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It started life as a set of static pages hosted for free by our ISP at the time, ihug, it has gone through several re-designs over the years and is now fully dynamic and hosted on our dedicated servers. The website is now updated every Saturday (Lotto and Strike results) and every Wednesday (Big Wednesday results), the site also has the full history of all Lotto draws, statistics of the numbers, a lucky number generator, a mailing list, and much more. Communication Excavations have been delivering services to developers years and has the reputation that can get the job done.
Join the thousands of subscribers and get the monthly 2GB newsletter delivered straight to your inbox! The UK Lotto jackpot led to a rollover last night after none of the players could match all six numbers, this means that Saturdays night’s draw now stands at an astonishing ?5,800,000, its highest in nine draws. Surprising there were no winners in either the first or second prize tiers last night, this is something that hasn’t happened since 17th August, 2011.

Since the redesigning of UK Lotto took place in October, there has been a significant increase in the average size of jackpots. Saturday’s jackpot prize draw now stands on ?5.8 million plus 100 Lotto Raffle prizes of ?20,000.
EUROJACKPOT LOTTOThe EuroJackpot Lotto game was formed by the pan-European countries, pooling all their collective resources to create the game. LOTTERY RESULTSCompeting in your favourite online lottery is only one half of the equation.
The night didn’t end up that bad for everyone as amongst the 130,000 tickets that have won a prize, 122 matched five numbers who won ?1,386 each. Although only in existence since 2012, it has already seen the prize pool rise as high as €90 million, quickly cementing its reputation as a serious lottery game.

Once the excitement of picking out your own unique numbers and participating in the draw dies down, a fresh wave of excitement will come crashing over you as you wait breathlessly for the lottery draw results to go live. In addition to increased jackpots, more than 5,000 players have won ?20,000 on the Lotto raffle and 8.9 million players have won ?25 for matching just three main numbers.

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lottery result australia

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