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Now that we have looked at various factors that impact the H1B 2017 season, it is very clear we will very likely have lottery.
USCIS typically starts accepting applications for next fiscal year from April 1st and in lottery situation they would accept for 5 business days.
Well, unfortunately, it is a waiting game and there is no specific date for getting your results, unless you file the H1B petitions under premium processing.

I heard this year there are 233000 application filed for H1B cap, this includes both regular and master students applications.
Any one aware of approximately how many students application in this and how many regular companies in this 233000 ???
Jab naseeb me na likha ho , insaan kitne bhi koshishein kar le , wo apna manzil nahi pahunch paata. Everbody has their own opinion.She might be trying hard but may be luck is not favoring her. U said u applied last year as well… Last year when did you get to know of your result?
If you are really talent please ask your employer to file for L1 visa, and don’t jealous on others luck. We are very proud to say that our H1B visa lottery predictions were pretty much accurate all these years.
I believe that the below factors will greatly influence the number of petitions filed for FY 2017 and in turn the lottery. Last year, we had a whopping 233,000 petitions filed for a FY 2016 quota for total of 85,000 cap. This fee increase is in effect till 2025 and impacts all the employers falling in that category.  The biggest impact will be for all the Indian outsourcing companies like Wipro, Infosys, Cognizant, TCS, etc.
The biggest catch in the new rule, despite 24 month OPT period, is the amount of overhead employers have to take for OPT program rules with oversight and mentoring . The new rule gave eligibility for about 179,600 H4 visa holders in the 2015 and an  estimated 55,000 for this year 2016.
On April 12th, 2016, USCIS released a press note indicating that they received over 236,000 petitions for FY 2017 and lottery was conducted on April 9th, 2016.
USCIS process petitions and keep sending receipt numbers and reject notices in their own sequence and there is no information on how they prioritize.
Myself realized in last year many people who are not technically good and bad in communication were selected in lottery and sent to US.
It is the state when Google established its presence because there are many talented people around .

Beside this, such people take jobs by inflating their resumes with 8-10 years of fake experience because of which genuine professionals with 3-4 years of experience will are upfrontly ignored.
Maarten Caribbean SuperLotto, Sweden Lotto 1, Sweden Lotto 2, Sweden Viking Lotto, Switzerland Euro Millions, Switzerland Swiss Lotto, Trinidad and Tobago Lotto Plus, Virgin Islands Powerball, Uruguay Kini, Uruguay Revancha, Virgin Islands Caribbean SuperLotto. Ignoring FY 2014 and 2015, even, if half of the ones, who were not selected in lottery applied for FY 2017, we would still have a lottery situation. The primary set of students who will apply for H1B for FY 2017 would be the one who plan to graduate in 2016 or have graduate in 2015 or earlier.
The amount of time and resources they have to spend on OPT students is an overhead and employers may sponsor H1B ahead of time rather than the overhead for longer period of time.
What it means is that a good amount of H4 visa holders benefited from this rule may NOT apply for H1B visa.
You can see the results like receipt number and reject notices coming along, but it is the painful waiting game for everyone filed under regular processing.
If any one have filed multiple petitions and those multiple petitions got selected then only 1 will be approved and remaining slots will be adjusted by other petitions. As per the graph below, we can see approximately 300,000 Graduate Students and about 100,000 students on OPT, who could very likely pursue H1B this year. Last year, USCIS did a news alert indicating that they have returned all the rejected petitions on July 14th.
USCIS does not publish any data on how may H1Bs were picked from last year for these large outsourcing employers, but as per the LCAs data filed with Department of Labor, we see that a lot of LCA applications were filed last year for FY 2016.
Also, you can see the other graph on STEM graduate composition, who would very likely be applying for H1Bs and OPT.  These numbers are staggering and it adds up a lot to this year H1B filings potential. So, you can expect the last date for receiving lottery decision around that…depending on the number of petitions filed this year, it may be earlier or even later in July or even early August.. This fee increase will NOT really impact any of the small employers, large American firms like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, including some of the IT bodyshops…You may check our H1B Sponsors Database is up-to-date with latest LCAs until FY 2016.

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