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Every now and again Meagan or I casually say this after examining the numbers on a ticket we’ve bought. She’s gradually filling the frame up with our most cherished memories, captured on celluloid, frozen in time.
A few days later, I walked in the front door, from work, whilst Meagan was breastfeeding Monty. A lot of the time we already have enough to be happy with, the problem is we don’t take time to appreciate it.

A colleague in work recently mentioned they’d leave their job tomorrow if they won the lottery. I don’t know what this fellow work mate would do with themselves, if they left their job. The question is, not what we want but how we want to feel. If you won the lottery how would you want it to make you feel? What’s stopping you feeling this way now and would lots of money make you feel that way?

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lottery tickets 2010

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