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I never really thought about it before, but I actually hated living in NYC when I first arrived.
BUT soon NYC and New Yorkers won me over and it is definitely one of my homes now after living there over a decade.
Also, my mom, sister, brothers etc always loved visiting has a great energy for tourists! Comments are moderated, and will not appear on this weblog until the author has approved them. When the best seats run 300 dollars a piece there and the average Broadway ticket now costs over 100 dollars, a family on a budget who loves theater NEEDS this secret tip! Of course, I belong other places but I had to wonder if the feeling was because so MANY Americans have close ties of some kind to NYC?

Mozart took to it like a duck to water and has long said she will move there when she is an adult. Since we were in NYC for Fashion Week with Mozart as the youngest reporter, we didn't have too much spare time. Still, Mozart was dreaming about seeing Wicked since she loves some of the songs like Defying Gravity and every time we go to New York or London, we see at least one show.
Anyway it's wonderful that Mozart obviously will have that feeling about New York from now on!
She has so many places to feel at home and how great to associate NYC with all these fantastic memories! After a wait that seemed forever( 60 minutes),the time to announce the winners finally arrived.

As a model and actress when I lived in NYC, this area is where I often had bookings, auditions and jobs, so I know it well.
Back in the day, this wild child would grab a bus while skating the streets of NYC for the thrill ride or ride my bike at 2;00 am after staying out late discussing acting, philosophy and who knows what.

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lottery tickets nyc broadway

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