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I suppose if you win it doesn't matter a hoot how garish those color and font choices are, but given the odds stacked against you, the greater likelihood is that you will simply spend an inordinate amount of time looking at them.
Against the advice of vendors and his own sales staff, [director of the New York Lottery Gordon] Medenica pushed ahead with a plainer, more understated design by an in-house team. Not only did he eschew the typical ticket aesthetic, but he also strayed from using green or blue, colors that traditionally sell well for the agency.

He says lottery officials didn’t key in the required security verification for the checks. Directed by Adam Pesapane's whimsical stop-motion studio PES, it suffers from a slightly awkward plot, but the brilliant animation makes up for it. You might remember PES from their Western Spaghetti video, which went viral a few months ago.

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lottery tickets deadline

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