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The Louisiana Lottery Corporation says nobody won the two major jackpots in the Louisiana Lotto and multistate Powerball drawings on Saturday night. A woman remembers that she purchased a lottery ticket, which turned out to be a winner, only hours before the ticket was set to expire. Louisiana Lotto players matching all six numbers drawn would have won or shared a $825,000 prize, which will rise to an estimated $875,000 for Wednesday.Players matching all five numbers and the Powerball would have won or shared the $247 million jackpot.
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An estimated 8,000+ athletes entered the 2012 lottery with hopes of securing one of 205 Kona Slots.
The World Triathlon Corporation, owners of the Ironman branded events, have dramatically revised the Ironman Kona Lottery Program for entry into the 2012 race. In years past, the lottery program offered about 205 entries: 150 for athletes from USA, 50 for international athletes, and 5 for physically challenged athletes. For the 2012 lottery, 205 slots will again be awarded, and WTC made the laudable decision to attempt to give precedence to those who've demonstrated distinguished dedication, either by finishing 12 or more Ironman branded triathlons or by entering the lottery many times in previous years.
The WTC has the right idea, seeking to reward those with tremendous dedication to the sport.

As to the next 100 lottery slots, a change is now in place to recognize the number of times a triathlete has entered the lottery and not been selected. Raymond Britt has been a pioneering senior executive in the Digital, Web Analytics and eCommerce Strategy industry since the late 1990s. Cool stuff from around the world including Cool pictures, Weird Pictures and Videos updated daily. Funny cats wallpapers One of the largest collections of funny pictures, Video and photochops on the net.
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Susana Martinez is hitting back at Donald Trump after the presumptive Republican nominee criticized her Tuesday night in Albuquerque.
From the pool of athletes who registered for the lottery in each of the three groups, lucky winners were selected, effectively at random. If you've entered 8 times and not been selected, you'll have 8 chances to be selected in the 2012 lottery. Those who do not rely on themselves, or on inheritance of rich relatives, are often willing to rely on fate. First of all they have to decide whether they want to receive the winnings in the form of relatively small annual payments, or prefer to take their cash. We will not go deep into the complex process of payments, let's look at the happy faces of people who received fortune in a moment.

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