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Two brothers in Wichita, Kansas won the bonehead of the year award this weekend (granted, the year is young) for celebrating their winning lottery ticket with a little drug use and a lot of self-inflicted arson. Having scored a winning lottery ticket worth $75,000 the two brothers scored themselves some weed and meth and holed up at home to celebrate. Poetically, one of the brothers was actually wearing a lottery T-shirt when explosion occurred. It has come to my attention that this year is the 60th anniversary (on the 12th of December to be exact) of a Taiwan staple: the ????, or the Uniform-Invoice.
The first KMT Financial Minister of Taiwan came up with this taxation idea 60 years ago — a uniformed, government-controlled accounting method to prevent businesses from tax evasion by not reporting exact amounts of profit.
In the first year this policy was implemented, the tax collection went up by at least 75% — meaning that the government almost doubled what it earned the previous year.
You might think the lottery isn’t much incentive since the chances of winning is so slim, but when you are collecting at least 3 invoices a day, your odds of winning go up!

In about two weeks, this writer will be back in his beloved Taiwan with his beloved convenient stores (especially 7-Elevens), beloved night markets, beloved street food, beloved MRT, and other beloved unique localities. Police showed up at the blown-up house with a warrant to find the other brother still there, who fled but was easily apprehended.
Many of us who grew up in Taiwan or lived in Taiwan should be familiar with these usually tiny pieces of paper — many of us, young or old, would collect them and check the newspapers for the government-run lottery numbers based on these receipts. In a stroke of genius, the Ministry of Finance decided that to promote these invoices to the businesses, they needed to create a customer demand for the invoices themselves – the best way? Why, to give out money to the public, of course! With the advent of convenience stores, it only benefited the government since everyone gets to collects lots and lots of invoices for the lottery. It is also not uncommon to find charity boxes asking for receipts at banks, supermarkets, convenient stores, and fast food restaurants like McDonalds. Hence, the creation of a government-run lottery system based on the invoice’s serial numbers.

It is not unheard of for someone to go through a couple hundred invoices looking for a matching number in newspaper.
Another benefit of this policy was that businesses now had to report their profits to the government since the basis of their accounting is government run.
The smallest prize is matching the last 3 digits of the winning first prize lottery number — so the more invoice the more likely there are multiple invoices with matching last 3 digits.
There also are enough prizes to win, that there’s actually a good amount of people winning every month.
Enough invoices can be collected just from going to the convenient stores, like a good Taiwanese would.

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lottery win taxes california

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