bull F1 off-season testing commitments. With just one practice for the entire weekend, the team chose to pull out the back-up car and get as many practice laps as possible rather than make an attempt to fix the primary car.
Monza itself is possibly the most demanding in this regard, with the lowest levels of downforce all year combined with engines run at their limits. Although the car specification in this area had raced without incident in previous Grand Prix, a number of precautionary changes have been made to the car and engineers are confident the team will not experience a repeat of the problems. Ita€™s a very, very high speed circuit where we are looking for a maximum speed all the time. Set-up demands very low drag, in order to achieve this, we use specific front and rear wings unique to Monza. The cars are flat out for 69 percent of the lap, the highest full-throttle ratio of any Formula One circuit. Red Paw Systems is dedicated to the belief that small business owners have more important things to think about a€“ backups shouldn't be one of them.
Taking the long way through has slowed the cars by at least a second or more per lap.A  On top of that the track has concrete patches in some turns now and the concrete does not give the same level of traction as asphalt. On July 30, Champ Car and Atlantic officials proudly unveiled the designs for the new breed of Atlantic race cars. As we have written elsewhere, and as underscored by this three day test, Chinese drivers from mainland China are not ready for the big leagues of motorsports and if China wants to have a driver in F1 or Champ Car anytime soon, the driver will likely have to come from Hong Kong. Several users want to know why TNT has been showing Bud Pole Qualifying on a tape-delayed basis.
The category has been responsible for the career launch of over 90% of Formula 1 drivers since 1967. Each car has an identical chassis and engine placing the focus on driver ability to control the car, as no wings or slicks are added for extra help. Many still view Maris as the a€?truea€? record-holder because he did not use performancing-enhancing drugs.
This was the first year of the Roger Maris Celebrity Golf Tournament and an all-star lineup of ex-New York Yankees were in Fargo.
Chad Markuson, Associate Athletic Director, will assume additional responsibilities during Petersa€™ interim appointment. It is hard work looking contrite, but you do what you gotta do when the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is the governora€™s mansion.
Rumors of Wrigleya€™s wandering eye a€“ as well as other body parts a€“ had been swirling in political circles for some time, but Fuglie was the first to throw them out publicly.
There were certain limitations put on the interviews and Wrigley would not address specific details of the affair. Whether or not I run for governor is the last thing on my mind as we work to save our marriage of 17 years. He also said the affair did not have an effect on his current job, which he will not resign. The hot rumor is that Stenehjem supporters were calling media and bloggers to tip them off on Wrigleya€™s dalliances.
If indeed Stenehjema€™s supporters were trying to take him down this early, whata€™s to say they dona€™t have more dirt on the lieutenant governor? If Wrigley carried on with the other woman for, say, three years a€“ well, thata€™s a lot different than a one-time liaison. If true, the lieutenant governor would be what is known among the commoners as a a€?home-wrecker.a€? Ita€™s quite likely the husband (ex-husband?) of the other woman is quite aggrieved at this turn of affairs. He just wanted us all to know that he didna€™t break any governmental ethical codes and the affair didna€™t affect his job performance, so ita€™s all good. He entered Thursday's postgame press conference in his usual terse and defensive mood, and proceeded to tell the assembled media that he didn't want any questions about perspectives on the season. North Dakota State football fans, with the resources the school puts into the program and the tradition it has, wouldn't stand for 11 years without a national title.
There have been a number of memorable flops in the Frozen Four, fueling the "Fire Hak!" crowd.
Hakstol, in his usual terse manner, quelled such talk by saying his club "turned the page" after the trainwreck in the Twin Cities. Turns out, Schlossman has since learned, that UND's players and coaches were fighting a nasty bug that weekend that drained nearly everybody connected to the team, including strength coach Mark Poolman and team doctor Greg Greek.
A club many counted out prior to the regionals is now again viewed as a strong contender for the national title. UND played well in a semifinal against hated Minnesota, only to see the Gophers score with 0.6 seconds left to take a 2-1 victory. Hakstol said it several times and the UND players queried by the media -- Drake Caggiula, Troy Stecher and Tucker Poolman -- repeated it, too.
15 a juicy tidbit picked up by media in Bismarck, Fargo, Grand Forks and every other major city in North Dakota.
She countered with a statement saying "an argument escalated to the point where I was concerned for my safety. I said on my KFGO program, and wrote in a blog, that we should all just quiet down and let the process play itself out.
In an interview with Forum News Service, Baesler stuck by her story that she was just trying to get out of her fiance's home.
And, in the end, none of the witnesses provided much clarity other than agreeing nobody saw any of the thrown objects hit Tschosik, the alleged victim. Perhaps that is a good lesson to remember: Domestic violence isn't the exclusive domain of the poor, the minority population, the uneducated, the hourly workers, the regular people. To read Mike Nowatzki's report for Forum Communications is to be part of that awkward, uncomfortable moment that is part alcohol, part emotion, part fatigue, part violence, part jealousy, part rage and a dozen other things. Whether it was layups from Jake Thelen (12 of 16), 3-pointers from Rusty Troutman (3 of 3) or driving bankshots from the ultra-talented Chris Whitehead (8 of 13), Bellarmine simply had too many weapons for the Dragons. He was shooting 67 percent for the season coming into the contest, and shot 74 percent last year. Whitehead was essentially unguardable with his quickness off the dribble and when he wasn't scoring an easy layup, he was zipping a pass to Thelen or Josh Derksen for an open jump shot.
As MSUM's Tyler Vaughan said after the game, "If you give up 49 points in the first half, things aren't going to go well." Yet, the Dragons were still in the game. It was the most victories in a season for an MSUM and the school's first trip to the Elite Eight since moving to Division II in the mid-1990s.
He also coach with former Kentucky coach Tubby Smith while Smith was at Virginia Commonwealth.
The Knights are the best shooting team in Division II at 53.4 percent and star post Jake Thelen, a 6-foot-7 senior, shoots 67 percent. They lead the nation with 372 3-pointers and have Division II's best assist-to-turnover ratio. Toyota Stadium in Frisco, Texas, home of FC Dallas of the MLS, is where the mighty Bison won the last four Football Championship Subdivision national title games.
It doesn't seem an unreasonable request, given the orgy of stadium-building in the Twin Cities the last decade or so. Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk, a DFLer and a huge union supporter who would seemingly love more union construction jobs, has said state money for a soccer stadium will not happen. If the MLS franchise were to require an 18,000-seat stadium, it could be constructed for -- what? Much of the rest of the cost of the stadium will be offset by the NFL and naming rights, which will be sold by the Wilfs. Last year alone, poison control facilities across the country reported 4,000 kids and teens exposed to marijuana. This virtually guarantees religiously-affiliated hospitals will have to defend their deeply-held religious convictions in court. Congress passed Title IX in 1972 to prevent discrimination in education on the basis of sex. The guidelines affect schools that receive public funds in all fifty states—including Arkansas. Giving any male who claims to be a female access to the girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms—and vice versa—fails to protect students’ privacy and safety. If they comply with the guidelines, they may face lawsuits from students and their families; currently 51 families in one Illinois school district are suing the district and the DOE because the school adopted a policy letting a boy in the girls’ locker rooms.
Reinterpreting Title IX could force a school or college to let a biological male who claims to be female play girls’ sports.
Most K-12 private schools receive no federal funds, so federal Title IX guidelines would not apply to them.
The federal government is stirring the pot and meddling in the local control and administration of our schools. Threatening local districts with a loss of funding unless they comply with this non-binding ‘guidance’ is potentially disruptive to the entire education process and lacks all common sense. Schools that do not comply with the guidelines may face legal action from the federal Department of Education or Department of Justice.
Donnelly the court ruled a Nativity scene on city property did not violate the Establishment Clause, writing, there was “insufficient evidence to establish that the inclusion of the creche [Nativity scene] is a purposeful or surreptitious effort to express some kind of subtle governmental advocacy of a particular religious message. If three singletons appeared in a row on one of the eight boards, that ticket was probably a winner.
The odds of winning are similar to government-run lotteries and who knows, if you look really hard, you may find a pattern in our random numbers. The clinic consists of a 90-minute classroom session followed by one four-hour behind-the-wheel session using the family's own car. Interestingly, Grafa€™s points lead is just one marker short of the bonus points he earned for his pole efforts this year.
If I came out and did decent, I'd be happy, but there again, I didn't have enough test time if I did bad. Today, we started off with the car, and it wasn't spot on straight away, and we're still making some changes.
We didn't get any yellows like in the first session, so we were able to get a pretty good rhythm out there. We had a couple of issues; I spun twice, so I'm not very happy with the setup I have right now. I'm very excited about the car, and I'm really pleased with the team and the hard work they did.
Taylor was driving at the time of the incident and avoided injury, but the cara€™s bodyworka€”particularly the engine cover and the roofa€”sustained heavy damage. The run matched the teama€™s best qualifying performance of the season, and McDowell and co-driver Memo Gidley head into the EMCO Gears Classic looking for their first Rolex Series victory after finishing a career-best second at Barber Motorsports Park two races ago.
Although Bergmeister and co-driver Max Papis have won in Rolex Series competition previously, the co-drivers are still looking for their first victory this season. Bobbi and co-driver Fabrizio Gollin look for their first career Rolex Series victories in Saturdaya€™s race as well.
Kasemets desperately needs to earn every possible point available this weekend in order to threaten Zwolsman for the title, and even if he could earn all 35 points out there for the taking, hea€™d still need the talented Dutchman to struggle on race day.
The IRL worries about why they don't have many drivers in the Pro Series, well, you don't have to look too far to find a reason. Up to 25 national teams, most with two cars, will compete around the world in the season, which ends April 3 in Beijing.
Ia€™ve finished in the points on this track in the last couple of years and I hope that we can do that again this time. It is important to have a good balance through the medium speed corners and for the car to handle well over the curbs.
Monza ranks among the top few circuits where engines have to operate on a sustained full throttle over various parts of the track. The BackupBox provides effortless, continuous, and complete PC backup without the hassle of tapes or CDs.A  Prices start at US$399. Round 9 and the season finale for the 2005 Trans-Am Championship, is scheduled for Saturday at 4 p.m. Some of the greatest names in the sport graduated through Formula Ford and went all the way to clinch F1 titles including Emerson Fittipaldi, Ayrton Senna, Mika Hakkinen and Michael Schumacher.
Melhus said Savageau told him that Mantle was a) extremely inebriated and b) perturbed Maris had already signed on the a€?sweet spota€? of the ball, so Mickey nonchalantly scribbled his signature.
As a long time media jackal, I learned long ago to root for great stories and somebody as blindly ambitious and narcissistic as Wrigley shrugging off an extramarital affair to pursue political power is a heckuva tale. Faithful people can forgive a man succumbing to a weakness of the flesh, but a multiple-year affair requires planning and conscientious effort and lying. He's won three regular-season conference titles in his 11 years, and four conference playoff championships. UND continues to be one of the premier college hockey programs in the country, as it was under Gasparini and Blais.
Perhaps they'll add how the team was lucky to get this far after losing leader Mark MacMillan to a horrible season-ending injury and how it bounced back so nicely after a lost weekend at the National Collegiate Hockey Conference tournament.
This had the hardcore base of UND hockey fans ready to begin their talk of "Fire Hak!" again. Cloud State before a fiercely partisan full house at Scheels Arena to earn a seventh trip to the Frozen Four under Hakstol.
Ultra-conservatives who didn't like Baesler because she's an unapologetic advocate of Common Core -- the education standards hated by ultra-conservatives -- took shots at her.
But they got it rolling at the end of the first half there and we kind of got left behind," Walthall said.
Senior guard Jordan Riewer, averaging 16 points a game, can hit a trey from pretty much anywhere across half-court. According to a story in the Dallas Morning News, the complex is booked 250 days a year and draws 1.8 million visitors annually. Images,snapshots,and pics often capture a sentiment,a mood,a feeling,or even an idea of a person who's at the center of attention. They are more like executive orders; these are directives explaining how government agencies and recipients of public funds should operate to comply with or carry out federal laws. Many attorneys believe it is reasonable for schools to let students who disagree with their biological sex use a separate facility—such as a single-stall, unisex restroom or shower—as many schools around the country have done. Some jurisdictions say each student must use the facility that corresponds with his or her biological sex. However, if schools do not follow the guidelines, they may be penalized by the federal government—which may land the school in court. In 2014 a transgendered martial artist brutally injured a female opponent in a mixed martial arts fight, giving her a concussion and breaking her eye socket. However, lawsuits challenging private school restroom and dressing room policies could result in courts ordering private schools to accommodate transgender students in a way similar to the Title IX guidelines. Under these guidelines, the school also must let him use the girls’ restrooms and similar facilities, if he wants. Congress has the power to change Title IX to clarify the meaning of the word “sex” in Title IX. Then again, maybe not, but you’ll have a lot of fun and you may become a millionaire.
By not earning the point for the top spot in Friday qualifying, Kasemetsa€™ task grows even tougher this weekend. The result was a credit to the entire Polestar Racing Group team as the squad worked hard all week to repair damage to Bessettea€™s car from a late-race accident last weekend at Road America. 7 Jaguar R Performance XKR) timed second in the 30-minute session, ahead of Greg Pickett (No. The series is designed to fill the winter gap in the motorsports schedule, allowing top drivers to compete without interfering with their regular rides in spring- and summer-based series.

We might not quite have the pace of McLaren and Renault, but I think we can get a reasonable result. On the current F1 calendar, there are three similar full- throttle sections which demand everything of the engines. Since the announcement, teams have rushed to place orders for the new Atlantics with over 30 cars already purchased for next season. While others such as Jenson Button, Rubens Barrichello and Fernando Alonso cut their teeth in the Ford powered category.
While ita€™s unfortunate this very private matter has become public, I hope the media will respect our privacy as we work through it together. UND gets the players it wants, it doesn't lack for money or staff or fan support or anything else. Bob Babich, had he not bolted town after a 2-8 season, would not have lasted in Fargo much longer. Those of a more left-leaning nature took cracks at her because she's a Republican and she had personal issues. Peoples opinion's of Kirsten Baesler's and Todd Tschosik's relationship, I said, should not be based on political parties, but on what actually happened that night. At one end of the stadium is a stage area that can be used for concerts -- like the annual Jimmy Buffett festival that draws the stadium's biggest crowds. Mark Dayton, also a huge union supporter who touted the jobs that would be created as he acted as the top cheerleader for the new Vikings' stadium, has said he would oppose a Hennepin County tax to pay for a soccer venue. Because the end-run to avoid a public vote on a county sales tax in Minnesota (which would most likely be "no" when it comes to sports stadia) is to get permission from the Legislature.
Throughout the years,pictures has become one of the most popular ways to capture memorable moments.
Below are some questions and answers providing an overview of the guidelines and their implications. In this case, the DOJ and DOE have issued guidelines purportedly explaining to schools how they should comply with Title IX of the federal education laws.
These guidelines represent a gross and inaccurate reinterpretation of a longstanding federal law.
However, it is potentially dangerous to give students of all ages free rein to pick and choose which restrooms or locker rooms they use. The safer route, however, seems to be for schools to side with students by protecting student privacy and upholding student safety; that means keeping boys out of the girls’ restrooms, and girls out of the boys’ restrooms, plain and simple. Private K-12 schools that receive or benefit from federal funds are affected by these guidelines. This gives a male trying to access the girls’ restrooms, locker rooms, and showers an easy way to do so, and it gives the school very few tools with which to stop him. By passing a very simple amendment clarifying that for purposes of Title IX, “sex” means “biological sex,” and not “gender identity,” Congress very easily can stop the Obama Administration from forcing its ridiculous reinterpretation of federal law on public schools all over the country.
31 Cingular Chevrolet "The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that over 80% of the cause of teen crashes is 'driver error' - not speed, not alcohol - and further, that over 50% of those crashes are single-car crashes.
We worked very hard to get the car ready, and it ran very smooth in this last session, so we definitely have some decisions to make. There were a couple of points we need to improve still, but it's definitely exciting to be back on the road course.
We put on tires too late, and the car was experiencing oversteer and balance problems, so I kind of struggled. 01 machine to victory lane at Mid-Ohio for the second-consecutive year, as Pruett and then-co-driver Max Papis claimed the victory on their way to the Daytona Prototype championship. North Dakota Nice, or perhaps fear of reprisal from the statea€™s all-powerful Republican Party, won the day.
Craig Bohl was nearly run out of town after finishing 3-8, but rallied in a big way to construct a dynasty.
Nothing -- repeat, nothing -- is as simple as the media (myself included) try to make it seem. Plenty of dough, to be sure, but peanuts compared to all the stadia built in the Twin Cities since 2000. And certainly,for a tantamount of consumer and shoppers you cant put a price tag on family and holiday pics.
Others make single-stall, unisex restrooms or similar facilities available for students who disagree with their biological sex. However, Title IX contains provisions protecting religiously-affiliated schools from being forced to violate their religious tenets in order to comply with Title IX. Additionally, states and schools may take the federal government to court if the government attempts to withhold public funds from schools because they decline to go along with the federal government’s radical reinterpretation of federal law. We simply are not teaching our teenagers what to do when their car enters the emergency zone. In qualifying, you have to be really aggressive, whereas in the race, you have to be patient and take care of the equipment. These need to work under low downforce conditions but also allow the car to handle properly in the high speed sections.
Decades after the invention of the first camera, a large number of consumers and shoppers continue to take pics, in a hgh tech fashion.
For example, a seminary linked to a denomination that does not ordain women for ministry arguably cannot be forced to admit and ordain women under Title IX. You therefore need a car that has a good top speed for the high speed straights, one that has aerodynamic efficiency for the slow chicanes and, finally, a car that works well on the high curbs. Swift will continue to take orders past the deadline, but can only ensure delivery in early March to the teams that purchase cars by the cutoff date. Instead of the antiquated bulky cameras with huge lenses,consumers and shoppers frequently use SmartPhones and digital cameras to capture images and to take holiday pics. These radical, new guidelines from the federal government further polarize a complicated situation and seem completely unnecessary. In a study conducted by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, graduates of the New Driver Car Control Clinic had 77% fewer crashes than their peers. This track is demanding, but I'm sure it's not even close to what those guys (IndyCar Series) are feeling. We'll have up until an hour before the start of qualifying to decide the order, so hopefully I'll have the ideal track conditions as well to go out and post a fast time. From family gatherings,to family picnics to traditional weddings to the holidays,consumers and shoppers often seize the opportunity at planned events and during the holidays for instance Thanksgiving and Christmas to take pictures of loved ones,family,friends and co workers. Drissi will start first tomorrow due to Trans-Ama€™s Fast Five invert, while Graf will start fifth. California definitely has a great speedway." To commemorate his win, the first win of an event out west that is already starting a new tradition, Sadler will be inducted into the speedway's "Walk of Fame" during the anniversary of his win on Labor Day Weekend.
Everyone at Swift is going to roll up their sleeves and work even harder in the next several months to make sure the teams have the cars in their shops in early March so they can begin their hard work and preparation for next season." In addition to charting the future of Atlantic competition with the new three-year agreements with Swift, Cosworth and Pi Research, which will provide all of the electronics, wiring and sensors for the new cars, series officials have also been happy with the response to the Champ Car Atlantic incentive program.
Looking back on his California Speedway win, Sadler said, "It's probably the happiest I've ever been because it solidified our place in the chase for the championship. Since founding csaccac Inc in 2010, as Founder and President,I fill many hats including Product Tester and photographer. The unique initiative will provide a $2 million bonus to the '06 Atlantic champion to help secure a ride in the 2007 Champ Car World Series.
It put an exclamation point on, 'hey, we're in the Chase.' By winning a race at a place that we had never run that well at before or never had good luck at before, so to win here was a great, great feeling for my team.
And truthfully speaking,in the beginning I experienced some difficulty;however,after I purchased my first digital camera I began to feel comfortable and enjoy the ease of taking pics with a digital camera. When we left here, we knew we were in the chase and did it with a win - not doing it with everybody else falling out.
Months after I purchased my first digital camera,I set my sights on a tripod, a universal stand to hold my digital camera.
The main reason I purchased a tripod__ at the time, I wanted to create high quality self pics and group pics.
This will ensure that all competing cars in 2006 will be the new design of Atlantic machines. Eventhough, I've had my tripod for some months,I am still learning the ins and outs of both my digital camera and tripod. Well,if you havent guessed or envisioned what the featured product for the month of November 2013 looks like or remotely even resembles __then as productor tester I guess I'll do the honors first__it's my tripod. Eventually, I wanted to find out what the craze had been all about and the reason that consumers seemed to ofA  been trading in personal computers for Tablets,_well, at least leaving them at home. Ultimately, I placed online an order for a NookHD+ then opt to pick up the tech item from the store instead of waiting for it to be shipped to my place of residency. AA  few weeks with the NookHD+, I was hooked_eventhough, IA  wasna€™t a fan of touchscreen only.
And in all honesty, since the beginning of the Smart Phone craze, I had insisted upon that all of my primary tech gadgets used for work, research and blogging had to be equipped with a QWERTY keyboard. However, in this particular instance,The NookHD+, again, touchscreen only, I made an exception.
As I continued to learn the ins and outs of my newly purchased NookHD+ , at the same time, I began to inquire about the accessories compatible with the tech gadget.
In doing so, I foundA  the tech item had a Stylus Pen specifically made to use with the NookHD+. Weeks later, I purchased a different kind of Stylus Pen , I noticed while standing atA  the checkout counter at Walgreens,pictured next to this article is that Stylus Pen.
Quite astonishing the Stylus Pen worked wellA  with both of my tech gadgets ( Smart Phone & Tablet). A frequent question a tantamount of consumers and shoppers find themselves entertaining especially during the holidays when manufacturers and retailers offer what they consider to be great deals and bargains. After giving the device a run for its money as well as a brief critique of the various apps and functions,I stated in my review of the Nook HD+ how pleased I was with the tech gadget. Further into the critique, I also commented that I was soooo pleased with the tech gadget that I wanted to protect my investment. Based on my income and budget,I considered the purchase of the Nook HD+ to be a major purchase of the year. Shortly after, I purchased the Nook HD+,I began to look at the recommended accessories for the tech gadget.
Eventually, after I and my Nook HD+ survived the return and exchange 14 day trial period,I chose to protect my investment with a Nook HD+ cover. As I began to search and think of different items that could be the product of the month for September,I began to heavily weigh in on August's product of the month,the Nook HD+cover. Hours later,I arrived to the assertion that there's more than one way to protect your investment. With the assertion___, there's more than one way to protect your investment, I made the final choice to make Smart Phone covers as the product of the month for September. Furthermore, within the past five years,Ive purchased several Smart Phones from Virgin Mobile. To be truthful, I've even purchased Smart Phone insurance,a good choice because a few months later my Smart Phone had an accident. Despite all of the stuff I tried, sampled, tasted and tested during the recent months, as a result of a long review and critique besides from featuring the Smart Phone as a product of the month,I began to think of the different ways Ia€™ve used to protect my Smart Phone as an alternative product of the month. For instance,Smart Phone insurance has been one the ways I protect my investment from unexpected accidents. Ostensibly, there's more than one way to protect your Smart Phone from accidents such as, for example, you accidentally drop and break your Smart Phone or in some weird, odd, freak accident as you rush out the door you accidentally step on your Smart Phone or heaven forbids the same thing happens to you that happen to me, a few months ago, I dropped my Smart Phone in the toilet. Without a question, eschewing further debate, Smart Phone insurance is a great investment for consumers and shoppers who use their Smart Phone daily and for work. Best of all, Smart Phone insurance usually saves the consumer from digging deep into their pockets. So, what about before those mishaps and accidents, if you havena€™t figured it out__ there's more than one way to protect your investment. Even though, at first, I might of skipped over protecting my investments, I am more open to the idea of investing and protecting my major purchases.
Here's an example of what I am talking about, I currently have several Smart Phone covers to protect my Smart Phone from breakage, moisture, and malfunctioning.
Varying in price,color,size and shape, most of today's Smart Phone manufacturers and retailers offer to consumers and shoppers Smart Phone covers as an accessory.
From passwords, to anti-theft apps, to screen locks and codes, there's more than one way to protect your investment. Regardless of the price, and hopefully it is within your budget, a true frugal savvy shopper knows the importance of protecting their investment.
Above everything else,both I and my Nook HD+ survived the return and exchange process,quite remarkable,I even have the receipt to prove it.
Unlike sooo manyA  items, I ve returned and exchanged in the past,__it,meaning my Nook HD+ survived the fourteenth days as printed on the receipt.
A business practice that's part of Barnes and Noble store policy that allows customers fourteen days to return an item. In short,the 14th day, adhering to store policy was the final day that I couldA  actually return my Nook HD+ and get cash back. It goes without saying ,I readA  the instructions,totally unavoidable with a new tech gadget,as well as,downloaded apps,and,uploaded wallpapers. Not quite sure,on the day I purchased my Nook HD+__ifA  in fact, I would be satisfied with my purchase,I chose at the time not to purchase any kind of accessories.
As it turns out,I was soooo pleased with my purchase of the Nook HD+,I wanted to protect my investments. It doesnt matter if you're on lunch break,on a mini vacation,at a webinar or conference,filling out an online report or having to send emails can be a hassle if you don't have a wifi connection,a Broadband device is just one of the many tech gadgets that consumers and shoppers frequently use to get an internet connection. Constantly,on the go,I wanted to have access to wifiA  while away from my place of residency. Because,I perform an arrary task that frequently requires wifi access ,I purchased a Broadband to Go device from Virgin Mobile. Egregiously,as a Virgin Mobile customer and fan,I live by Virgin Mobile products except in the case of Virgin Mobile wifi devices. Recently,I purchased Virgin Mobile's MiFi 2200 to conciliate my worries about not being able to access wifi home. Aside from very slow internet speed,the device could only connect to one tech gadget and,the 3G USB plug n play stick broke too easily. Affordable,great to have on hand for shopping emergencies,the latest in recycling,a recyclable tote makes shopping less of a hassle.
Ditching the old biodegradeable plastic bags for a recyclable tote,it's a smart move and a great investment for frugal,savvy,and environmentally conscious consumers and shoppers.Available in most local chain stores and at grocery stores,recyclable totes are becoming the better choice than leaving stores with the traditional biodegradeable plastic bag. Part of a movement to get consumers and shoppers involved in recycling and to think about going green,consumers and shoppers now have the option of trading in those plastic bags for a recyclable tote.
A frequent shopper,I usually purchase a couple of recyclable totes to hold store purchases and other stuff. Eventhough,I like having the choice to purchase a recyclable tote,I havent completely stop using biodegradeable plastic bags. However,I have to point out the fact that when a consumer and shoppers purchase a recyclable tote they're not limited to using the tote only in that store,that's why they're called recyclable totes because they can be used more than once.
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Along with making a shopping list,clipping coupons at home,checking sale ads at the door and comparing prices,these days one of the best ways to save and get the best deals,I feel without a question has to be with a savings and reward card. And speaking honestly, a savings and rewards card from your local chain store should be a consumer or shoppers BF(bestie). A must have for consumers and shoppers who seriously want to save,a savings and rewards card. Throughout the years, my experience with last minute shopping in most instances was not too pleasant.
Admittedly,I empathize as well as concur with consumers who express sentiments that last minute shopping makes the shopper(consumer) feel uncomfortable and forlorn with the just thought of buying a gift at the last minute. Often tight on funds to purchase a gift ahead of time,last minute shopping for an overwhelmed consumer with a limited budget could cause the consumer to be late and in some instance not to attend the event or special function. Subsequently, over the years, I have come to realize that last minute shopping it's not the best of fun.
As a result, I definitely would not recommend last minute shopping to a consumer as a shopping tip. Unequivocally, shopping for special events and functions such as finding an appropriate could take several visits different stores.
Finding the appropriate could mean spending an entire day in a Hallmark store reading cards, it could also mean spending all day on the phone with friend or relatives discussing gift registry,preferences,stores,likes and dislike of the recipient. Ostensibly,the older you get the adults in your life expect two things from you one not to embarrass them in public and two if you don't have a gift to bring at least show up at special functions on time. Indeed, an earnest shopper as well as a meticulous shopper knows finding the right gift or card for a special function could require hours of shopping and visiting different stores. Shopping done precipitously could result in purchasing the wrong size,color, or something way out in left field.
Don't wait until the last minute to shop for a party,baby showers,bachelorette bash,birthdays,holidays ,and anniversaries avoid uncomfortableness and the feeling of being inadequate,plan the week before.
On certain days, I have even shopped the day of the event that often leaves me feeling embarrassed ashamed, and guilty about my finances even worse depress. Incontrovertibly,last minute shopping in many instances could causes the consumer to become distraught,exasperated, and disconcerted not surprisingly all the emotions take away from the planned day.
What's more important being punctilious for the planned event or arriving with a hand picked gift for the recipient or recipients? Ultimately,the answer remains with the shopper (consumer) The answer should be non bias and based on the event as well as the recipient and not the shoppers wallet .
The meticulous consumer that normally keeps track of birthdays, holidays,and anniversaries with calendars,through emails,P DA's ,Smart phones and other tech savvy gadgets of courses would not necessarily share the same feelings of a last minute shopper .

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