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Researchers from New York University in the US found that citywide gambling increased following unrelated and unexpectedly positive events -- in this case, unexpected sports wins and unusually sunny days. The study revealed a remarkable malleability to human risk taking: People's gambling behaviours are shaped by unexpected, but incidental outcomes in their environment, the researchers explained, in the study published in the journal Psychological Science. The researchers obtained from the New York State Gaming Commission data on daily purchases of non-jackpot-based lottery games in the New York city over the entire years of 2011 and 2012. Using these data, Otto and colleagues calculated a daily expectation of each team's win probability that served as the prediction for the next day's sports outcomes. On each day that a team played, the difference between the predicted outcome and the true outcome provided a measure of how unexpectedly good or bad the actual sports outcome was.

As with the sports data, the researchers calculated a weighted daily average of sunshine hours that served as the prediction for the next day's sunshine.
The researchers found that the more unexpected the sports teams' wins were, the more New York City residents spent on lottery purchases the next day. In view of numerous problems caused by conventional hand-writing lottery ticket, eGame has been appointed by the Nigerian lottery operator Peoplea€™s Lotto (PPL) to launch the first online lottery in Lagos, in order to optimize the sales and improve efficiency to their lottery business. The online system implemented by eGame has resolved the time constraints of traditional lottery. To maximize the payout security, the M.POS2002 Fingerprint Version Terminal with barcode scanner is applied to all payout cashiers to facilitate ticket validation and fingerprint authentication.

M.POS2002 also make a local data backup when GPRS communication is unreachable that eGame has designed an offline smart card solution as backup, ensuring no transaction will be lost.

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lottery ticket tamil full movie

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