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The Powerball lottery is the latest legal gambling craze, sold in the United States as a shared jackpot pool game. If you match the red ball and one or more white balls, you win some other prize, but not the 1 in 35 prize.
There are those of you out there that will come up with the odds of 1 in 17 billion for the jackpot prize, which is certainly incorrect. TheA advertised amount of the Powerball JackpotA begins at $40 million and rolls over to the next drawing day should no one win. The key in winning sizable money in Powerball is getting the red Powerball correct, a 1 in 39 chance. Lately we are hearing of the many people complaining about their job insecurity and the poor economy and the turning to winning the lottery as a fix.
To increase your odds for financial freedom, or even winning bigger more often, you must use a lottery system that helps you choose better numbers and combinations, not just a random blend of lottery numbers.  Let’s put this into an analogy of looking for a job.
There are many lottery systems out there to purchase and try out, you just have to find one that fits within your budget and you feel comfortable using. Read more below on the best winning lottery systems to use: Remember, only real proven winning Lottery System will help your chances to win!
To really win the Missouri Lottery you must use more than just plain old luck, you need real winning tips that better your chances to win. Once you understand that using plain old luck, or random lottery numbers will not help you win, then it’s time to make a change to play Missouri Lotto smarter!
Your best and only need tip to win the Missouri Lottery easier and more consistently, is to use a well proven lottery system that already has a great reputation for helping hit Missouri Lottery winning numbers. We must show you actual proof of which lottery systems others have voted for as being good winning systems. As you can view for yourself, the highest votes for best winning lottery system, is the same system we highly recommend for winning the Missouri Lottery.
To re-cap, how to win the Missouri Lottery takes using real winning tips and the number one winning tip is to use a top winning lottery system, it is the only tool designed to increase your chances to win! Ok you play the lottery and you know the odds are you will not win, yet you still play as the draw of easy money is very strong! Most people are very slow to catch on how to really win the lottery, they simply continue to use the same playing strategy over and over.
The strategy you need to change to and stick with, will depend on what lotto strategy is actually working for others.
We would recommend choosing one of the top three best systems and stick with it, do not just use off and on.
The Formula 1 Lotto System makes big claims that you will win 8.7 out of every 10 times you play the lottery. Now let us tell you what else we found out from investigating many Formula 1 Lotto system Reviews. If a true MIT Professor was to develop a real lottery system it would most certainly not take 27 years or even 9 years, what was this seller or should I say marketer thinking when putting together this phony scenario for a bogus lottery system?
It says on the sales page for the Formula 1 Lotto system  hundreds of people that used the same software (Formula 1 Lotto system), have won big time playing their favorite lotto games. The last check we did on this Formula 1 Lotto System review was to see what the reputable lottery system review sites were saying.
If you need more proof the Formula 1 Lotto System is not a good winning system, just take a look at the latest best winning lottery system poll results, it shows very clearly which systems real users voted on as best winning systems. In order to have good winning success playing the German Lotto 649, you must learn how to play smarter! The real trick to winning lottery games as Germany’s Lotto 649 and getting real winning results, is to use a proven strategy for this lotto game and other German Lotto games as Spiel 77, or Game 77 as it is known, and Super 6, which is similar to the Spiel 77 game and it plays alongside the main German Lotto game. Another lottery strategy or system that seems to work extremely well for the German Lottery games is a top lottery wheeling system called Smart Play Lotto Wheels. Will you win the German Lotto for sure using a top winning lottery strategy, no, but your will most definitely increase your chances to win greatly! Another Lottery story came out in the paper the other day about a lottery winner that lost everything. Don’t trust new ‘friends’ or even old ‘friends’ you haven’t seen for ages, large lottery money will attract all sorts of bad attention and you will start to hear every sob story imaginable.  Remember, this is your chance for financial freedom, so treat it as such, don’t become a prisoner of your own making and destroy it. If you play the lottery here are a few articles you should read, they may actually help you win the lottery. Most people want good lottery winning tips, that can help them win the lottery easier and more frequently. You must remember that playing the lottery whether it be a pick 3 lottery game, pick 5 lottery game, pick 6 lottery game or a pick 7 lottery game, it is essentially gambling and to succeed at any form of gambling, using good winning strategy is the real key! Generally playing a lottery game with the least amount of numbers you have to choose from is going to give you a better chance to win. Play just one lottery game at a time, focus all your playing effort and money in one area, do not split it all up. Play your lottery game consistently draw after draw, do not play two or three draws then stop, then play a few more days or weeks later. Never use lottery quick picks as a regular strategy to play lottery games, as these are just that, random lottery numbers that have no basis to increase your odds to win. Forget about playing any lottery game using your so called lucky numbers or Horoscope lucky numbers. Do not play all high lottery numbers or all low lottery numbers, best to mix it up as statics show.
We recommend the top ranked Lotto Guy Lottery System to all playing pick 5 and pick 6 lotto games, system works and is backed by real lotto winners. The actual Lotto Guy Lottery System formula is a special lottery number pattern analysis, which breaks your numbers into various winning groups, which is much more logical and realistic way to up your chances to win lottery games.
With most lottery systems on the market you will see a huge amount of ridiculously high claimed win rate percentages, you do realize this is a marketing trick to grab your money fast. We have been around the block a time or two and can honestly inform you, that very few lottery systems are worth using. This official lottery poll is very good news, as I can back up what I am recommending to you. If you saw the webinar presented along with this poll, you would have seen some larger up close winning lottery tickets to again show verified winning proof.
There are many other lottery systems all fighting to draw your attention, some even copying the name Lotto Guy Lottery System plus other system names. We have done our research into this Mexican Lotto game and have found only two types of systems or strategies are actually working to give you increased odds to win. The second best winning lotto strategy or system to use for Mexico Melate Lotto is a top rated wheeling system called Smart Play Lotto wheels, which is re-guarded as the second best winning lottery system world-wide. If you continue to play this lotto game by using inferior lottery tactics, such as using self picked random numbers and so on, your win rates will simply not increase which is what you are trying to do, so if you are going to play why not play Smarter! Georgia Lottery is an extremely popular lottery game and of course someone is going to win every draw, it should be you? Playing the lotto games such as Mega Millions, Georgia Win For Life, Powerball, Georgia Fantasy 5, or Decades Of Dollars, the odds to hit winning numbers are very much against you. It’s really no secret that to win the Georgia lotto games, you absolutely need to use a winning lotto strategy that other real winners have used to win lotto.
One person we found has been using the Lotto Guy System for playing the Georgia lottery games and recently won his second major lottery jackpot win, very cool!
The central theme of giving back to the community is a tack-on to the rest of the comedy, which has few laughs. So you didn't have the winning Powerball numbers and aren't one of the lottery winners to win the more-than-half-billion-dollar jackpot.
If you didn't buy into the frenzy of "lotto fever" because you forgot to buy a ticket or practiced self-control, you may be feeling pretty good when comparing yourself to co-workers who threw away $20 on losing tickets. Media stories are quick to mention the tremendous tragedies that previous lottery winners have faced, with some observers calling winners "cursed." Jack Whitaker, winner of a $315-million Powerball jackpot in 2002, said he wished he never won after his teenage granddaughter became addicted to drugs and then was found dead in 2007 of what authorities ruled as an overdose.
Just because you win money does not mean you will be able to manage or hang on to it for very long. Bruce Sacerdote, economics professor at Dartmouth College, studied the effects of lottery winnings from Massachusetts winners in the 1980s. Money and happiness is a favorite topic for researchers, and the rare phenomenon of an unexpected cash windfall is just as enticing. Another group of economists from University of California, Santa Barbara, University of Amsterdam and Tilburg University in the Netherlands studied winners of the Nationale Postcode Loterij (PCL), the second largest national lottery in the Netherlands. In the "Money and Mental Wellbeing" study, the authors honed down on medium-sized lottery winners. In the study of Dutch lottery winners, the researchers found that a winner's neighbors' consumption patterns changed.
People who did not participate in the lottery but lived within a winner's postal code were more likely to acquire a new car in the six months after the lottery win than non-participants living in neighborhoods without a winner. Knowing a lottery winner may encourage some people to get into the habit of purchasing tickets.
The Dutch study found that people who did not participate in the lottery but are surrounded by households who won the lottery six months ago are less likely to play than nonparticipants who are not surrounded by winners. The study added that although lottery winnings do not make households happier, they don't make neighboring households less happy. Powerball is drawn bi-weekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays at A  Florida Lotterya€™s high-tech studio in Tallahassee, Florida. When the lottery jackpot is won, the player has the option of taking the prize money in one lump sum or as an annuity cash prize(disbursed in 30 payments over 29 years). Provided for your use: powerball info, powerball results, and resources on how to win Powerball!
To have alll even numbers or all odd numbers is a rare occurance, happening less than 3 percent during the history of powerball.

More often than not, one or more of the a number groups(groups of 10's) is not represented. Never choose all five numbers from one number group, such as all single digits, or all teens, or all 20's, etc. Keep clicking the Powerball Number Generator (Powerball Number Picker) until you get a number that meets all of the above. Forming a pool of players gives you a greater coverage of possible winning number combinations while keeping the individual player's investment low.
Sure, the odds of matching 1 red ball out of 35 is 1 in 35, but I am not giving those odds. Remember, you don't need to match the numbers in exact order - I am using combinations to determine the probabilities for the first five white balls and not permutations. At first, the jackpot grows by a few million, but as the lottery progresses without a winner, it mayincrease as much as $25 million dollars after every draw.
A number tends to repeat more often on the next draw then what statistical analysis would allow. On February 18, 2006, the largest jackpot ever, worth $365 million, was won by a single ticket sold in the state of Nebraska.
Most all of these peoples complaints seem to say at the end of their stories “Oh Well, I just hope I Win The Lottery” which is not an easy task to do.
Always remember to play the lottery responsibly, if you really can’t afford it, then don’t fall behind in your rent to buy lottery tickets in the off chance that it’s your turn for a huge success story. The Missouri lottery is played twice weekly making it a great lotto game to use a proven winning strategy as in a lottery system. Big lottery winners and most all lottery experts will tell you, if you really want lottery winning success, stop playing the usual way and start using a good lottery system. You simply cannot go wrong with using a top winning lottery system as the Lotto Guy Lottery System. Now instead of just playing as you usually do and never hitting any lottery winning numbers, think about if you had a better game play or strategy that increased your odds to win more often, would you do it?
Real lottery experts and many two time lottery winners already know that if a certain lotto strategy is not working, than a serious change in playing strategy is definitely needed, which just makes sense. This we find out by real poll votes on lottery systems, which are different types of strategies designed to improve your chances to win the lottery easier.
Use for a period of time as in two to three months, then take a break for a while, then do it over again.
Remember, lottery systems are just tools designed to help improve your odds to win the lottery easier, they are not magic and most certainly will not guarantee you will win. The system is said to be developed by Glen Hooke a 63 year old MIT Professor which took 27 years to develop and he will sell it to you for a hefty price through ClickBank with full rock solid 60 day money back guarantee. At first we studied all the many reviews on the internet we could find and found one very similar thing about each good review on this lottery system. Also, I would like to point out we did find older sales pages for the system that stated other false advertising claims about the Formula 1 Lotto System, so yes, caught yet again in another series of lies!
What we found was unanimous reviews stating the system is full of hype and false advertising, No winners, No guaranteed refunds being honored, the system is total nonsense! If you want to use a lottery system, move on to real tested and proven systems that have verified lottery winners and really do win lottery games such as the Lotto Guy System or the worlds top wheeling system Smart Play Lotto Wheels as these two are verified real winning systems.
The German Lotto 649 or German Lotto 6aus49 lottery is Germany’s biggest national game and draws take place twice a week on a Wednesday and on Saturday. The best tested and proven strategy for winning the German Lottery is a lottery system called Lotto Guy Lottery System. This lotto wheeling system is also a top rated winning system and has produced many winning German Lotto 649 lottery tickets and should be a must have system for playing these lotto games.
They lost their fortune, their home and their marriage in just less than two years after winning a lottery jackpot.
Jackpot Winner (we will call him JP for short) and Wife throw huge party and give away a lot of money to their friends.
That is the advice I would give, so, go and play the lottery but think carefully about it after you have won! There are many lottery winning tips, some are good and some are just plain silly, we will provide you with some of the best recommended lottery tips and some lottery tips on what not to use.
Usually with all lottery games the odds to win are against you big time, you can increase your chances or odds to win any lottery game easier, just by using some good solid lottery winning tips!
This lottery tip is based on using a lottery system or lottery strategy not if using random lottery numbers.
You would not believe how many people play in this fashion, it simply is a losing way to play period!
This strategy is also very commonly used and simply gives you very little increase in winning success. Make sure the lottery system is for real and not just a hyped-up system using false advertising to grab sales, these type systems generally Win Nothing! No real expert lottery winner will just keep playing the usual random self picked lottery numbers, those days are gone! The Lotto Guy Lottery System is also the only top winning system to use for pick 7 lottery games. The Lotto Guy Lottery System does not stop there, you also have at your disposal special strategies you can apply along with the Lotto Guy System, which will even further boost your chances to win lotto games more frequently and consistently. Real true verified winning lottery systems such as the Lotto Guy Lottery System, simply do not do this sort of nonsense, there is no need to, the system is a real system created by real techs using real data analysis. Most systems are the same type of system being sold over and over again just under different names, also using different scenarios, as being created by a math professor, or math genius and so forth. We like a few of these systems, but we do highly recommend the Lotto Guy Lottery System for many obvious reasons.
I would like to show you the results of another poll for best winning lottery systems back in early 2012.
This had to be done by webinar so people could not steal (copy the tickets) then claim they were won by various other systems.
Just know these websites doing this misleading tactic, are not giving you the real lottery systems, most are giving you a virus, or some other system hoping you will think it is the actual system (some even asking for credit card info which is very risky).
The first best winning system for the Mexico Melate Lotto is the Lotto Guy Lottery System which is to be expected as it is also known as the world best winning lottery system. There are very many reports of Georgia lottery winners using the top rated Lotto Guy Lottery System.
The same person was also recommending the Lotto Guy System about one year ago on AV lotto forums and lottery post, now is a very rich person as used a good solid winning strategy instead of silly lotto software systems or using lucky lottery numbers and so on.
Wea€™d even be cocky enough to be producers of our own films and bet against the odds for a hit movie. Hea€™s employed at Foot Locker, dreams of starting his own shoe design company, and lives with his grandma (Loretta Divine) in the projects of Atlanta while hanging with his best friends Benny (Brandon T.
Ita€™s definitely not on par with the Friday or Barbershop series, but he doesna€™t stray far from a formula that works a€“ he knows when an ensemble cast works and thata€™s what this film has going for it. He received his BA in Creative Writing with Honors at the University of California, Riverside, where he wrote, directed, and produced his first play. Scott Hankins of the University of Kentucky, Mark Hoekstra of the University of Pittsburgh and Paige Marta Skiba of Vanderbilt University studied people who won more than $600 from the Florida Lottery between 1993 and 2002. He found that several years after winning big prizes, about 40 percent of winners were still working for various reasons.
Oswald studied a group of British people who received between A?1000 and A?200,000, or about $1,600 to $320,760 with current exchange rates. They analyzed 137 British winners of between A?1,000 and approximately A?120,000 in 1998 pounds sterling, about $1,600 to $192,456 with current exchange rates. It could also turn off others who think the chances of two people in the same community winning a ticket may be slim. This Powerball number generator is well balanced so usually you will get it the first click or so.
The odds of matching one red ball ALONE are less than 1 in 35 because of the chance you will also match one or more white ball numbers.
We would not recommend that falling back on a big lottery win is a game plan to pay your bills and to put food on your families table.
To play this lottery game without a good strategy is like throwing your money in the garbage, use good proven winning strategy and see much better winning success!
The only hard part of using a good lottery system is to find one that will actually help you win, this is where we step in and guide you, giving you the best Missouri Lottery real winning tips. There are many lottery systems or strategies you could try, this would cost you an arm and a leg to try every single system to find one that works ok and not to mention the time wasted with each system.
Polls do not lie like false testimonials and so on, polls are like solid gold giving you the real scoop on what works.
Some do in fact work much better than others, you just need to view the poll results and see the better choices you can use. We all need to use a better strategy when it comes to playing the lottery, or when it comes to winning at gambling in general. Later we found this so called Professor has changed the amount of years he said he took to develop the system from 27 years, now to only 9 years. We checked high and low and could only find real users of this system that state it won them nothing at all. Finding good lottery systems that actually work are getting harder and harder with all the B.S systems flooding the market by marketers looking to make fast money from you, so be careful and choose your lottery systems wisely.
In order to win the German Lotto jackpot you have to match all six numbers drawn along with the Super Number.
There are many reports by German lottery winners who state they won using this special system, which is very reputable since the system is known as the best lottery system in the world and it does win lottery games!
Remember the odds to win for the German Lotto 649 cash prize is 1 in 54, with the Lotto Guy Lottery System or Smart Play Lotto Wheels, you can expect the odds to to win at about 1 in 20 which is the best you can achieve and is the smart way to play these German Lottery games.

JP truly believe the money would never run out, as a few million would certainly last a life time – or does it? Way to many surveys show this strategy sounds interesting, but win rates in this manner are extremely poor. If you decide to go all out using the best possible lottery winning strategy, a lottery system, go to a reputable lottery system review site such as Lottery Systems Reviews or Lottery Systems Review Group and read the reviews on all systems, then pick the best top rated system and stick with it! Most all other lottery systems are just giving you past drawn numbers, which is something you can get yourself, the Lotto Guy Lottery System is not a past drawn numbers system, it is a number pattern analysis system. This is why this real winning system does so well at winning lottery games, it’s a sensible solid winning strategy that works! Remember the old saying “if it sounds too good to be true than it probably is” this applies to lottery systems very well. This is all just advertising bait to make you believe their lottery system is the best one yet.
Most of the systems in the poll that ranked poorly, have the biggest testimonials along with their claims of the many lottery winners using their systems, yet no solid proof and many caught using false advertising.
Some of the systems involved in the poll are different than the latest pool above, but you can still see which system was voted on as best winning system, it was the Lotto Guy Lottery System! As you can clearly see for yourself the Lotto Guy Lottery System is a real winning lottery “Formula” that  simply Works, it is the real deal people! Always get the systems from their main websites, you can find the Lotto Guy System here at their website Lotto Guy Lottery System. This winning lottery system will help you increase you lottery winnings like no other system, also fact is the Lotto Guy Lottery System has the best reputation of any lottery system on the market period.
If you do not use a good strategy playing this Mexican lottery game, you really are wasting your time and money.
Take a look at the official poll results for the best winning lottery systems and you will see both systems recommended for the Melate Lotto are the top winning systems which make sense, this is what you need to use to increase your odds to min more frequently. Using past drawn Georgia lottery numbers (Hot and cold lottery numbers) does not increase your odds to win very much either, only a few percent. If you research and find one or two good reviews saying a system works for Georgia Lottery that’s good, if you see review after review saying a system is working to win Georgia Lottery games, that is solid proof this is the system to be using. Ice Cube took a gamble with this film as producer, hiring on music video director Erik White to helm this stellar cast, and might have actually bet on the wrong numbers. Still, the stereotypes in this film hinder the film from truly feeling like a feel-good movie, as it jumps around from slapstick to violent to romantic comedy (yes, there are two sex scenes that fall short of actual sex, thanks to the PG-13 rating).
He served as resident director for a theatre company in North Hollywood and Hollywood between 2005-2008, while developing his own theater company, Askew Theatre Company, focusing on workshops of new works from emerging Los Angeles playwrights. In fact, leading up to the drawing on Wednesday night, lottery officials said they were selling 131,000 tickets a minute. This is a change from the old format in which it was $1 to play and the red powerball ranged from 1 to 39. Since it is a proven fact that computer generated numbers win more often than player favorite numbers, I feel this random number generator will increase your odds greatly!
Even four same last digits occur in less than two-tenths of one percent of all drawings.
The best winning lottery system for playing the Missouri Lottery is the Lotto Guy Lottery System which has an excellent winning reputation for many lottery games world wide.
Using this excellent number pattern analysis system will put your lottery numbers into much better winning groups, this along with their special strategies you also apply make this system a serious asset to help you win big!
The Smart Play Wheeling System is another very good system in which all can use, but really recommend all you newbies playing the lottery to start with a good wheeling system as this one. The reviews were all written by affiliates selling the system for commission and are simply Not True!
There is simply no proof any of the testimonials are real and we have found a couple to be totally fake for sure, so if there are even a couple of fakes, you can bet all of them are most likely fake!
You would think at a few of these winners would be around on lottery forms, review sites and blogs, but no, nothing, there are No Winners, all again false advertising and B.S! In addition to that the results also contain a Bonus Ball number, which allows players the chance to win extra lotto prizes in three of the different German Lotto tiers.
You would think that if you won a lottery you would be on top of the world, set for life, confident that you would never have to worry again. JP is spotted in high end boutiques buying thousand dollar dresses and even more expensive shoes. Constant expenditures of $ 100,000.00 will certainly chew away at that big win and I’m sure they thought they would stop such frivolity at some time, but some time comes quick when the gold card becomes declined at the ritzy hotel and the seventh bottle of champagne is already drank.
We highly recommend using a top winning lottery system as the Lotto Guy Lottery System, it works very good. Also those common types of lottery systems never produce good win rates, even though they all boast will give very high winning results. I can show you solid proof of which lottery systems were voted on as the best winning systems in the world. Systems that are real such as the Lotto Guy Lottery System are not filling you with all this nonsense, It’s a very realistic system, verified by many real user reviews.
The system also does not require a great amount of lottery tickets to get good winning success!
We do see other systems claiming they will work great, mostly all lotto software systems which simply do not increase your win rate more than about 2%, so never believe these silly systems with false claims as having high win rates like 72% – 96% or 98% it will most definitely be false! Also, I have featured lottery software (computer program) that has helped others win Powerball prizes.
Winning sets of lottery numbers with no more than one repeated last digit occured in nearly 90 percent of all drawings.
You need some prudent budgeting and better financial planning, it’s the best you can do on a realistic basis. Yes, there are a few other very good lottery systems you could use as well such as Smart Play Lotto Wheels which also has a good reputation for winning lottery games including Missouri Lottery.
Does not even know how long it took him to develop his own system, totally ridiculous stuff. As we dug deeper we found there is no such person Glen Hooke MIT Professor who supposedly develop the Formula 1 Lotto system, he is just made up character to sell a hyped up false product. The Formula 1 Lotto system is looking more like a bad dream rather than a winning lottery system so far.
The German Lotto results page has the details of the most recent draw numbers, information of the jackpot and draw date and it also provides general information regarding the German Lotto game. If I had to give lottery winners any advice, it would be to set aside a large sum in a ‘frozen’ account that could not be touched for a couple of years and a retirement fund set aside as well. The Lotto Guy Lottery System claims a solid thirty percent win rate and according to the many happy user reviews, the system delivers as claimed. If you study the best winning lottery system poll results, you see the best winning system voted on by real lottery winners, was the top ranked Lotto Guy Lottery System chosen winning system, which again backs up this winning systems very powerful lottery formula and it’s excellent reputation. This is also why the system known as the Lotto Guy Lottery System is gaining so much respect as a top winning lottery system around the world. The Lotto Guy System falls into a whole different category, it’s not your common system and it was developed by real University techs, tested and proven to give real winning results.
Bow Wow is surprising in the lead and the cast helps Lottery Ticket from being a total wash out.
Because the movie is set in the projects, the film is readily stocked with caricatures of the types of people we have come to expect from these types of movies a€“ albeit comedic types that never get past stereotypes that exist wholly for the punch line, which comes less and less frequently in this predictable yarn.
Screenwriter Abdul Williams tries his hardest to balance the tonality of the movie, but it is a blend of too many elements fighting against each other to work as a cohesive unit.
The only way we would even consider trying to win the lottery for financial security, is if the expenditure of playing the lottery falls with-in your budget.
The real reason the years were changed is the first lie of 27 years was to far fetched, so tried to make it sound more realistic, but this only showed the true fact nothing was for real. JP is the life of the party at the local pub, so generous with buying round after round for all his ‘friends’ that have seemingly just crawled out of the woodwork. From the remaining balance purchase those things you have always wanted but remain frugal and wise, don’t just buy without looking around for bargains, just because you have the money does not mean you don’t have to shop around. Despite the fact that he believes that the lottery system is designed to keep the poor people poor, he plays the numbers on a whim and comes out a winnera€¦ A winner of no less than $370 million. It wants to be a broad comedy, though the director tries in earnest to bring out the tacked-on message of charity, but the best the director can do is get a good performance from Bow Wow, who shows that hea€™s got some acting chops. If it does fall with-in your budget, then you will not want to play the lottery in the usual methods, you need to play more effectively, meaning use of a lottery system to boost your chances to win easier. Private jets are chartered for a all-expenses paid trip to the Bahamas for twenty of their closest friends, friends that have just received this status since the ‘blessed jackpot win’. Set aside some ‘gift’ money for your friends, but advise them that it is a ‘one time’ gift and that is all. A non-entity in his community before this lucky streak, once the neighbors find out via neighborhood gossip (Charlie Murphy), all stereotypes come out of the woodwork suddenly wanting a piece of him (or at least a cut from his winnings.) Among the characters in this not-so-tight community is the slut (Teairra Mari), a two-bit gangster (Gbenga Akinnagbe), the sleek mob boss (Keith David), a greedy pastor (Mike Epps) and a host of others. This is the way intelligent lottery players play their lottery game, you simply cannot do any better. Well, the correct number combination for your local lottery isn’t coming looking for you either, nor do you stand in a good position of landing a local lottery jackpot with random number combinations using numbers unlikely to be drawn as a group. If they are truly a friend they will understand and not be upset, after all they are getting free money and that they should be thankful for. He cana€™t cash in on the winning ticket for three days (due to the 4th of July Holiday.) Staying alive and sane is definitely going to be a challenge for Kevin. Ice Cube has a good head for business, having produced some successful franchises in the past. Hea€™s also wise enough to cast himself in Lottery Ticket as Thump, a would-be boxer who turns out to be the most complex and most interesting character in the movie.

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