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THEY work less than their counterparts worldwide, but Aussie Gen Ys will work longer and harder than their parents. A MAMMOTH winter sale is around the corner as Target struggles to turn its fortunes around, after Wesfarmers downgraded its profit forecast. Michael Carroll: The unemployed Brit blew a $15 million jackpot he won in 2002 on cocaine, parties, cars, and, at one point, up to four prostitutes a day.
Callie Rogers: Was just 16 when she won $3million and did what millionaire teenagers do at that age – go on holidays, shop and get breast implants! A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. A woman who recently won a EuroMillions jackpot along with her husband has vowed to continue volunteering to help the elderly.
Angela Maxwell had initially thought it was an April Fool's joke when her husband, Richard, first informed her they'd won a £53m jackpot, making them the 10th biggest lottery winners in the UK. Having had time to come to terms with the life-changing win, Angela has decided to continue her work preparing meals for the elderly at Coningsby Community Hall in Lincolnshire. The couple are also going to use some of their winnings to purchase a new community minibus for the OAPs.
Every single Oilers fan on earth wants the 2011 Entry Draft lottery to go their way more than anything right now. Im on the wagon for DONT TRADE HEMSKY it'd be to premature IMO and he still can help the team in the long run, now if he tells ST get me the hell outta town then so be it, but if he wants to stay here and willing to sign a 3-5 yr contract why trade him.
If they can just stay relatively healthy and can add just one decent d-man after drafting a center with the 1st pick I think a run for the playoffs is more than possible.But if they trade Hemsky for more youth, playoffs next year will be a reach. By reach do you mean impossible??Landeskog is the only forward if the draft that I see stepping in right away.
Should have wrote New Jersey won the lottery but they were not in the bottom 5 in the standings. Even if RNH is our new top line center two or three years from now, we still need a second line center. If the Oilers are in last-place again come next November, I will either gouge out my eyes with a spoon or blow up Oilers HQ with a fertilizer-filled Chevette*.Next year the plan is playoffs, my fine friend.
As I often do, I did some back-of-the-napkin GM'ing to try to figure out which pieces we would need to add by Free Agency in order to look like a playoff team.
All of what you say makes sense - although I do think Penner will be replaced by MPS for goals and Hartikainen for the physical presence. I think having Hall on the team will shelter Nuge a bit, not all the focus will be on him right away. Of course, look how quickly we tired of Gags when he didnt start putting up 80 pts right away.

SCOTTISH mum Gillian Bayford and her husband Adrian have been catapulted to number two on the National Lottery rich list thanks to their staggering £148 million EuroMillions win. They sit just behind Ayrshire couple Colin and Chris Weir who scooped over £161m in the same lottery last year.
Married for 30 years and with two children, the life-changing £161 million prize catapulted them into the Sunday Times Rich List above Beatle Ringo Starr and Sir Tom Jones. Psychiatric nurse Mrs Weir, 55, and Mr Weir, 64, who worked as a TV cameraman and studio manager for 23 years, have reportedly bought a fleet of cars for friends since their win as well as a mansion. Children's nurse Gillian, 40, and record seller Adrian, 41, from Haverhill, Suffolk, plan to fork out on a luxury trip to Disney World, while an Audi Q7 is also at the top of their wishlist. Adrian joked to his wife that he had not bought any tickets, before she told him to be quiet as she was trying to get their children to sleep as he celebrated the win. Dave Dawes, 47, a shift supervisor for Premier Foods, and Angela Dawes, 43, a volunteer for the British Heart Foundation, hit the EuroMillions jackpot in October last year. It was only the third time the couple, from Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, had played the Lottery.
Self-confessed white van man Nigel Page, 43, scooped a cool £56 million in February 2010. The skydiving enthusiast, who lived in a three-bedroom semi near Cirencester, Wiltshire, married his girlfriend Justine, 42, and moved into a mansion in the Cotswolds. One British ticket scooped the massive prize in February this year but decided not to go public. Unemployed mechanic Les Scadding, 58, and his wife Samantha Peachey-Scadding, 38, from Caerleon, South Wales, bought one of two winning tickets which shared a £90 million jackpot in November 2009.
Grandfather Mr Scadding was £68 overdrawn on his bank account on the day he bought his lucky ticket and had also beaten testicular cancer. The other £45 million-winning EuroMillions ticket was bought by a syndicate of seven office workers based in Merseyside. The winners - dubbed the Magnificent Seven - were employed by Hewlett Packard to carry out IT work at a BT office in Liverpool.
Ms Carrington, 22, from Stapleford in Nottingham, banked the staggering total after matching all five numbers and two Lucky Stars in a EuroMillions draw in February this year.
The Iceland store supervisor said she planned to marry painter fiancee Matt Topham, 22, in September following the Lucky Dip win. Mansfield husband and wife Gareth and Catherine Bull scooped the bumper prize in January this year - less than three weeks before fellow Nottinghamshire resident Cassey Carrington won £45 million.
Mr Bull, 40, a self-employed builder, said he planned to splash out on an executive box at Manchester United and a new carpet. The couple also said they planned to take their two sons, aged nine and 10, to Disneyland, Florida.

LIBBY McRAE insists meeting Mo Farah brought her luck after she scooped over A?2m in the lottery. But what do you do if you actually don’t have much or anything to start with in the first place? But we are willing to bet not a single one amongst us would trade it for a real lottery win - like the one ol' Brad Duke here pulled in back in 2005. Back to back 40+ goal seasons, 6'2" 195'ish.Now that teams know what they have it should be an interesting 9 weeks.
I'm thinking that the poor kid who comes in, unless he's a defenceman, has huge footsteps to follow in as Hall has been blazing a trail.And evermind the Seguin arguments and comparisons, we'd have the 10' draft and the 11' draft comparisons in ad nauseum. I think the logic (still) applies in that you get a player with a year of seasoning, but now I'm thinking that RNH is > Tyler.
I'd rather invest in another year of learning, hope Nugent breaks the 40-point barrier, and eat up another year of Horcoff and Khabbi's contracts to position ourselves for some big moves in summer '12.I want to win as bad as you do.
But that comment by the unnamed Oiler office person saying that he has the best vision since #99 sure has me thinking. As mentioned, at least one scout told Bob McKenzie that RNH has the best "on ice vision" he's seen since Wayne Gretzky.
Four years later he lost it all, with his winnings drained by his generosity, legal cases against those demanding money, as well as his subsequent alcohol addiction and brushes with the law for his drunken behaviour. Several of Lee's investments - she built a nondenominational church and a reading room at Washington University - turned sour and she filed for bankruptcy in 1997 with just $700 left in her account. If drafted the pressure will not be as great because it seems than Hall & Eberle Will take a lot of the pressure.
You can always move em to the wing or to another team in another deal.And make a trade for a young stud defenseman. I know that many of the "old Oilers" used to say that being on the team years a go was great because Grets was so comfortable in the spotlight as that was all he had ever known and it allowed them to just play Hockey. I found the Dubnyk comment to be in much the same vein when he realized that JDD was basically out of the running and now he could just concentrate on his game. If Hall is the nouveau Messier (or even close): it will sure be nice to watch him play with Ryan LG Nugent-Hopkins!

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